Faye Calloway

Authored by Lindsay B
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Intelligence Officer on USS Athena
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Height: 5'9
  • Age: 40
Actions Available

Character Biography

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Grey-green

Legal Name: Faye Calloway-Hammor

Spouse: Daggum Hammor
Father: Edward Calloway (deceased, 2373) [Image, 2373]
Mother: Shara Calloway
Step-father: Micah Pikelsimer
(Half) Sister: Nadine Wells (2349-)
Uncle: Captain Gavin Conner (2336-), married to Taleel Quinari, daughter Lahala Quinari-Conner.

Starfleet Official Personnel Record- Lieutenant Commander Calloway-Hammor, Faye- Service Number 17746Alpha29

Date Event
2358 Faye is born on Tracken II (August 28th).
2371 Mother disappears.
2373 Father is killed, Maquis are destroyed.
2381 Admitted to Starfleet Academy with a sponsor.
2385 Graduated from Academy, and given the rank of Ensign.
------ Assigned to Starbase 179.
2386 Assigned to the USS Curie (Posting lasts 14 months)
2387 Promoted to Lt. (j.g). Following a 3 month medical leave is reassigned to USS Samurai on probationary terms.
2389 Promoted to full Lieutenant. Samurai is decommissioned and Calloway Transferred to Starbase 173 as Assistant CSO.
2390 Reassigned to [REDACTED]
2392 Reassigned to USS Atlantis while under Medical Leave. Returned to full active duty within a year.
2394 Reassigned to USS Manhattan as a Mission Specialist and REDACTED.
2397 Admitted to Command Training Program (Distance) with Captain Alexander Cochrane as Mentor. Position changed to Counter-Intelligence Officer. Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2398 Passed Bridge Officer’s Test. Transfer request approved, new assignment: USS Athena. Promotion to Chief Intelligence Officer.

Security Clearance: Level 9
Code Name: Mercury

Academic Degrees:
Computational Science

Other Skills:
Pilot; Level IV (Advanced small ship piloting [fighters])
Computer intrusion and defence
Engineering, Level III (Able to assist with moderate repairs as needed)
Weapons: Level III (excellence with hand held weapons), Moderate proficiency with ship-based weapons. Also known to be able to use Bajoran, Cardassian and Romulan handheld weapons.
Languages: Federation Standard, Romulan (fluent), Vulcan (fluent), tlhIngan Hol (conversational), Bajoran (fluent), Bolian (conversational).

2395- Ten-year service award
2397- Star Fleet Decoration for Valor and Gallantry


Faye Calloway has a history of discipline issues and rather stormy moods. A quiet and reclusive person, she has been noted to be a brilliant scientist. Following a rather bumpy year at Starbase 179 where she came close to insubordination, Faye was transferred to the USS Curie.

If she had thought her time at the starbase was rocky, then the Curie was positively stormy! Faye worked very hard to keep her past a secret but by the time she left the Curie, she had revealed that as a teenager, her and her parents had been members of the Maquis. Her mother disappeared 2 years before the Cardassians and Jem’Hadar wiped out the Maquis. Those who escaped the massacres were arrested by Star-fleet. Faye, along with a few others escaped both fates, but not without consequences.

After some very turbulent events, Faye’s mental state became unstable and she attempted suicide. Unsuccessful, she was sent by her psychiatrist, Dr. Heathcliff Rinker, to a Starfleet medical facility (Santa Clara Inpatient Centre in San Fransisco, Earth) for evaluation and treatment. After several interviews and consultations, it was discovered that Faye had Borderline Personality Disorder. The diagnosis has given Faye and her health care providers framework to help her cope and find some balance in her life. She has been on some medication and mandated for continual counselling to keep track of any major shifts in her condition. Faye herself responded in a mostly positive way to her circumstances and desired to get back to what she was really good at and what brought some meaning to her life: her work. Under these conditions and with the support of her care providers, they recommended she return to duty on probation.

Life on the Samurai was an improvement for her, but she definitely had her struggles. There was a physical altercation between her and a Marine, which was never formally documented, but after a time they seemed to tolerate one another. Despite her treatment and improvements, Faye remained rather acerbic, known for her sarcasm and argumentative nature. However, her work ethic in the labs was beyond reproach and she always gave 110% on any task assigned to her.

Her social life was varied, but she did finally allow herself to get close to people again, and it was noted she even had a brief romantic association with a member of the crew. But things were not to remain steady and she was left at loose ends again after the Samurai was decommissioned. However, her continued excellent work in the department saw her transferred to Starbase 173, not too far from Romulan space. There she worked as an assistant department head for one year before being reassigned rather suddenly. Her whereabouts after were not publicly known for two years.

After being rescued by the USS Atlantis having escaped from a Tal Shiar prison, the crew helped to find vital evidence that proved that Faye did not kill 8 Romulan scientists as they claimed. The Romulans dropped their extradition request and seemed willing to let her go. Faye was granted permission by Captain Mastleen to remain on board the Atlantis and she worked to recover mentally and physically from her incarceration. She subsequently returned to part-time duty after passing her Fitness Test and met the requirements from the Counsellor and Chief Medical Officer.

After a fairly brief stint on the Atlantis after returning to duty, Faye was suddenly moved to the Manhattan as the ship’s Data Specialist, following some additional training. Her unique skill set with computers was determined to be highly useful on the ship’s long-term mission into the Delta Quadrant. Her main purview involves maintaining secure communications to the Alpha Quadrant via Starbase Event Horizon and their team, as well as a classified and experimental data security network that has been built on top of the Manhattan’s current systems.

Following her marriage to Daggum Hammor, Faye has been transferred to the USS Athena where she has been asked to take over as Chief Intelligence Officer.

Medical Record

Date Notation
2381 Starfleet Academy admissions physical: healthy, though clear signs of previous poorly treated injuries. No reason given except for ‘colony life’.
2386 Accidental contact with part-Vulcan undergoing Pon Farr. Becomes affected. Medical staff attempt a risky telepathic bridge to allow the two patients to see the pon farr through without risk to physical bodies. Was successful, though side effect followed of a residual telepathic connection to Calloway’s CSO remained. Neural blocker given; relief immediate.
2387 Attempt on life via alcohol poisoning and laceration of wrists. Intervention immediate and successful. Transferred to Earth, Starfleet Medical Santa Clara Inpatient Treatment Centre. Diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, co-morbid with Depression. Anti-depressant (quorapine, 2mg) and moodstabilizer (morathium, 1mg) prescribed daily via metered hypo)
2388 Emergency surgery for traumatic closed femoral fracture (unexplained). Previous rib injury aggravated by fall resulting in rib fracture.
2390 Approval to wean off medication in preparation for redacted.
2392 Severe dehydration and malnutrition following 9-month imprisonment by Tal Shiar. Immediate presentation included presence of many substances including impedrizine. Subsequent neurosurgery required to remove 2mmx3mm implant on brain stem that seemed to induce burning sensation in patient when stress levels increased. Removal successful. Rehabilitation plan in conjunction with Psychiatrist created with regular PT and counselling. Medication regime re-established.
2392 Noted that removal of device had the subsequent effect of unblocking flow of information in patient’s mind and REDACTED. Episodes resemble seizures in appearance, resulting in migraines and headaches in immediate aftermath. Frequency of episodes reduced over time as patient recovered.
2393 Treated for concussion and forehead laceration following an exploding replicator due to REDACTED. Rehabilitation complete, clearance given to return to full-time duty.
2396 Second and first-degree burns to face, corneas, scalp, upper chest, right forearm and hand following EPS manifold explosion in close proximity. Morphenolog administered. Burns successfully treated with dermaline and dermal regeneration. Light sensitivity lasted eight hours, with one flash headache noted.
2397 Physical assessment requested in brig. Patient healthy aside from bruised knee.
2397 Sedative prescribed on two occasions immediately following resolution of brig incident. One incident of overconsumption of alcohol noted during this time- managed by CNS. (Same week) Medical called to ready room to find Calloway prone after intense memory episode caused unconsciousness and severe stress to heart. Cause: ‘mind dump’. Treatment: 2 mg lectrazine given on site, rest recommended. Follow-up exam noted residual and likely permanent damage to amygdala from original device implantation (which helps regulate emotions).

Special Notation: Calloway has been approved to have a Service Animal with her on any and all future assignments, where appropriate. Her empathic cat, Tess, in addition to emotional support, is trained to seek help for Faye should she dissociate or be in a state where she is unable to help herself.

Psyc Records

IQ Rating as of 2390: 141

[Updated file notation as of Stardate 98041.4]

Upon application to Starfleet presented as an incredibly intelligent (High IQ) woman with a massive chip on her shoulder. Socially disengaged, she tended to keep everyone at arm’s length except for the occasional person who didn’t seem to annoy her. Prior to revealing her life as a former child-soldier of the Maquis, Faye was often intolerant of authority figures but rarely strayed to outright insubordination (of which there were two infractions for). A team player on the job though coupled with her exceptional skills as a scientist (and noted near-eidetic memory) showed that she had potential in Starfleet. Though some disagreed, leeway was given from classified channels from those who knew more of her background than everyone else did. And everyone waited to see what would happen.

Calloway is exceptionally loyal to her chosen cause and has made a rare vow to Starfeet. As she has progressed in her life and career, this has only been reinforced. Her rock bottom and subsequent time at Santa Clara brought clarity to the scientist that had been sorely missing (especially to herself) and she began the slow process of reconciling some parts of her life.

Her next major leap in personal development came after a classified mission for Intelligence and her recovery from imprisonment and torture. Unusually candid with her experiences, her stated goal going forward was to “try this thing called living for a change, rather than just surviving”.

By far her most dramatic growth came about on the USS Manhattan, a place she claimed fully as her home for the first time since Tracken. Bouts of dissociation followed traumatic events there, but her determination to keep going allowed her to make remarkable progress in a rather short period of time. So much so that she was able to reconcile romantic feelings for someone and embrace love. Her trajectory career-wise has shifted and while she remains in the Intelligence field, her sights are on the Captain’s chair.

Without a doubt, Faye Calloway has come into her own. She is unabashedly herself, even if that rubs some people the wrong way. Her unique way of seeing the universe, coupled with her breadth of life experience allows her to see possibilities and dangers others might miss. It is the belief of this evaluating officer that not only is Starfleet good for Faye Calloway, but Calloway is good for Starfleet as well.

Completed by Commander (Doctor) Kejsdel, Liseem, Starfleet Intelligence

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