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Biographic Information
  • Position: CNS on USS Asimov
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Caitain
  • Weight: 125lbs
  • Height: 5’ 3”
  • Age: 21
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Character Biography

Name: Avlyn “Avie”
Rank: Ensign
Serial number: JR74698
Currently serving:
Position: Counsellor
Speciality: Trauma Counselling

Species: Caitian
Gender: Female
DoB: January 18th 2375
Age: 21
Place of birth: Cait
Religion: Rrikallan
Citizenship: Federation.
Languages spoken: Federation standard, Klingon, Tholian,Caitian.

Parents: Dosavl - (Father) - Status: Commander in Caitain Militia - KIA
Nessyoa - (Mother) - Status: Scientist- Cait
Siblings: N/A (Clans siblings don’t count)
Spouses: N/A
Children: N/A

Height: 5’3”
weight: 125lbs
eye colour: Emerald Green
Fur colour: Silver and Black
Mane colour: Black
Identifying marks/Features: none

Short physical description: short and thinly built with black and silver fur. Avie is the combined genetics of a Mountain and Jungle phenotype. As such she has larger feet and hands with remarkably tough pads. She prefers not to wear footwear.


Promotion History:
2391- Joins starfleet academy age 16
2395- Graduates starfleet academy
2396- assigned as junior counsellor
B. Service History:
-2391-2396: Starfleet Academy- Starfleet Medical, Earth
Ship Assignments
-2396-Current –

C. Medals and Commendations
*Bronze M’Barrie Prize

A: Academic Institutions Attended:
– Elementary Education and High School diploma from Cait Education system
– Star Fleet Academy, graduation with honours
B. Service Schools Attended:
– Star-fleet medical

C. Qualifications:
– Elementary, Junior High and High school education certifications
Psychology Qualification
Field and trauma medic certified.

D. Star Fleet Academy Record:
Negotiation techniques


F.Extracurricular activities:

A. Background:
Avie was born as the slightly unconventional union of two caitiain phenotypes. Her father was a mountain type and her mother a jungle type. She was a one cub brre’l (litter) of this union which while not unheard of is still not the norm for Caitians where brre’l of two or three tend to occur. This automatically also singled her out from a young age due to the lack of siblings and also her black fur.

Her father was part of the caitiain militia and part of the mountain phenotype found in higher altitude regions, or in those groups that lived in the southern continent, this phenotype featured either dark to very pale gray pelts to better blend into the stones that made up the bulk of the regions. Something Avie inherited along with smaller ears and shorter claws, though larger hands and feet.

Her father was often away and her mother worked as a doctor which often meant that she too was absent from her daughters life. As Clan members tended to share the responsibility of child rearing on Cait, and most employed a creche system, with older cubs helping to watch the younger cubs this wasn’t seen as an issue. However because the others tended to be bigger than she was and more ”claw and toothy” Avie was seen as somewhat of a runt of the litter. This often resulted in her being the but of jokes and pranks.

After the events of a prank gone wrong left her alone in a thunderstorm the young Avie was found by an older Caitain who took care of her wounds and gave her shelter. The caitain in question, a retired starfleet doctor, a specialist in psychiatry became a close friend and confidant for the young Avie and was one of the people who spurred her onto join starfleet academy.

At 16 she applied for the academy entrance exams and entered starfleet medical as part of the ships counsellor programme. She worked hard at school throwing herself into her studies. She graduated in the top 15 of her class.

B. Personality Summary:
- Avie is a free spirited individual who comes across as a bit strange but is passionate about her work and excited to explore the new horizons starfleet will have for her.

Medical Notes:

Medical Report: Save from the usual childhood illnesses and a fractured ulna at age 6 her medical file is normal. Nothing unexpected to report.

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