Casela Synthi-er

Authored by Jennifer Ward
Biographic Information
  • Position: Counsellor / RTF on USS Leviathan
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Betazoid
  • Weight: 135
  • Height: 5'6'
  • Age: 34
Actions Available

Character Biography

Casela Synthi-er

Chief Counseling Officer

Hair: Straight Midnight Black

Eyes: Black

Born: 2362, Betazed


Portrait CNS

Portrait RTF


Caslea is toned, all muscle in a beautifully feminine way. When herself, she has long black hair that is straight, always worn in a tight fishbone braid and black eyes. Those features change as needed depending on the persona she takes on. Her skin, what can be seen is smooth and lightly tanned. Casela always wears clothes that have no more than a scoop neckline and minimum of capped sleeves. Nothing is ever shorter than her knees. The reason for this is because the rest of her body is covered in scars. She hides them, not out of some sense of female shame, but in a very dark and heartbreaking sense she is rather proud of what those scars represent. She hides them because they easily identify her, and her life is all about staying unnoticeable.


Casela's weapons of choice: Bo staff, Rapier, sharpened metal fighting fans, and Her Mind and not necessarily in that order. She is also known to carry several concealed bladed and pressure point weapons on her person. Her preferred uniform is a tactical one, even during counseling sessions.

Casela has a HUGE disregard for rank. She demands that your actions determine if you deserve respect and difference. During her time with S31 she had been known for dropping members of her team off in a safe location and leaving them if they couldn't keep up and do their job. Her disregard for rank and lack of innate respect for her 'betters' has caused her to not be promoted in her own rank; however, her skills and success make her too valuable for S31 to just get rid of her.

Casela, as far as anyone knows, is hot-headed, brash, and disrespectful.

Personal Information

{Redacted: Top Level Clearance Only}Casela’s father was a high ranking officer in the small Betazoid military. After the occupation it was deemed that the military was not nearly significant enough even with the aid of the Federation Marines stationed on Betazed. Her father made a lateral move from active duty to teaching and training the new military personnel. Before this he was an avid survivalist and would take Casela and her twin cousin, Juliet, or Sorellina (little sister in Italian) as she called her, camping and teach them all sorts of things. The girls were naturals and soaked it up like sponges. Juliet’s father was a trained bodyguard and taught the girls everything he knew as well. Needless to say Casela and Juliet were daddy’s girls.{End Redaction}

Before joining the Academy Casela was a member of the Betazoid resistance during the Dominion War. She was a young adolescent, at 14, but as a powerful telepath she assisted her people in gaining their freedom. Casela took charge of many independent runs into villages and small cities to help lead children away to safety. Their parents either coming later or having already been taken by the Dominion. Near the end of the occupation the section of the resistance that Casela and her family were with received news that the Dominion would be moving through her uncle’s home. Casela left to collect her cousin, Juliet, and her Aunt Olivia and bring them to the safe house. Knowing her Uncle, like her father, would never back down. Casela arrived too late and all three were gone. During this time she learned to use her psychonic gifts to fight back and defend her people. The Dominion War changed how her parents and she viewed her world of peace and friendship to a much more black and white view of how things should work. After the Dominion were removed from Betazed she and her parents searched for her missing family. They discovered that her Uncle and Aunt had been killed by the Dominion in their defense of their home and the village nearby. Juliet was listed as missing. Eventually her father figured out that she was taken with the other orphans off world, he was never able to trace her after that. Casela has used her numerous contacts and resources to attempt to find Juliet, but has been unsuccessful to this date. She is fiercely loyal to those she serves with and even more so for those she considers 'innocents.'


Ian [Arur] Synthi-er Father Betazoid 55 years old
Kalanya Synthi-er Mother Betazoid 54 years old
Jo’nar Arur Uncle Betazoid Deceased
Olivia [Gianni] Arur Aunt Terran (Italian,Earth) Deceased
Juliet Arur Cousin Betazoid/Human Unknown

Martial Status

In a relationship with Lt. Cmdr. Ryder Raauhl


Casela graduated the academy at the top of her class. She holds degrees in counseling, interrogation techniques, diplomacy, and combat psychology.

After graduation she was recruited by Star Fleet's Section 31 and worked on classified missions. She was trained by retired Admiral T'Jal Smith, who was best known for her time as the CO of Recon Alpha and then CNS/XO/CO of the USS Dresden. Casela is a trained interrogator and prides herself on ALWAYS getting what she wants. People who work with her are often apprehensive after seeing her go from calm caring counselor to ruthless fighting machine.


{Redacted to Level 4/Command Clearance} Casela enjoys camping and working with children. When she was younger, before the resistance, she had goals to open an orphanage or school for younger children. She has a beautiful talent for story telling. She could be said to live for the survival/nature training her father exposed her to as well as the fighting and security training her Uncle provided. She enjoys the challenge and the usefulness those skills can be put. {End Redaction}

Casela enjoys unique weapons and learning how to use them. She is skilled at languages and has a scary talent for manipulating Ferengi. A rare skill that doesn’t seem to meet the hotheaded S31 agent is her ability to work a diplomatic event, including being an extremely accomplished dancer. Though she’d never admit it, she enjoys dancing.


Her medical record shows a slew of injuries that can be assumed to have happened either during the resistance or on her otherwise classified work for S31.

Service History:

2362 Born Betazed
2374 Dominion Occupation assists her parents and other adults in over throwing the Dominion on Betazed
2380-2383 Academy School of Medicine-Counseling
2383-2384 Specialized Training Redacted
2384 Due to pilot error the shuttle Casela was on crashed and exploded. All passengers, including En Casela Synthi-er, died on impact. Deceased

Remainder of file and timeline are redacted. Level 2 clearance (which would be anyone in Star Fleet) will find the date of death and cause removed from her file and the following timeline proceeds:

2384-2385 MIA Ensign
2385-2392 Unspecified Posting Ensign
2392-2396 USS Triton Lt jg Temporarily assigned to assist in investigating Romulan movement within the neutral zone.
2396-Present USS Leviathan Lt. Ship’s Counselor, AARM/KAI9 Handler, RTF

Important Posts

A Captain, A Counselor, and A Campfire

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