Ryder Raauhl

Authored by J Ridgley
Biographic Information
  • Position: Executive Officer on USS Leviathan
  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Joined Trill
  • Weight: 78Kgs
  • Height: 5ft 10"
  • Age: 36
Actions Available

Character Biography

NameRyder Raauhl

Age: 36

Species: Joined Trill

Previous Hosts: Four

Name Gender Age Career Rank Role
Kala Gorvel Female 92 Trill Science Council
Science Advisory
Sabel Caine Male 75 Trill Science Council
Science Advisory
Loran Trex Female 96 Starfleet Diplomatic Corp Commander Diplomatic Envoy
Noa Wrey Male 32 Starfleet Science Divison Lt. Commander Chief Science Officer, USS Triton

Physical Description

Ryder is of Athletic build, tall and some tones muscle but is built for a good balance of strength and grace. He has black hair on top a square face, his deep set eyes are a tone of brown and blue with a Greek shaped nose. His mouth is of medium size with pale thin lips and pristine white teeth thanks to Starfleet Dental services.  All of which are set upon a fair complexion though he does sport a light dark stubble. 

The only other main identifying features work of note are his Trill spots which run from either side of his face and down the entire length of his body.



Ryder Raauhl, formally Ryder Cozane is usually calm, level-headed, kind and faultlessly loyal to his friends and Starfleet. This being said having recently just been Joined much older due to a medical emergency involving the previous host he had had little time to bond with his symbiote. He finds it difficult to separate his own thoughts and memories to those of his previous hosts and often find himself drinking, eating or saying things that previously held no material in his life, this has made him grow frustrated and easily angered at times. All this however Ryder is striving to become the man he once was and the avid explorer her had joined Starfleet to be. 

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths Weaknesses
Loyal, to his friends and family. Easily Frustrated due to his current mental confusion.
Quick Thinker, can think under pressure and quickly. Rouge, will cross lines beyond Starfleet rules and regulation.
Open-Minded, will listen to others opinions before acting. Doesn't come from a tactical background therefor struggles in combat.
Diplomatic, being trill often prefers diplomacy over violence.

Hobbies, Interests and Ambtions

Ryder was heavily interested in most physical sports more over his favourite being paresis squares however since his joining he has found that he enjoys Photography, Ballet and most water sports. Ryder also enjoys Mixology which is a posh way of saying making and drinking cocktails!

When he retires he hopes to open his own Cocktail lounge on a Starbase and settle down.


Ryder speaks coolly and calmly but direct, being a Trill he is often described as ice cold in heated situation and can talk his way out of any situation. 


Federation Standard, Trill, Vulcan, Andorran, Klingon, Romulan, Tellarite, Bajoran and Cardassian.

History, Personal and Career

Ryder was born in 2360, on Trill and was early on identified as a candidate host. With a keen mind for Mathematics and Science Ryder had no problems studying at school and also attended the Trill Science Academy before eventually attending Starfleet Academy in 2379. During his time Ryder Majored in Exobiology and Theoretical Science and Minored in Botany and Ecology, upon completion of the Academy and Graduating in 2383 he was assigned to the USS Galileo a Deep Space Science vessel dedicated to exploration of deep space post Dominion war. 

The USS Galileo was an amazing opportunity for Ryder and as a young Science Officer was able to experience a lot of the rich environmentally challenging  moments that deep space exploration had to offer including the good and the bad. Ryder spent four years with the Galileo and was eventually promoted twice and finishing as a Lieutenant and offered a new posting to the USS Armistice. 

During his time on the USS Armistice, Ryder would see most of his time seeing combat near the Bajoran-Cardassian Border dealing with pirates and criminals as well as the odd anomaly which was where Ryder first heard of the ARU (Anomaly Recovery Unit) His ship had picked up a crystalline entity which wreaked havoc on the ship and the crew before the USS Michael-Angelo the ARU Flagship intervened and constrained the entity before leaving promptly. Since then Ryder has gone out of his way to look into this not very well known organisation within Starfleet. Ryder left again after four years and was now a Lieutenant Commander and Chief Science Officer on Starbase Poseidon.

Starbase Poseidon was a new experience for Ryder, operating near the Barzan Wormhole often dealing with Anomalies items, people and location and were also often under threat from the Tholian Assembly dealing with fringe groups that would attack nearby colonies for intruding on their space. After three year Ryder again encountered the mysterious USS Michael-Angelo who were on their way into deep space past Caldonian Space, Ryder spoke to several of the crew before eventually finding the contacts needed to begin his career within the ARU however the USS Michael-Angelo was never seen again. 

On the completion of his Fourth year at Starbase Poseidon in 2395 Ryder was posted to the USS Leviathan as 2IC and Chief Science Officer, during this time was when Ryder was forced to join with his symbiote to become Ryder Raauhl due to a medical emergency where no other Trill was available and as per Trill law symbiote life must be preserved over all else, he spent one year as the Chief of Science Officer until promoting to Commander and Executive Officer of the ship as it underwent refit to become the new Flag ship for the ARU Taskforce. 

Main Historical Points

2360 2376 Childhood

2376 2376 Trill Science Academy

2379 2383 Starfleet Academy

2383 2385 USS Galileo Ensign Science JO
2385 2387 USS Galileo Lieutenant J.G. Science JO
2387 2391 USS Armistice Lieutenant Asst. Chief Science Officer
2391 2395 Starbase Poseidon Lieutenant  Chief Science Officer,
2395 2396 USS Leviathan Lieutenant Commander Chief Science Officer, 2IC
2396 Present USS Leviathan Commander Executive Officer

Quote of the day

"Diplomacy is the art of telling people to go to hell in such a way that they ask for direction" - Winston Churchill

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