Keeshond Artificial Intelligence - 9th Generation (KAI-9)

Authored by J Ridgley
Biographic Information
  • Species: Artificial Artefact Recovery Unit (A.A.R.M)
  • Weight: 926lbs
  • Height: 2 feet (Max 4 Feet)
  • Age: 2 Years
Actions Available

Character Biography

Manufacturing Date: 2396

Role: Artificial Artefact Recovery Mech (A.A.R.M)

Technical Data:

Height: 2feet

Length: 3 feet

Weight: 925 Pounds

Run Time: 18 hours, Can be charged by Solar Power though this only extends unit to 32 Hours Before plug in is required. 

(With Overhead Weapon and Scanning Equipment Attached can be over 3 Feet)

Project Andromeda was curated to design new non-standard issue equipment suitable for ARU personnel in the field as a result the AARM was created and brought into service in 2394, still a relatively new system which is run by a AI Software nicknamed KAI9 (Keeshond Artificial Intelligence 9). It was thought that ARU Personnel required a non-humanoid form to often act as a 'fetch and retrieval) system for hostile environments, weapons platform, medical transporter and mobile tactical unit. The AARM is a versatile all round Mech which can be upgraded with approved attachments. 


Magnetically charged Legs, Tow-able Stretcher, Energised weapon, Advanced Sensor Unit, Grappling Hook, Transporter Emitters, Communication Enhancers, Self-Destruct Ability, Containment up to Orange safe, Short Burst Anti-Grav Thrusters, Kinetic Weapons, Smoke Discharges, Interactive Computer. 

Not all Attachments are fixed at one time, and some can not be used with others. Highlighted in Bold are the fixed Attachments. 

Image Data Base

Standard Mech

Grappling Hook and Smoke Discharges

Advanced Optic Attachment

Over Head Ballistic Weapon

Over head Energy Kinetic Weapon

Up-armoured, with thrusters

Towing Mechanism, Energy Based

KAI9 Data Core

Aritfical Intelligence: KAI9

The onboard AI is a 9th Generation Keeshond AI named after the dog Keeshond for its characteristics and is the 9th iteration of the devklopment. (A Sturdy northern dog both brave and bold). The KAI9 has both audible and visual communication abilities, and it update with the federation universal translator and onboard GPS. Updates are often required and are uploaded by RTF R&D regularly.  all bugs and issue are to be reported to the director of RTF R&D.

The KAI9 Personality has been based of the lead R&D Researcher Doctor Jay Luistro and is both, witty, smart and cheeky.

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