Alexis Bonner

Authored by Jennifer Ward
Biographic Information
  • Position: Assistant Chief Medical Officer on USS Ogawa
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 126
  • Height: 5'6'
  • Age: 25
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Character Biography

Alexis Bonner
Position: Science Officer, Medical Research
Serial number: NC-568-9614
Status: Active
Nickname: Lex
Born: 15 June 2371, San Francisco, Earth



Hair: Bright Auburn
Eyes: Brown
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Build: Average but on the thinner side
Complexion: Lightly Tanned
Identifying marks/features: Two tattoos, one the length of her spine (DNA strand) and the other in the small of her back (Periodic Table).

Alexis does cardio to set an example for her patients of good exercise habits, and she has recently taken up some weight training with the help of a fellow officer. This lends to her having a trim physique that is enough to pass her routine PT tests.


Alexis can seem standoffish when she’s in the middle of a project or research. Alexis never developed the ability to be content with her own company until after she joined her first ship. She adopted an Icelandic Sheepdog (Frigga) for company. Frigga is now a trained therapy dog and helps to attend patients while Alexis works. Alexis is compassionate, but her deep focus on work can often trump her bedside manner if she’s not paying attention.

Strengths: Honest, Direct, Strong-willed and Dutiful, Highly Responsible, Practical, Creates order in her environment, has the ability to be a jack of all trades.

Weaknesses: Stubborn, Appears Insensitive, By the book, judgmental, takes blame that is not hers, inattentive to surroundings when working.

Personality: Myers-Briggs Personality Profile - ISTJ

Personal Information

Census Data
Citizenship: Federation, Earth
Religion: None


Name Relationship Job Location
Anthony Bonner Father SF Acad, Science Instructor Earth
Alisson [Taylor] Bonner Mother Owns Bakery Shop Earth
Frigga, Icelandic Sheepdog Dog, Adult Photo,

Puppy Photo

Therapy Dog USS Ogawa

Martial Status
In a Relationship with Lt Dr Solomon Kane
Dog Mom


Pre-Academy: Alexis was a child prodigy. She sped through academics and became fascinated by the workings of the humanoid body.

Extra Curricular Activities
Extras: She raced through school and took several medical school classes at 14 and 15. She majored in Family Practice and General Surgery.

Star Fleet Academy:

Rank at Graduation: Cadet II
Major: Genetics
Minor: Xenobiology
Extra Curricular Activities:
Extras: Finally at 15 her parents agreed to let her enter the Academy early, having wanted her to mature socially before being thrown into the mire that is Star Fleet Academy. Alexis majored in xenobiology and genetics at the Academy graduating top of her class. She passed over a cadet cruise and was sent straight to the Hathaway.

Continued Education: Alexis takes courses from Universities around the Federation to expand her medical knowledge and improve her knowledge of peripheral subjects related to her work. She has earned her doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and her Masters in Physical Therapy.

Languages: (Fluent) Spanish, ASL, Vulcan; (Passing Familiarity) Catian, Klingon; (Learning) Mandarin


Colors: Green
Pet: Dog, (Frigga is an Icelandic Sheepdog)
Movies/Holos: Alexis does not find enjoyment in movies. The darkness of a theatre preventing her from attending such events.
Books: Anything that is the printed word, but most often she is reading medical journals
Favorite Subject: Alexis has no favorite, she enjoys learning about all subjects.
Hobbies: Until recently Alexis had no hobbies other than the next research paper, experiment, or scientific journal. Alexis is an avid reader of anything, but until she first boarded the Ogawa in 2396 she had no idea how much epic poetry and ballads she knew. She also has a very fairly decent singing voice.
Music: Epic Ballads


Alexis has a very clean bill of health. She was never a physically active person, but she does exercise regularly. As a doctor she understands the need for it. She did receive a severe break to her leg while on the Hathaway. A treadmill malfunctioned and she continued to run but the machine stopped, resulting in her being flung forward into the machine’s support structure and causing a fracture to her leg. It was healed without incident or long lasting side effects.

Blood Type: O+
Vision: 20/20
Fitness: Average
Handedness: Ambidextrous with a preference for her right

Psychological: Alexis has a diagnosed and severe phobia, Nyctophobia - Fear of the dark. Alexis will drop into a free fall panic if put in the dark for even the shortest period of time. She consistently requests quarters on the interior of her station to avoid having windows. Her quarters and any workspace is always brightly lit. She has worked with the ship’s counselor and can now sleep with the lights at 80%. She has worked to the point she can be in a room with the lights at 45% but only for a very few minutes. This phobia is so bad that Alexis has actually never attended a movie and when planet side does not go out after sunset unless the city is ‘lit up like noon.’

Alexis was seriously involved with the wrong man, early in her career. A side effect of being so dedicated to her work, she never paid attention to the motivations of others, assuming the best, and never questioning. Until a fellow officer named Soulis and the ship’s counselor, Ever, showed her how wrong that was. Since that incident Alexis decided she was best served to stay away from any sort of romantic attachment. This ‘opinion’ was further solidified when both Soulis and Ever re-entered her life at the same time, manipulating her, unknowingly, to work for Star Fleet Intelligence, more specifically Section 31.

Alexis has a very active and voracious mind. She often can get lost in her research and work. The focus helps calm her mind, and keep her from getting headaches. Her behavior almost appears frantic when not focused on a project. She appears to leap from topic to topic with no apparent reason, but in fact her mind is simply processing at an amazing rate. Because of Alexis’ need to delve into her work and often forgetting to come up for air, Lt Donetta, Hathaway’s counselor, suggested Alexis get a dog. Having a pet would force her to take scheduled breaks in order to take care of someone else.

Counseling Entry - Lt Donetta, CNS, USS Hathaway
Alexis is a brilliant and wonderful young woman. It is a shame that her colleagues are unable or unwilling to see past the brilliance to the sensitive and caring woman beneath. Despite the social setbacks and struggles she’s had Alexis continues to be a dedicated doctor, and make attempts for a larger life than just work. The addition of her dog, Frigga, to her life has made a great deal of difference for her. Alexis does not speak so much of being alone now, but I worry that as much good Frigga does for her, Alexis will be devastated when the inevitable of out living her happens.

Service History:

Alexis moved quickly through the academy, having already obtained her doctorate in medicine. She stayed on the Hathaway for 8 years under the watchful eye of the CMO. Alexis was highly recommended as the AMO of the Ogawa and she was excited for the opportunity. While there she was recruited to a project for SF Intel (but really S31, unknown to her). Her achievements had gained their notice. Two days into the project, Alexis demanded a new team and had found the problem. Another 3 months and the project was finished. Eager to return to her ship, Alexis’ previous position was no longer waiting for her, so finding a better use for her mind, she joined the science department as a medical researcher.

Year(s) Location/Event Position Rank CO
2371 Born
2386-2388 SF Academy SF Medical Cadet I - II
2388-2392 USS Hathaway Doctor Ensign
2392-2396 USS Hathaway Doctor Lt. jg
2396-2396 USS Ogawa AMO Lt Cpt Taylor
2396-2397 Classified Research Lead LT Lt Cmdr Soulis
2397 - Present USS Ogawa Med Research LT Cpt. Taylor

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