Admiral Reginald Perkins

Authored by Kate O'Neill
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  • Species: Human
  • Weight: author dependent
  • Height: author dependent
  • Age: author dependent
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Character Biography

Full Name: Reginald Perkins

Nickname: Up to you

Date of Birth: April 1, 2340

______________________________________ PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS:

So, Perkins, is the Atlantis go to supervillain. Since Perkins is supposed to represent what you hate most in the world and everyone is different, I propose that the man is more of a symbol than an actual face. This allows everyone can be as creative as they want to visualize him. All descriptions of him are from the character POV. Kelly sees him as an old codger with mummy-like qualities. You might see him as the devil or mob boss or whatever your image is of the worst villain around. No capes! (said in the Edna voice from Incredibles) Any way as Perkins again is whatever you dislike about politics and politicians.

______________________________________ BACKGROUND:

Like all places and things in life, Perkins is on the opposite side of whatever your character loves or holds dear. He spent his life weaseling his way through the ranks to finally attain a position that he did not earn.

______________________________________ MEDICAL INFORMATION:

Perkins has no major illnesses or allergies.

Anyone in the crew is free to use Perkins in a post if they choose it. He is like a communal character for the Atlantis. His main purpose was for people to write angry or feisty posts if they feel the need to.

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