Quinn Emery Kindle

Authored by Cassa D
Biographic Information
  • Position: Medical on USS Sentinel
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Humanoid (Isisean)
  • Weight: 96 lbs.
  • Height: 4'11"
  • Age: 26
Actions Available

Character Biography

Physical description -
At under five feet in height, Quinn’s vivid red curls get first notice from most folks, followed closely by her two toned eyes of silver-gray right eye and emerald green left eye. While most assume they are alterations it in fact a natural trait from her parents and runs strongly in her family.

Not known to all, yet! Her feline form is a dark red furred Turkish Angora cat with silver-gray right eye and green left eye.

Her family has a freighter, Lucky Lady 13, that frequents the Federation patrolled lanes. Best known for having supplies of home made various liquors and textiles. Quinn broke the tradition of joining the freighter crew after her general schooling, to apply to Star Fleet and majored in medical. She also took communications training but her main studies were in medical so she could be ready for nearly any emergency or simple medical need.

Micha the first born of the sextuplets, his is 45 minutes older than Quinn.
Caspian, is the second born and is 39 minutes older than Quinn.
Nathanial, is the third born and is 27 minutes older than Quinn.
Aceton, is the fourth born and is 15 minutes older than Quinn
Trysen, is fifth born and is 7 minutes older than Quinn.
Quinn is the sixth born. She is the smallest of her family thus far. topping out at 4‘11”. The tallest family member is an uncle, Ryley Kindle, at 5‘10”. (In average most are between 5‘2” 5‘9” though some are shorter or taller).

Grandparents, Aunts, and, uncles extending the family names to include; Kindle, Dawson, Parks, McCoy, Blaedz,

Strengths and Weakness -
Energetic nearly classified as hyperactive.
Good cook and imaginative.
Ear for languages.
Good night light vision.
Quick-witted and playful, cheeky.

Weaknesses include
Extreme fear phobia of spiders and anything arachnid-like.
Bright light-sensitive

Her heart is slightly smaller than compared to regular humans.
Her lungs are slightly larger than compared to regular humans.

She has limited telepathy with non Isiseans, used within these conditions. Her visual range, she must have an emotional connection to or with the person she is trying to send a thought to, or receive from. The stronger the connection the stronger the quality of the thoughts will be. Otherwise, she will at random get LOUD thoughts from others. Extended use of her limited telepathy with others gives her extremely painful migraines and will take her off her feet for several days even with treatment.

No patience for bullying.


Hobbies -
Cooking, linguistics, swimming, archery, bonsai plants, and ballroom dancing. Her secret hobby is crocheting but she is very bad at it often leaving holes or even getting her own hair strands tangled into whatever she is working on, she will only show or give her completed projects to someone she really cares about. She enjoys numerous holo-deck adventures and has a wide range of musical likes.

Quirks -
Does not like spiders or anything arachnid related.
Loves Peppermint and chocolate.
Has pollen related allergies but it doesn’t stop her from smelling flowers she finds lovely.

Here’s the details of her race in the meantime.

*** Not currently known to all but the Captain and those they deem necessary to know, also folks that are older or or wishing to have had previous encounters with an Isisean in the past feel free to contact me and we’ll discuss what traits you would notice.

Race: Isisean, original race designated Omegan. (See .)

Unlike Earth Humanoids, Isiseans are able to manipulate their cell structure so that they can take on feline appearance. This process of cellular metamorphosis it taught to the young at an early age as early as two to four months old, while most species are crawling.

Almost all master it before reaching their teens. Isiseans who do not train as children are less likely to develop their abilities later due to physiological changes between children and adults.

It is not clear how Isisean or Omegan came to have this ability as much of their history was lost when the Isiseans splintered off from the Omegans.

It is believed that long ago both races originated from a felidae ancestry and later evolved humanoid features. Socially conjecture has resulted in this being a hot topic with many debating which is their natural form, Cat or Humanoid. However the majority of the population commonly adopt a humanoid form during their daily lives, possibly to better enable interacting with other humanoids.

The ability to change comes at an early age and is not dissimilar to puberty in Humans. Those who do not train as children are less likely to succeed in developing the ability later in life.

Originally Omegan but split off from the main group as they did not agree with the main group’s goals, that being the defeat of Earth and removal of Starfleet and the Federation.

Theses ex-Omegans traveled far and wide dropping off in small groups on various human settlements before a larger group settled in after finding a new home deep in the far reaches of the Beta quadrant. They started calling themselves Isiseans, and left it at that. These people are in general of medium build and are varying in skin tone and color as any regular human. Their eyes are sometimes dual colored (heterochromia iridium) though more often than not they have eyes the same color like most humans. Usually only Isisean with parents having heterochromia iridium will get it as well but it usually skips generations. What makes these folks different from humans is very slight differences, very slightly smaller hearts, larger lung capacity.

Telepathic neural pathways in their brains. They are naturally telepathic with each other and can hear thoughts of others with in these restrictions. Either within visual sight of the person whose thoughts they are meant to hear, have a connection of emotional sort from concern to love even hate if the person is considered an enemy. Otherwise they would not hear the thoughts unless there was extreme volume in the thought. Most are bright light sensitive. Their hearing is almost as good as a Vulcans. Their sense of smell is very strong and often leading to allergic responses to various pollens, pollution, and the like.

In general most Isisean are playful curious folks that want to enjoy life, living. Intelligent and often capable of interesting creations but they don’t often keep with their inventions. Some having tired of the rather tame existence, began traveling again some choosing to smuggle aboard star ships after riding in on various freighters to starbases.

Being a ship’s cat having adventures with being able to come and go coming and go as they please.

That is what sets the Isiseans apart the most, the ability to go from human to cat and back again. The risks are strong though, any injuries that are gained in one form remain when returning to the other. Lose any eye as a cat, it is lost when returning to human form.

The few Isiseans that have left their homes over the years come back sharing tales and traveling stories. Some do not return having either died in a glorious misadventure or just choosing a new life elsewhere.

Some Isiseans have recently begun quiet petitions to join the Federation, offering their small size adventurous natures along with a generous amounts of miszinite ore among others that they’d uncovered in previous years and have too little uses for. Currently only three have officially gone through Starfleet Academy, the others that have joined ships five to date have remained as civilian additions (mascots with CO knowledge of who and what they are along with those the CO trusts to know).

Additional notes; all is based off of Star Trek: The Original Series episode, Assignment Earth - with Gary Seven and his feline companion Isis. With information taken from the original script, comic books, books/novels, and a lot of guesswork. ***

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