Luke Wyatt

Authored by J Ridgley
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief of Security on USS Manhattan
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 90kgs
  • Height: 5ft 11
  • Age: 45
Actions Available

Character Biography

Name: Luke Wyatt

Age: 45

Species: Human

Physical Description

To stand in the presence of Luke can be unnerving at the best of times he is a tall, robust and muscular man who stands at a whopping 5ft 11 Inches, towering over most humanoids and some Xeno races. He has brown copper hair which crests his matching brows and piercing jade eyes which always seem to be forever restless and always looking for the next possible danger. Luke carries with him a roguish facial expression full of mystery and mischievousness and has an angular jaw, defined as if cut from granite, his mouth wide with a glowing pink contrast to the rest of his face it radiates opening and warmth. He always holds himself with his head held high and forward in a watchful gaze, ready to pounce at a moments notice and has a air of authority that is palpable.

Lukes shoulders are set back in a gentle disposition, inviting warmth but radiating authority waiting to snap into action. He holds his back straight and upright, proudly sticking out his chest only adding to his air of authority and male prowess. His stomach is solid carving of muscle, hidden behind a small bugle which is his gut.

The support of this body his glutes and legs are strong, muscular and large filling out the remainder of his body disposition.

Portrait Ensign 

Portrait Liuetenant JG

Portrait - In Action

Body Art

Luke has a large tribal design on the back of his right shoulder and a the Marine logo on his pectoral muscle above his heart both of which in black.


Luke has changed much over the past few years, he has come away from his boyish ways and brooding behaviour as a marine and now  fully accepted his role and responsibility within Starfleet An easy going person Luke has since adapted to his new role and has become an experience Security Officer, a role which he knows he can fulfil to his potential as an former Marine bringing both experience and out of the box thinking to the job.

He is a physical character who likes to learn things kinetically, he also responds well to acts of comradery, openness and bravery. Luke dislikes liars and cheats. He is a responsible and experiences man in both Combat and his time in Strategic operations allowing him to assume multiple roles in any situation and as such improve his leadership qualities and diplomatic abilities. 


Luke's strengths have only enhanced during his time on the Hood and now into his role as a chief security officer aboard the USS Manhattan, he is still the battle hardened Marine at heart but now he been able to contain his aggression and vanity with Morality, passion and the eye for diplomatic resolution.. He is a keen listener and often helps out as much as he can which makes him a perfect leader and often has found diplomacy wins 9 out of 10 battles. He has quick forward thinking and very rarely falters in battle. Coming away from his capabilities as a starship officer Luke has also found the value of friendship and has endeavoured to make such ties.

Sport, robust and energetic Luke stays fit in a manner of ways both physically and mentally whether is reading a book or on a run, and sometimes both.


Suffering from acute PTSD as a result of the dominion war which he has learned to control over the years and has affected his ability to make rational judgement calls, he is actively undergoing counselling which is showing positive results.


Luke is doing his best to become a career officer, a defender of the ideals of the Federation, and a leader within the starfleet. Luke was a born leader he strives on the success of others and himself and always open to suggestions this lead to what he wishes to achieve in starfleet but overall he wishes to learn and make a name for himself within starfleet.

Hobbies & Interests    

He isn’t all evil as Luke would like most people to believe. He has shown to share affection and interest towards Sports such as Football, Rugby, Fishing, Hocky (yes he can actually skate!) and Scuba-Diving but sports aren't the only things that interest him another few things that interests him are music and acting both of these are hobbies in which he loves, he’s also obsessed with reading books and especially those with twists and a lot of action...

Branching of from each different subject Luke prefers and has a tendency with Scuba diving all though its not the most thrilling and probably the most unusual for a Marine of his type he loves to grab a mask and a oxy tank and dive in into the deep blue this is mainly because of his willingness to learn new things and see whats out there to other. Furthermore to his unusual favorable sport he loves to read in his own time he often gets lost in a good action novel. With or without pictures he need not care he could always read and see the plot and the action between the lines.

Orientation: Heterosexual


Higher Levels of Education  - English, Maths Science, Physical Health

Starfleet Academy: Advanced Security and Tactical Training, Support Craft Pilot, Intelligence training, Weapons Training, Orbital Jump Instructor, Diplomatic lower level, Enhanced questioning techniques.

Language(s) Spoken        

Federation Standard, Klingon.


Spouse Lillian St James (Deceased)
Children Abbey Wyatt St. James
Father Adam Wyatt (CEO of Wyatt Freight PLC)
Mother Lieana Wyatt
Siblings Charlie Wyatt (Sister)
Pets Champion 'Champ' - Alsation pup


Luke was born 2351, at an early stage during his childhood it was identified that he was a kinetic learner and quickly picked up physical attributes and enjoyed most sports. With the outbreak of the war in 2361 he enlisted into what was Starfleets Marine Corp which at the time due to demand was a year long course for Non-Enlisted type during the course he would learn basic field craft, combat skills up to company level and how to pilot support craft such as shuttles and fighters.

Assigned finally to the USS Trail Blazer a troop transporter and air wing carrier he saw much action along the front lines both ship to ship in the form of counter-boarding parties and ground support troops. Luke first received his first promotion in 2370 to Private first class and become his sections heavy weapons specialist. He served on the Trail Blazer until 2371.

At the end of 2371 he found himself being assigned to a new company aboard the USS Ajax after his previous ship sustained heavy damage, he was also promoted to Corporal and now in a leadership role as a section commander however with the ending of the war found himself now dealing with groups such as the marquis , a terrorist organisation who felt they had been abandoned as a direct result of the dominion war and the peace treaty with Cardassia and though a former shadow of themselves since the domion crushing thier organisation too level individual such us Teero Anaydis who refused to let the idea of the marquis die, and had escaped prison and attempted to ressurecy the rebellion upon hearing that the USS Voyager had survived and was indeed safe. This was also the same time he met Lillian Graves who would later become his wife. 

In 2373 Luke was promoted to Sergeant and found himself station aboard the USS Leopard a much smaller ship operating near Romulan space, a much quieter deployment for him and his platoon which still included his love interest Lillian who was now his wife and baring his child. 

During the next 2 years Luke worked for his families business hauling freight from various places until 2384 h where Luke decided to give Starfleet the chance it never got and become a Security officer within the sister, and less militaristic organisation of the Marines partly because he did not enjoy the work and Abbey now at the age of seven was old enough to understand. She remained with his family until 2376 when Luke finally graduated.

From this moment Luke would serve on two ships before the USS Manhattan, the USS Hood and USS Colorado both under the Security branch of Starfleet until 2396 where he still currently serves as Assistant chief of Security.

History Overview

2351 2369 Earth
2369 2369 Marine Corp Recruit Enlisted Training
2369 2370 USS Trail Blazer Private Marine
2370 2371 USS Trail Blazer Private First Class Marine 
2371 2373 USS Ajax Corporal Marine NCO
2373 2376 USS Leopard Sergeant Marine Sergeant
2376 2378 USS Horus First Sergeant Marine Platoon Sergeant
2378 2380 USS Horus Warrent Officer Marine Company Sergeant Major
2380 2382 Earth Civilian Wyatt Freighting PLC
2382 2386 Starfleet Academy Cadet Security
2386 2393 USS Colorado Ensign Security JO
2393 2394 USS Hood Ensign Security Senior JO
2394 2395 USS Hood Lieutenant JG Asst Chief of Security
2395 2396 USS Manhattan Lieutenant JG Asst Chief Of Security
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