Atozi Sh'qyrin

Authored by J Ridgley
Biographic Information
  • Position: Medical on SS Bonaventure
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Andorian Female
  • Weight: 74kgs
  • Height: 5ft 10""
  • Age: 28
Actions Available

Character Biography

Name: Atozi Sh'qyrin

Age: 24

Species: Andorian Female

Physical Description

Atozi has an athletic but muscular build, like most Andorians she was raised as a warrior and there for has lean muscle particular on her arms, legs and stomach. Being Andorian, Atozi has the usual characteristic of blue skin, white hair and if that wasn't identifying enough then a pair for Antennae for good measure. She is usually seen in either Starfleet uniforms or sometimes imperial guard uniform when carrying out any recreational exercising however when off duty she has taken a particular liking to Earth fashion of a Grey tank top and black jogging bottoms. 


Body Art

Atozi has no tattoos or body art however does have repaired burn scars which covers the majority of her right thing.


As far as Andorians go Atozi is well mannered, her time working with Humans and Vulcans has had a good influence on her warrior nature though at times there are still signs of her fiery personality. She is utterly loyal to Andoria and to the coalition that has been formed between them, Humans, Vulcans, Tellarite and the other species involved  and take her role within that seriously furthermore she is extremely family orientated, being Andoria with an extended family due to their social behaviours she has four parents and seven siblings.

Strengths   & Weaknesses    

Strengths Weaknesses
Loyal - Atozi is willingly loyal to the coalition and the ships she served on. More importantly she is loyal to her friends and family. Emotional - Like most Andorians Atozi feels her emotions in their extremes, though this has been tempered during her time on Earth it still hasn't completely gone.
Environmentally Friendly - Due to being Andorian she can withstand extreme environmental conditions compared to her Human counterparts. Quick to fatigue - Due to her high metabolism Atozi though strong fatigues considerably quicker than others. 
Medical Practitioner - Despite most Andorians being natural born leaders it isnt unusual for them to be considered brilliant artist, Atozi found are in the form of medical science and as a result is noted doctor. Impulsive - Atozi tends to act quickly without reflecting too much. But this prevents her from thinking through the consequences of your choices properly.
Perfectionist - Atozi is a known perfectionist and demands the best from those around her but most importantly herself. Overbearing - Atozi is always sure that her point of view is the right one and tries to impose it on others. She can sometimes have no qualms about disregarding the ideas and thoughts of others to make sure that her own prevail.


Atozi suffers from acute Pyrophobia, while she can withstand small flames such as candles due to her physiotherapy she can not cope with anything larger than a hand held torch. The smell of smoke and burning smells often causes her anxiety to flare with effects such as dizziness and in some extreme cases sickness, stomach cramps and headaches.


Atozi wishes to see the Coalition succeed and if that means by doing her job to the best of her ability and giving her life in that name then it would be her honour to do so.

Hobbies & Interests    

Besides being a Botanical, Anatomist and Xenobioligst  she loves to draw, paint and write. Little known in the way of Andorian but Atozi is considered skillful and has even sold some of her pieces. He quarters will be littered with ongoing projects. She also enjoys many of Earths recreational sports and makes an effort to participate in their social gatherings.


Orientation: Heterosexual


Andorian Academy, Imperial Guard.

Language(s) Spoken        

Andorian, Human


Spouse None
Children None
Father Kessaol
Mother Ivylle
Second Mother (None Blood) Pyma
Second Father (None Blood) Shehr

Brothers: Kehr, Ethor, Shar, Eshrehr 

Sisters: Sybon, Iseson, Arathar, Robaar 

Pets None


Atozi was born twinned with her brothers Thors and Shar on thier home planet. She had the normal Andorian upbringing and attented the Andorian Academy of arts. She become an adult at 18 and joined the Imperial Guard as a medical aid where her love for medicine blossomed and gave way for her future medical career which changed early into a scientific interest as Atozi began leaning towards Botany and Xenobiology however the imperial guard was not somewhere Atozi would enjoy or be particularly good at. Working in the Imperial guard wasn't much about science and medicine but about secrecy, combat and subterfuge which Andorians were commonly known for. Disagreeing with this way of Life Atozi left the imperial guard early and somewhat disgraced.

Feeling that she needed a change of pace she moved to Earth where she quickly began taking a liking to its history and culture. Eventually she found herself enlisting into Starfleet, Atozi had an early setback having been caught in a fire which has caused her pyrothobia. After treatment and rehabilitation Atozi eventually reapplied to star fleet and passed her training.

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