Authored by Katy Darrah
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  • Species: Vulcan/Romulan/Cardassian
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Character Biography

Kolor is the 1/2 Vulcan, 1/4 Romulan, 1/4 Cardassian son of two former Starfleet officers, Mirok and T’Rhe. Both officers met on the USS Kumari where they both served with distinction. Originally they hated each other, but over time they began to grow closer, and by the end of their careers they had created a child.

Kolor was born on Earth, but was soon whisked away to Vulcan with his mother, who had a falling out with Mirok when the man wanted to take him to be raised with those members of the RSE that remained. Kolor grew up–until the age of 10–with Vulcan teachings, but much like how his father was kidnapped away to Romulus, so was Kolor.

Raised the rest of his life by his father with the RSE and Tal’Shiar training, Kolor had grown cruel and cold to those around him. This changed on his 21st birthday when his father betrayed him, almost sacrificing him to win a battle. This shocked Kolor into remembering his life with his mother, and the love she showed him.

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