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Biographic Information
  • Position: Executive Officer on USS Asimov
  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Galdori (Laleri)
  • Weight: 90 kgs
  • Height: 240 cm
  • Age: 28 yrs

Actions Available

Character Biography

Appearance: Mwezi is a tall, muscular figure. At 240 cm (~8 ft) he is tall even for his species, although the way that he tends to slouch when he’s off duty does conceal his height slightly. Mwezi is a wolf-like being, with fur all over his body, a canine snout, wolf-like ears, and a fluffy tail. His tail is about the length of his forearm. His eyes are golden, and his fur has a gradient coloration from dark brown on his back to a light cream colour in the middle of his chest. His legs and arms also have a gradient where the top is dark and the bottom (and entirety of the hand/foot) is pale, and the bottom half of his face is the light cream while the top is a soft shade of brown.

Where most humanoid species have feet structured so that they walk on their heels, Mwezi’s species is much like the Caitians in that they walk on the balls and toes of their feet, their heels much longer than those of standard species and positioned high in the air whilst walking. This is called being digitigrade. Another difference is that the species of his planet only developed with four phalanges instead of the five of most species - leaving him with three fingers and a thumb instead of the standard four fingers and a thumb. This holds for his toes as well. His fingers are tipped with sharp canine claws, but he is careful to maintain them as to not harm anyone by accidentally scratching them.

His apparel is almost always his Starfleet uniform, with a device on his wrist that acts as a universal translator, a clock, a PaDD, and several other uses as well. Mwezi has several ear piercings, with three small silver loops on the base of his left ear and two on the base of his right. There are also several studs in various locations on his ears, but these have no significant cultural meaning.

History: Mwezi was born in 2238 and raised within the alternate timeline known as the Kelvin Timeline. Within the Kelvin Timeline, the Interstellar Alliance kept its moniker and was not called GOK Alliance by the UFP. Mwezi was born to a well-off family in the city of Newbury, in the region of Salan, on the continent of Laruna. Newbury is one of the technology hubs of Galdor - think Silicon Valley - which meant that Mwezi had plenty of opportunity to become fairly well educated. While he knew that other worlds and people existed outside of Galdor, he didn’t see them much as he wasn’t a particularly outgoing individual and didn’t really go anywhere near the touristy areas of his city, where aliens were most likely to visit. Mwezi was good friends with one of his neighbors, a youngster named Kula. She was a year younger than him, her fur a deep black and bright white with much sharper transitions than his own coloration. She had a fierce spirit and an unwavering desire to become his friend. She was leagues ahead of him in school as well, passing classes much faster than himself.

Mwezi’s family belonged to one of the Old Lineages, which meant that while he spent most of his year in Newbury, during school breaks he would travel out into the wilderness along with one of his parents and several other families and they would spend a month living off the land as their ancestors did, observing ancient druidic rituals and worshiping the Gods of Galdor. One important aspect of this time was the ritual hunt, a practice where Laleri youth of a certain age would discard all possessions except for a small stone knife and would travel into the woods alone, expected to come back with something they had killed with their own teeth and claws. Mwezi hunted down a Wild Kigab, a fierce creature about the size of an elk, with six legs and massive keratin horns. They ate well that night.

Going into his late teens, Mwezi decided that he wanted to pursue a career in space, so he enlisted at the Interstellar Alliance Academy for Astronauts (I3A) - a program which, similar to Starfleet Academy, has military and space training combined with university-level education in STEM subjects, history, astronomy, and politics. Kula had joined the I3A a year previous, and part of his motivation for attending was to get closer to her - there was some small romance budding between them and he wanted to pursue it. Mwezi had never excelled in school, but here he had found his niche. He dove into the physical education, learning multitudes of fighting techniques, ways to take people down with or without hurting them, ways to protect people, ways to overcome physical challenges. He also excelled at some of the political training. Years of quietly watching people from the sidelines and years of watching animals and studying them while he hunted… these skills helped him in learning how to negotiate and deal with security threats that couldn’t be shot, stabbed, or punched. His proficiency in observation allowed him to adjust to dealing with non-Galdori coaches, whose emotions were not so easily read as those of the people of Galdor.

Mwezi’s quick reflexes and open mind qualified him to enter the Pilot Corps for extra training. That is where he met Shilo, a orangey-tan and white Laleri with the biggest heart of gold Mwezi had ever met. Shilo was specifically in the Pilot Program at the I3A, in training to fly one of the larger ships of the Interstellar Alliance Fleet - ships that required multiple pilots to operate all their systems. Mwezi never really excelled in the Pilot Corps, but he was good enough to do basic maneuvers in a shuttle. After graduating from the I3A, Mwezi and Shilo officially joined the IASF (The Interstellar Alliance Space Fleet) as officers, while Kula decided to move into the science aspect of the IASF and work with a research team on developing new technology.

After a few years in the IASF, Mwezi was chosen for an Officer Exchange program. He would be sent to a Starfleet ship and a Starfleet officer would be sent to an IASF ship, in pursuit of determining whether an alliance between the Interstellar Alliance and the United Federation of Planets would be beneficial to both parties. The two civilizations had made first contact in 2245, when Mwezi was just a pup. The exchange began in 2259. The duration was expected to be one Galdori Year (90% of an earth year), but Mwezi fit in so well with his Starfleet crew that his exchange period was extended indefinitely. Mwezi was sent to the USS Chernov and served under Captain Taggart as a security officer for several years, even becoming promoted first to the Captain’s personal guard, then later to Chief of Security. It was during this period, in 2263, that Kula’s research went awry and she was lost in an interdimensional space. In an attempt to save her, Shilo and Mwezi flew a very small shuttle-style vessel into the ruins of the space station where the accident had occurred, and they were likewise sucked into this interdimensional space, where they were able to rescue Kula, but the three of them were unable to return to their own time and space, instead finding themselves in a new time and place, in the near vicinity of a ship called the USS Leviathan in the year 2396. Naturally they spent a while on the Levi, long enough for Starfleet Intelligence to confirm that they had no idea how to send the trio back to their original home, and it wouldn’t be disastrous to allow them access to the ‘future’ that exists within the Prime Timeline.

Kula and Shilo returned to Galdor to re-integrate into this future society, but Mwezi couldn’t help but want to continue working with Starfleet, even if he wasn’t there for the same purpose he had been initially. After a full two years on the Leviathan, he was transferred to the USS Asimov, where he served as a Security Officer for almost a year. The remarkable circumstances in place when the former XO departed the Asimov meant that Captain Sara had to choose from her existing crew for a new XO. Mwezi had stood out to her as being uniquely qualified to handle their current situation, so she chose him as, at the very least, a temporary XO - position to be codified with Starfleet after their Traitor Mission was complete.

Fiancés: Kula and Shilo

Medical History:
No notable medical conditions or injuries.

Flaws: Impatience and Obstinacy
Despite his skills in combat, diplomacy, and other security-related skills, Mwezi does not understand much Federation Standard and depends almost entirely on his Universal Translator to communicate.
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