Halai Cosgrove

Authored by Lindsay Bayes
Biographic Information
  • Position: Head of Science and Terraforming on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Tyrellian/Human
  • Weight: 145 lbs
  • Height: 5'8
  • Age: 33

Character Biography

Physical Description:
Hair: Long, curly brown
Eyes: Hazel with a distinctive gold ring
Skin: Tan with olive undertones
Build: Curvy
Distinctive Marks: Halai is marked with three soft black tattoos in the tradition of her people. The one on her forehead marks her as a “seeker of knowledge”. It is a curved V-shaped line with the point of the V hitting the bridge of her nose. The two on her cheeks are small hollow circles that indicate her as a “keeper of the old arts” (a reference to her continued practice with Tyrellian Laser Art). In addition, she has a significant tattoo that is spread across the majority of her back.

Marital Status: Single

Mother- Surlen Kitrian (Tyrellian)- deceased in 2371
Father- Andrew Cosgrove (Human)
Paternal Grandmother- Nonti Cosgrove (Human, Papuan)
Paternal Grandfather- Jenson Cosgrove (Human, English)
Maternal Grandmother- Liwen Kitrian (Tyrellian)-deceased in 2389
Paternal Grandfather- Somsada Kitrian (Tyrellian)- deceased in 2364
Maternal Aunt- Kolyn Jaspa (Tyellian)
Kolyn’s spouse- Rewnurn Jaspa (Tyrellian)
Step-Mother: Janine Cosgrove (Human)
Step-sister: Kristina Cosgrove (Born 2368) (Human)
Step-brother: Adam Cosgrove (Born 2371) (Human)

2361- Halai Cosgrove born in Niraio, Juraya on Tyrellia
2366- Halai meets her Human father Andrew for the first time
2369- 2nd meeting with her father
2371- Halai’s mother Surlen dies of a sudden heart attack. Goes to live with her father on the USS Lakota
2374-76- Halai lives on Earth with her Human grandparents during the Dominon War
2382- Accepted into Starfleet Academy
2386- Graduates from the Academy with a double-Honours degree in geology and planetary science
------- Assigned to the USS Vanguard
------- Halai and several other crewmembers were involved in an incident with a hallucinogenic substance, known on the ship as ‘The Powder Incident’
------- Vanguard is destroyed in an incident with rogue Marines (shortly after Halai’s arrival)
------- Promoted to Lt. (j.g) and assigned as the new Chief Science Officer on the newly commissioned Concord-class Vanguard-A
2387- Promoted to full Lieutenant.
2388- Awarded the Award for ‘Outstanding Service to the Mission’ following the encounter with the Preservers.
------- Begins a 10 month Leave of Absence back on Tyrellia.
------- Completes a Masters Degree in Geological Sciences
2389- Reassigned to OedV as Head of Science & Terraforming
2393- Resigns her commission and official retires from Starfleet. Remains the Head of Science and Terraforming as a civilian.

Andrew, a Starfleet security officer, met Surlen when he was stationed on Tyrellia. They spent two years together before Andrew was re-assigned to the USS Kingston. Halai was born several months later and was raised by her mother on Tyrellia, in Surlen’s home village of Niraio in the rural, province of Juraya. Although Surlen and Andrew were never married, she gave Halai his last name. Andrew knew about Halai, and had met her when she was 5, but given his constant moving around in Starfleet, he was not involved in her life. Surlen practised the traditional laser art that Tyrellians are well known for and passed this love of the ancient art down to her daughter, as well as a respect for the simple life they led living off the land. When Halai was 10, Surlen suffered a sudden and massive heart attack and died. No reason for the heart attack was ever found.

Her father brought her aboard his current assignment on the USS Lakota to live with him and subsequently followed him to whatever posting he was on, with the exception of the duration of the Dominion War where Andrew sent Halai to Earth to live with his parents in Canada and then Papua New Guinea. Having access to the wealth of information aboard starships, Halai discovered a love of puzzles and research, often spending much time outside of her regular studies in the various science labs helping the scientists with whatever projects they were working on. From these experiences, she decided to pursue a career in Starfleet and was accepted into the Academy at the age of 21. She was a dedicated student, and graduated with dual honours in sciences and operations.

Her first assignment brought her to the USS Vanguard as an ensign in the Science Department. After Rogue Marines took over the ship and the command crew was forced to set the auto-destruct, Halai evacuated the ship with the rest of her shipmates. It was the second time she had had to flee an exploding ship in her life. Aboard the new Concord class ship, Halai was promoted and given the position of Chief Science Officer. She was promoted to her current rank in 2387.

Halai’s relationship with her father is strained but she is close to her paternal grandparents. Of her mother’s family, she was very close to her grandmother and Surlen’s sister and brother-in-law, Kolyn and Rewnurn Jaspa. She tries to visit Tyrellia as often as she can.

In her spare time, Halai practises her art regularly. Additionally, she is fond of music and plays both Tyrellian and Terran instruments, as well as sings. She also enjoys many different physical activities and is always happy to be outdoors. She is friendly and outgoing socially, but serious and thoughtful when it comes to her work and maintains a sense of awe about the Universe.

Medical Notes:
-Halai requires very specific blood proteins in a transfusion that cannot be replicated due to her mixed heritage and so a supply of compatible proteins is kept in careful storage in the medical facility.
-In recent years, the Tyrellians have noticed a disturbing trend in the population where unexplained medical illnesses and psychological distress is on the rise. A link was discovered between a decrease in certain spiritual practices and a rise in morbidity rates. The link is even higher with Tyrellian hybrids. Upon deeper investigation, it was discovered that it related to the Tyrellians ability to ‘bond’ with people in such a way that it had a physiological effect on their nervous system and created something akin to a dependency on those people. In the old traditions, losses were reconciled by very specific rituals that allowed the bond to be broken as far as the physiological effects went. But after contact with the Federation, these practices fell out of use, especially with many Hybrids being raised off-world.
-----It is likely that Halai’s mother’s heart attack was a result of this unreconciled bond, and upon learning about these facts Halai was tested. She had been feeling very depressed after a string of people departed from her life, including a romantic partner. Medical tests showed that her neurotransmitters were very low and that she was at risk for the same complications that killed her mother. After doing her own version of the old rituals, Halai began to recover.

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