Jonathan Durheim

Authored by William Deaton
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Engineering Officer (Incoming) on USS Leviathan
  • Rank: Warrant Officer
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 120 lbs
  • Height: 5' 2"
  • Age: mid-30's
Actions Available

Character Biography

Jonathan Durheim is a small, wiry human male in his mid to late thirties. He has an aura of almost manic energy; and is quick to follow most any order – usually to the letter. He is almost overwhelmingly driven to experiment and test things, pushing at the unknown with boundless energy and enthusiasm.
At first glance, he appears to be horribly maimed in some unknown incident – numerous scars and burns are apparent on any exposed skin, as well as his scalp, with corresponding patches of missing hair. Thick prescription goggles are seemingly ever-present, giving him an owlish look; and when combined with his adopted uniform of a white lab coat, the phrase ‘mad scientist’ immediately jumps into mind. Most strikingly, both arms are artificial, and obviously so. The pair of metal limbs are decidedly mechanical, with no attempt to make their appearance more palatable to organic beings. The fact that each hand is bi-directional and has more than the traditional number of fingers does nothing to ease their unsettling nature.
Photograph on file. (OOC: Credit to Sharon Miller for the image)

Note: Jonathan Durheim’s background has been extensively classified by the ARU – see incident report 31543254B-51A.
Upon detection of a massive burst of unknown energy type, ARU [REDACTED] was dispatched to investigate. Upon arrival at planet [REDACTED], the energy source was found and investigated. As outlined in the report, Mr. Durheim was one of several ‘technicians’ responsible for maintaining ‘The Facility’ – (REF 31543254B-51A – Appendices G->W).
Unique amongst the personnel encountered, Mr. Durheim was extremely helpful to the on-scene task force; providing them with guidance and assistance throughout their mission, despite being restrained per standard procedure. According to multiple AAR’s, he provided vital assistance when relocating Anomaly [REDACTED]; preventing a catastrophic meltdown from occurring despite suffering grievous harm in the process.
Due to his in-depth, hands-on knowledge and experience with Anomaly containment and research, as well as his willing nature, it is recommended that he be placed onboard an ARU ship; rather than the typical procedure of [REDACTED].

Medical Records
Jonathan Durheim seems to be in fine health overall; though there are some abnormalities. Approximately 50% of his skin has severe burns, concentrated on his torso and scalp. The burns appear to be possibly electrical in nature, though this was not confirmed. Patient is quite mindful of his bodies’ reduced capacity to sweat and self-cool, and has built a monitoring system into his goggles. When questioned as to the source of his injuries, patient politely declined to respond, saying “I don’t believe I’m allowed to tell you about that.”
Patient’s eyesight is poor; and wears prescription glasses to compensate.
At one point in the patient’s past, he underwent Bilateral Shoulder Disarticulation – as a result of an “Industrial accident”, that Mr. Durheim again refused to extrapolate upon. Patient has a pair of cybernetic replacements that appear to be shop-built, but function perfectly by every measure; despite their unusual appearance.
Unusually, patient’s exact age is unknown – no records came with him; scanning devices aren’t able to give a precise answer (possibly due to unknown interference originating from patient’s cybernetics) and patient himself doesn’t know, saying “Oh we never kept track of that – it’s not important, after all.”
Overall, patient appears to be healthy enough for duty, though I recommend frequent medical scans and checkups.

Psychological Records
Jonathan Durheim is a very interesting, and somewhat disturbing case. He can be fiendishly intelligent; willfully misunderstanding orders or being maliciously compliant if the mood strikes him. Alternately, he can also be one of the most fastidious and dedicated people I have ever met. I have yet to identify the root of this behavior; though when asked, his response is typically along the lines of “It depends on how bored I am.”
Jonathan appears to excel at his work when he is challenged and engaged; in the midst of his work he takes on a focused and commanding personality; with little to no regard for anything but the project at hand – and if my suspicions are correct, this may be how he lost his limbs; though he politely refuses to answer any questions on that topic. Unusually for beings who have suffered such a catastrophic (and possibly violent) loss, he is remarkably blasé about his missing arms – indeed, he speaks of the loss as if it were an opportunity to create better limbs. This may be why he refuses to make much of an attempt to disguise them, preferring to leave them ‘bare’. Disconcertingly, he became excited at the thought of losing his legs; and demanded a PaDD to write down his ideas for ‘improvements’.
Overall, I think that it may be possible for Jonathan to be of great service to the Federation – provided he is very carefully managed. He takes to orders well, but will take advantage of laxity and softer styles of leadership.

StarFleet Service
ID# 647352-JD

Additional Character notes for reference & consistency

Cybernetic Details
100% replacement of both arms; shoulder and spine reinforcement done as well to account for the increased physical strength and durability
Limbs are primarily constructed from tritanium
Both arms are identical/interchangeable – elbows move in one axis; 360 degrees
Wrists can rotate 360 degrees
Hands are double sided; 5 fingers and 2 thumbs (think the villain’s hand from ‘Logan’)
Cybernetics are ‘unsheathed’ and make no attempt of disguise. Shoulder sockets have baffles to keep dirt and grime out. When unclothed, reinforcement of shoulders and spine are visible from the rear – spider-like tendrils cross above and below his shoulder blades. Scar tissue and ‘dots’ of tritanium are visible down the length of his spine and surrounding the shoulder implants.
X-rays and scans reveal the extent of his modifications; tritanium reinforcement lines most of his upper body; providing structure for his arms. His entire spine has also been reinforced to accommodate for the increased forces. All of the reinforcement is passive in nature; though it does also shield the neural connections.
The limbs draw power from Jonathan himself; resulting in a need for increased caloric intake; approximately double the expected amount. The limbs can be deactivated (or detached) to massively reduce the power draw.
The limbs have neural feedback; with great sensitivity in the hands and fingers. The arms themselves also have limited feedback; primarily force. Hands and fingers can provide detailed temperature and other sensor information. Limbs report damage as pain; though the feedback is select-able.

Details surrounding ‘The Incident’ and ‘The Facility’
Note: this information is of course known to Durheim; but outside of specific scenarios it is very unlikely to be known by others.
‘The Facility,’ as Durheim refers to it, was a large, ancient power facility based around an ‘Einstein Class’ Anomaly on a small planet far out of the way of commonly-traveled space. At some point in the past, colonists had come across it, and not understanding its workings, began to worship the machines and the trapped anomaly. A machine-cult arose around the maintaince crew.
Jonathan Durheim was born on the planet, and quickly rose within the cult; based solely on his technical skill. Unknown to the leaders, he had found a digital library containing the history and maintenance directives of the original builders; this both shattered his already shaky belief, and gave him advanced knowledge and skills compared to his brethren.
Durheim was a poor actor at best, and despite his skill and knowledge, was nearly constantly in disfavor due to his irreverent attitude. This eventually came to a head, and he decided sabotage was in order. Biding his time, he carefully learned what he could and made plans.
His plan was simple: tweak the collection and energy storage system so that there would be a buildup of energy, to be released all at once. Everything went exactly as planned; with the exception of the failsafes. The release of energy overwhelmed the ancient systems that hadn’t undergone adequate maintaince in centuries; starting a meltdown.
Durheim found himself working constantly for days with his colleagues trying to prevent a total meltdown; while the elders desperately sought forgiveness from their ‘god’. Unknown to those desperate souls planet-side, the ARU had detected the pulse, and was on their way to investigate.
All hell broke loose with the arrival of the RTF unit. The cult immediately decried the RTF as heretics, and met them with violence. Seeing an opportunity, Durheim surrendered to the ARU, and offered his support and knowledge. Understandably, they were leery of this strange, manic man, but he quickly proved his worth. This was tested, and subsequently confirmed when the embattled team made their way to the central power facility. The Anomaly was dumping energy into the containment field, overwhelming the siphoning system and headed for a catastrophic meltdown. Not wanting to see his plans be destroyed (along with himself) Durheim immediately took charge of the situation; bellowing orders to the team and manually swapping feedlines.
Unfortunately, the situation was far from safe. The smallest mistake could be fatal – as Durheim knew, and found out first-hand. In his excitement, he grabbed a feed that was still powered – without any protective gear. Energy arced across his arms and body; disintegrating his limbs and severely burning him. Thanks to his guidance, total meltdown was prevented, and eventually the Anomaly was recovered; along with Durheim’s smoking, comatose body.
Jonathan awoke to find himself in a sickbay, aboard the USS Gauss. Distaining the offered cosmetic repairs; he set about doing research into cybernetics, and shortly, transporter technology. Not quite knowing what to do with this apparent mad scientist, the crew of the USS Gauss decided to humor him – if he died, well…. Problem solved. With assistance from the CMO and CE, Jonathan Durheim was successful in using the transporter to surgically implant the cybernetic and structural tritanium into his body; with only minor complications. From this demonstration (which was deemed to be a result of unreasonable amounts of luck) and given his obvious talent and willingness to work with the ARU; Jonathan Durheim was given an offer: Join the ARU, and put your skills to work for the Federation. Alternately, put yourself at the mercy of the ARU, and potentially get mind-wiped.
Jonathan didn’t need any threats to join – that had been his goal from nearly the start. After a few months of crash-course introduction to StarFleet, the ARU, and working in the Engineering department of the USS Gauss, Durheim was officially inducted as a Crewman Engineer, and transferred to the USS Leviathan.

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