Vora Zorell

Authored by Lindsay B
Biographic Information
  • Species: Tenraith
  • Weight: 148 lbs
  • Height: 6'0
  • Age: 37

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Character Biography

Hair: Bright cherry red
Eye Colour: Maroon
Skin Colour: Pale yellow

Mother: Torya Zorell (birth name: Jaisa Torya Hass) (deceased)
Father: Unknown
Uncle: Torno Hass
Son: Jerrin Yecib (Born 2380)

Info on Tenra and the Tenraith

Timeline & Personal History:

Date Event
2360 Born on Tenra in the capital city of Kebbran, in a poor area of the city known as The District.
2365 Torya dies of a medication related cardiac arrest.
2381 After years of homelessness and engaging in narcotics and other illicit activities, Vora goes through rehab supported by Captain Deacon Amhurst.
2382 Applies to and is accepted into Starfleet Academy after successfully completing the pre-admissions program. Application sponsored by Captain Deacon Amhurst.
2386 Graduates Starfleet Academy with an exceptional academic record and is declared Valedictorian of her class. Given rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Europa.
2387 Temporarily relieved of duty due to medical issues. Took an extended medical leave via Starbase 277 and Tenra. Returned to the Europa six weeks later.
2389 Completes Masters Degree in Geology. Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2390 Discovers some of her long lost family and that her mother was not who she thought she was. Is kidnapped by her ex-lover (Roquan Farzaran) and nearly killed. Roquan did not survive the rescue confrontation, killed by Vora’s own hand.
2391 Vora’s son, once given up for adoption, comes to the Europa to live with her.
2395 Becomes engaged to Johann Dvorak

Vora is from the planet Tenra, and her people, who are humanoid, are known as the Tenraith. She was raised by her mother, Torya, until her death when Vora was 5. She has never met her father and has no idea who he is. After Torya’s death, Vora was placed in governmental foster care. She moved from house to house, never really knowing what it was like to have a real home or family. Despite being a brilliant student, Vora had gotten herself into trouble and was kicked out of her foster home when she was 14. She moved in with her 16 year old boyfriend, Tobbath, only discovering then that he was a narcotics dealer. He got her hooked on drugs and it quickly became their only concern in life. When Tobbath was arrested and jailed for robbery, Vora found herself homeless and on the street. She did whatever she had to to survive, but always placed the drugs before anything, fearing what would happen if she were to run out.

About this time, the Federation made contact with Tenra and established trade. Eager to share knowledge, an exchange of scientists was made. Starfleet assigned the USS Tomaran to Tenra for this cultural and scientific exchange. Vora met the Tomaran’s CO, Captain Deacon Amhurst, when she attempted to pick his pocket while he was wandering the streets off-duty. Intrigued by her intelligence and wit, Amhurst offered to help her rather than turn her into the authorities.

Vora went through a gruelling rehab that still haunts her to this day. Afterwards, she discovered she was excited about having a second chance at life. Amhurst allowed her to get involved in some of the scientific experiments and they discovered she had a real talent for science. Aided by an eidetic memory, she learned a vast amount of knowledge in a short space of time. Supporting her desire to join Star-fleet, Amhurst sponsored her application to the Academy. Vora graduated class valedictorian.

Assigned to the Europa, Vora tried very hard to make the most of her time on the ship. Tentative and a little shy, Vora found herself settling into life on the ship and even starting to get to know people, including one of the doctors and subsequently the CMO, Scott Richards. Experiencing horrible nightmares from her past, Vora did not sleep well. Her sleep deprivation got to the point that she had a psychotic episode and had to be put on medication.

An encounter with a strange plant, that was confirmed non-toxic, gave her bursts of energy that relieved the tiredness caused from her medication. Unknown to her at the time however, the substance bound itself in a strange way to her medication, forming an addictive substance. Her work began to suffer as her focus slipped and her memory was impacted. She never told anyone, not realizing that the substance she was drawn to was harming her.

Meanwhile, she and Scott had not only become friends, but had discovered they had feelings for each other. They kept their relationship quiet given that she was a junior officer, and he a member of the Senior Staff. But they eventually came to realize that they had fallen in love with each other.

Eventually, she was relieved of duty, as she refused to go to Sickbay at the time to deal with the tiredness issues she had been experiencing. Even seeing the CNS, she still didn’t reveal the issue she was becoming more and more aware of. Vora took it upon herself to once again go through detox, not even telling anyone about it. After a couple days, she began to have chest pains on top of all the other withdrawals symptoms and feared something was going wrong. She called for Scott, who rushed to her aid and saw her through the rest of her detox.

Returning to duty a couple weeks later, Vora found herself having a great difficulties concentrating and couldn’t do her work with any of the skill she had prided herself on. Soon she had to admit that she needed time away to fully heal and get her head on straight. She left the ship quietly on an extended medical leave, leaving a note to Scott that she promised to keep in touch as much as possible.

With her old friend who sponsored her application to Starfleet, Captain Deacon Amhurst, Vora went home to Tenra. Six weeks later, she returned to the Europa, ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

Vora has since been reunited with her adolescent son, whom she had given up and expected him to be adopted. That was not the case and the pair are finding their way together. She is also engaged to Johann Dvorak, the Europa’s Commanding Officer.

Medical History:
Access restricted to CO, XO, CNS and Senior Medical staff

Date Event
2375 Becomes addicted to narcotics.
2380 Gave birth to premature boy out of hospital. Subsequent massive hemorrhage due to impact trauma that required surgery after she collapsed in the street.
2380 Wide-spread infection (yaeb) was treated with antibiotics, but not before it caused scar tissue on reproductive organs. Determination at time was that Zorell would be unlikely to carry another pregnancy.
2381 Admitted to a rehabilitation facility on Tenra. Extensive and long term narcotic use noted, as well as alcohol abuse. Severely underweight at 119 lbs. Detox took 6 days (Note: Tenra’s medical technology significantly behind the Federation’s). Admitted to rehabilitation program and completed it successfully after 30 days. Given that Zorell had no family or safe place to go, she was discharged into the care of her new friend Captain Amhurst. Resided in a half-way house for several months while working with the Starfleet crew stationed on Tenra. Avoidance of all non-life saving medication recommended.
2381 Testing completed by CMO of the USS Tomaran confirms suspicions that Zorell has an eidetic memory. While visual and auditory memory ratings are high, somatosensory memory is exceedingly high.
2382 Initial Starfleet Academy entrance physical shows much improved health. Weight a healthier 130 lbs with increased muscle mass and appetite. Scans showed many old injuries, including several that were improperly healed. Zorell presents with several scars (including some from her narcotic use) which she opted not to have removed.
2386 Boarding evaluation on USS Europa. Presented with claustrophobia when under scanning hood. Patient noted feeling apprehension when confined. Discussed previous addiction issues and a note made in file about patient’s wish to not use medication if at all possible.
2386 En route to Chilento Prime, was seriously injured when a series of unfortunate events allowed a meteorite to hit the ship and tossing Zorell into a wall hard. Resulted in a minor concussion, collapsed left lung, 2 broken ribs. Her injuries were repaired easily.
2386 Vora returned to Sickbay several days later in acute pain. Scan revealed that she had a punctured galstron (unique part of the Tenraith circulatory system) that had been missed earlier and though it had healed somewhat on its own, it was now infected. Emergency surgery was required, but panic on Zorell’s part necessitated that the surgery (a minor one) be done while awake with a strong local anaesthetic.
2386 Zorell began to have reoccurring nightmares (a problem for her before) leading to an acute insomnia flare up and was prescribed a sedative to help when nothing else did. However, her unease of taking medication made her resist taking it and she ended up with sleep-deprivation induced hallucinations. It was shown at this point that Zorell’s metabolism was naturally so high that substances ran through her rather quickly. After also determining that she was suffering from depression as well, the CNS, CMO and Zorell agreed that her need for sleep overweighed her desire to avoid medication and she was placed on a regular medication. She responded well to the treatment and began to be more level.
2386 Became addicted to a plant substance (see outcome in 2387)
2387 Zorell was treated for complications from withdrawal after she tried to self-detox from a non-toxic herbal substance. The complications included chest pains that had they been left untreated would have resulted in a heart attack. Post-recovery investigation revealed that the substance bound to the antidepressant she was on in an unexpected way and created an addictive feedback in her brain. It is believed that her previous years as an addict rewired her brain to be increasingly susceptible to addiction of both harmful and safe substances (psychologically indicating a obsessive tendency). Recovery was monitored by both the CMO and CNS.
2387 After awhile of trying to work through her relapse, Vora opted to take a 6 week medical leave. She went through a formal rehab program back on Tenra and returned to duty with the understanding that she maintain regular counselling sessions and improve her support network to handle any temptations and cravings she might have.
2388 Broke her left arm after Science Lab exploded during the Europa’s foray into the distant past of the Andromeda Galaxy.
2389 Discovered she was allergic to synthehol. Even a small amount makes her very intoxicated. Given her addiction history, consumption should be avoided entirely.
2390 Re-injured her galstron after being abducted by her former Tenraith parter. Injuries received while fighting her for her life caused severe internal bleeding and required emergency surgery. Blood transfusion provided by her uncle.
2397 Radial fracture in right arm during power failure in turbolift. Repair and PT successful.

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