Avarro Wyse

Authored by Katy Darrah
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight:
  • Height:
  • Age:
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Character Biography

Avarro’s family–back as early as the first commercial warp drives–has been nomads. Never settling down for more than a few days at a time, they’ve always been drawn to the stars, and, as such, have made private deals with various space powers to be granted safe passage through their space, as long as they remain amicable.

Avarro, however, followed in the family footsteps a little differently. One day, around his 18th birthday, he and his father were visiting a Federation Starbase to restock on supplies, and spend a few days using some of the entertainment services.

During one of his excursions to try a holosuite, Avarro bumped into

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