Mark Sinclair

Authored by Daniel Lerner
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Engineer on USS Memorial
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Height: 6'0"
  • Age: 26
Actions Available

Character Biography

Mark grew up splitting his time between living with his parents on a starship and with his extended family on the North-west coast of North America on Earth. Mark’s mother is a senior tactical officer in Starfleet and Mark’s father is a civilian scientist who assists Starfleet on his wife’s (Mark’s mother’s) starship. Mark has a twin sister, serving as a junior tactical officer on the USS Typhoon-A.

At a young age, Mark had a tendency to take things apart to see how things work… without always knowing how to put those things back together. Early victims to Mark’s growing curiosity included: two childhood toys, a medical tricorder, his father’s computer terminal, a classroom replicator, and the power relay for his neighbourhood back on Earth.

As Mark grew older, his curiosity also grew, but it came with a interest in improving the items around him. With his parents’ influence - and a need for some discipline with his burgeoning engineering talents - Mark enter Starfleet when he was old enough, focusing on becoming a starship engineer. Mark showed a deep desire to let loose his engineering curiosity on the unexplored reaches of the galaxy.

Mark’s first Starfleet assignment was in Engineering on the USS Pottsdown. He quickly came to the attention of his superiors as a reliable troubleshooter in engineering. Mark would often go for a “hand’s on” approach to solving a problem, commenting once “how else would I know if the diagnostic computer is working?”. His service on the Pottsdown eventually led to him becoming the Engineering department’s second-in-command.

Mark temporarily took command of Potttdown’s Engineering when the Chief Engineer was incapacitated during a hostile away mission and the ship came under attack. Mark’s quick thinking led to an avoidance of the warp core being breached, and the ship being saved. He was rewarded with a promotion to Lieutenant (junior grade) and an assignment as Chief Engineer of the USS Memorial.

Mark strengths comes in his out-of-the-box thinking, his hand-on approach to Engineering problems, and finding unorthodox solutions to engineering problems. His weakness is that he may sometimes be too quick to open something up and try out a solution he has just thought of, and doesn’t always follow Starfleet safety regulations (usually because he has thought around the issue) - although that issue has become better has he becomes more experienced as a Starfleet officer. He has shown he can take charge in a crisis moment, but being in full command of a department is a new experience for him, and he will need to build up his confidence is leading others.

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