Theodore Knox

Authored by Calé Reilly
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer - Incoming on USS Leviathan
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 157lbs
  • Height: 5’11
  • Age: 48
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Character Biography

Character Biography
Name: Theodore Ignatius Knox MD
Species: Human
Gender: Male
DoB: March 6th 2348
Age: 48
Place of birth: Earth, London.
Religion: N/A
Citizenship: Federation
Languages spoken: Federation standard. Romulan. Klingon.

Parents: Father: Robert Theodore Knox - Engineer - Jupiter Station - (Deceased)
Mother: Lauren Jenkings - Unknown - (Deceased) ,
Stepmother: Julia Hart (Chef)
Grandparents: Theodore Alsdair Knox (Grandfather)
Siblings: Eryka Hart (Step sister) Sean Hart (Step Brother) Daniel Knox (Half brother)
Spouses: N/A
Children: N/A

Height: 5’11
weight: 157lbs
eye colour: Dark brown
Hair colour: Dark brown
Handedness: Right
Blood type: A positive
Vision: 20/20
Identifying marks/Features recorded: None
Short physical description: Tall and broad shouldered with Dark Brown hair and eyes. Short cropped hair and very short beard. Theo has slightly tanned skin and a habit of frowning.

A.Promotion and assignment History:
2366- Enters Star Fleet Medical
2370- Enters Star Fleet Academy
2373- Posted as third year Cadet, USS Phoenix with commission as Ensign
2374- Promoted to Lt JG
2374- Seconded to StarFleet Research and Development
2380- Promoted to Full Lieutenant
2395- Promoted to Lt Commander

B. Service History:
2370-73 - Star Fleet Academy
2373-2374- USS Phoenix
2374- Court Martialed - Charges Dropped
2374-2395- Seconded to star fleet research and development File Classified
2396- Assigned USS Leviathan

C. Medals and Commendations

A. Academic Institutions Attended:
– Elementary and High School Education
– Star Fleet Medical - Under Graduate medical degree

B. Service Schools Attended:
– Star Fleet Academy

C. Qualifications:
Elementary Education and High School education certifications
Medical Degree

D. Extracurricular activities:
Lab Technician

A. Background Summary:

  • Theo was the only child of Lauren Jenkings and Robert Knox. The two had a brief relationship and never married. Theo was born after only a year and his mother died in childbirth due to complications. His father married again when Theo was six. He inherited two-step siblings and eventually a half sibling.

Theo was clever as a young child but often alone. As he got older, he began to say things to and had a habit of telling ghost stories and other such tales purposely to scare the other children. He also often talked about ’experiments’ he was conducting which often were taken as part of his attempt to scare the children.

As he went through school he got on well enough with his classmates but was still often alone. He worked as a lab technician while not attending school. His father was killed in an accident when he was 17, one year later he applied for star fleet medical school much to everyone’s surprise, he was accepted and moved to attend school without so much as a good-bye to the family who had raised him.

Theo worked hard and diligently as a student, almost reinvented. He was popular with students and staff and had a core group of friends. After finishing this medical degree he then joined Starfleet academy.

Due to the outbreak of the dominion war, Theo and his class were placed on the Phoenix where he remained with the commission of Ensign. A year later Theo was accused of unethical practices, he was confined to the brig and set to be count martialed, when the charges were dropped.

Theo was seconded to ’Star-Fleet research and development’ where he remained.the file is classified from this point.

B. Personality Summary:
- mysterious and a little sadistic at times. Often will do things just to see the reaction.


A.Recent Fitness Reports

Dr Knox physically meets the requirements for active duty.

B. Psychiatric Report

Dr Knox meets the requirements for active duty.

C. Current Recreational Interests

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