Siraa ‘IRIS’ sh’Rharror

Authored by Jennifer Ward
Biographic Information
  • Position: Squadron Leader, Air Group on USS Chimera
  • Rank: Mar. Captain
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 185 lbs
  • Height: 6' 4"
  • Age: 28
Actions Available

Character Biography

Name: Siraa ‘IRIS’ sh’Rharror
Position: Squadron Leader, 214th Fighter Attack Group: Black Sheep, USS Chimera
Serial Number: NC-307-48652
Status: Active
Nickname: IRIS (I Require Intense Supervision)
Born: 2370
Age: 28



Hair: White, cut short with a lot of curl
Eyes: Light Gray
Species: Andorian
Sex: Shen
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 185lb
Builid: Siraa is tall and all toned muscles with very little body fat. It gives her a very elfin-like appearance because of her height and slim body shape, but her strength is surprising to non-Andorians.
Complexion: Maya Blue
Identifying marks/features: scar running across her left shoulder and down her arm and matches up with a scar running across her mid abdomen on the right side.

Siraa is Bish’ee Andorian: “The antenna of the Bish’ee are straight, standing up from their heads about halfway between where they would be on a Talish or a Thallassan. They are smooth and end in an almost unnoticeable flare right at the tip around the opening to the internal sensory organs.”


Personality traits

Though Siraa is not yet bonded in Shelthreth (True Mating), she and one of her three future bondmates hope to one day exchange the shapla.

The shen gender was guided by the Water Guardian. The Guardian’s attribute was Blood. The shen was the giver of life, the gender that produced the egg from which the Andorian was formed. During the season of the worst storms, the shen would paint the icon of “her” gender on the gates of Clan Keep in “her” own blood as a sacrifice to the Water Guardian and in preparation for the Spring Water Festival. This period of prayer, fasting, and sacrifice was to plead with the Guardian for protection against the storms. Once this rite was performed and the Andorians were assured of the Water Guardian’s protection, feasting, dancing, and celebration followed.

Siraa is a fighter and a protector, but she takes her role as a shen, one fourth of a whole, very seriously and strives to be both the giver of life and the fighter that rages inside her soul.

Cultural Traits:
They are a military race and consider such a career honorable
They have an artistic side and place a high value on family
They do not fight without a reason and deplore dishonesty
They tend to be deeply emotional and passionate, which is channeled into formalized traditions
They have few sympathies and are not very charitable


Weaknesses: Andorians, in general, tend to be hot-headed and quick to anger. This is due to physiology as much as culture and history, as the Andorian metabolism is much faster and hotter than the Human or Vulcan metabolism.

Personal Information

Where are they from? Why do they do what they do


  • Citizenship: United Federation of Planets
  • Place of Birth: Wethesa City, Andoria: Ice Moon of Gas Giant Andor
  • Religion: Belief in the First Kin
  • Family Clan: Idisha
    Name Relationship Job Location
    Ryhr ch’Ashrilan Chan Father Search and Rescue Wethesa City, Andoria
    Ithihr th’Atolol Than Father Poet The Andorian Academy
    Telia sh’Ovialneth Shan Mother Major in Imperial Guard IGW Ilmarriven
    Zallaa zh’Rharror Zhan Mother Musician The Andorian Academy
    Martial Status single Ebil th’Tiqerh
    Education: Early Education:
    • Primary Education: Attended Primary Education with the rest of her clan taught by Zhavey (oldest zhen).
    • Extra Curricular Activities: Learned to play the flabbjellah and a fascination with flight. Which led Siraa to get an atlirith (also known as an Andorian Eagle.: An aerial hunter known for its graceful flight, powerful dives and pinpoint accuracy) and learn to fly and hunt with it.
    Secondary Education: Chekthora, the prestigious Andorian Military Institute on Andoria
    • Major: Multi-Vessel Engagement Large and Small craft
    • Minor: Aviator Specialization in Air to Ground Support
    • Extra Curricular Activities: Martial Arts, music - flabbjellah
    • Awards: Hrisal
    Star Fleet: Star Fleet Marine Academy
    • Rank at Graduation: Captain
    • Major: Advanced Small Fighter Tactics and Deployment
    • Minor: Advanced Tactical Training & Air Group Command Course
    • Extra Curricular Activities: Martial Arts, music, Historical military cultures
    • Awards: 4th place Marine Martial Arts Tournament, 1st place Fighter Pilot Scramble Competition 3 years
    Languages Graalen (Andorian) Federation Standard, Vulcan, Tellar
    Interests: Hobbies and Interests
  • Colors: Silver and Green
  • Pet: korelath
  • Movies/Holos: Enjoys the skill of performing arts but rarely indulges to watch
  • Books: Biographies and historical pieces, especially epic poetry
  • Favorite Subject:
  • Hobbies: Games of skill and tactics and playing the flabbjellah which is her traditional side arm as well
  • Music: All music is beautiful to Siraa and worthy of being listened to

  • Medical: They have a high metabolism and are susceptible to high temperatures and are affected by drugs and alcohol faster. They have keen hearing and high pain resistance Redundant circulatory system that allows blood to osomatically seep into tissue. Injections must be intramuscular. Skeletal structure is a higher cartilage to bone ratio and requires 2 - 3x longer to heal. The body also has a limited exoskeleton Andorians have a pair of prehensile antennae which emerge either from the front or sides of their upper foreheads. Various brow ridges that accentuate these antennae come in a wide variety, differing slightly due to genetic structure and gender. These Antennae evolved to detect minute changes in atmospheric pressure, as well as heat fluctuations and magnetic field variations. Evolutionarily speaking, this was due to Andorians living in subsurface ice and stone tunnels. Their extra senses were used to detect cave-ins, collapses, and various other changes in their habitat. With some training and a lot of difficulties, the Antennae can even be used as short-range sensors to detect life signs. This makes it quite difficult to sneak up on a properly trained Andorian.
    • 237007.26 - Laceration from atlirith claws on right arm - sutures and dermal treatment
    • 239201.30 - Broken Humerus - Tissue Migrator Treatment
    • 239201.30 - Laceration of Arm and Torso - Dermal Regeneration and infection prevention
    • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
    • Average pulse: 110 bpm
    • Average Respirations: 28 pm
    • Average temperature: 102
    • Blood Type: Cobalt based (Bolian blood can be used as donor in emergency)
    • Vision: 20/20
    • Fitness: 59 on 3-minutes step test: Excellent
    • Handedness: ambidextrous

    Service History:
    Year(s) Location/Event Position Rank CO
    2370 Wethesa City, Andoria / Born
    2386 - 2387 Chekthora Yr 1 General Studies thras'chaaki (“they who seek knowledge of the processes of war”) Lt Senev th’Tythik
    2387 - 2389 Chekthora Yr 2&3 Multi-Vessel Engagement Large and Small craft thras'chaaki Lt. Kyvaov ch’Viathrok
    2389 - 2390 ADS Tel’ath

    Atlira Class Escort

    Chekthora Yr 4

    Tactical and Fighter Pilot Chaken (Ensign [provisional]) Cmdr.Pyvo zh’Chilaq
    2390 - 2392 ADS Gar’Lev

    Atlira Class Escort

    Flight Leader

    Tactical Pilot

    Sub Lt to


    Cpt Avallal Zh'qaanol
    2392 - 2395 SF Marine Academy Advanced Small Fighter Tactics and Deployment Direct Literal Rank to 1st Lt Cmdr Trok Frofrors
    2395 - 2398 USS Belleau Wood Flight Leader Captain Lt Col Krin Lardel
    2398 USS Chimera

    214th Fighter Attack Group, Black Sheep

    Squadron Commander Captain Lt Col Krin Lardel
    Medals and Citations: Presented a Hrisal by General Eross th’Tahlar Andorian Battle Star Heart of S’em-loh Extended Tour Ribbon - 1 Awards Good Conduct Ribbon - 1 Awards S.E.R.E Qualified Rifle Qualification - Marksman Pistol Qualification - Sharpshooter
    Back Story Siraa entered Chekthora a year early at the age of 16. Her understanding of the Andorian philosophy of diplomacy and her martial skills gained her notice and a special dispensation to enter a year early, provided she could pass the entrance exam. Which she did. It was considered a great honor for her keth (clan). There was much pride throughout her keep (clan home) upon success. That meant that at the age of 20 she had already finished her first year aboard a starship of the Imperial Guard. That first year of provisional service was as Siraa expected - dull. Until the third quarter rotation where Siraa was assigned to the fore assault fighter wing. The mission was war games with several members of the Federation. It was supposed to be a tactical training exercise, allowing new cadets from the different military services to work together and against each other. However that ended quickly when a rogue Jem’Hadar destroyer stumbled upon the exercises, and being hungry for battle the ship began to attack their ships, which were set for practice and not actual fire. It was a shocking lesson for all the cadets at the brutal consequences of not being prepared. It took precious time for the ships to become ready, but Siraa’s wing was to fire on actual targets and therefore were sent to harry the destroyer. Most of her wing was disabled or destroyed. One of the Klingon birds of prey was able to make a devastating blow to the aft shield generators. Siraa was the only fighter close enough to make a target run to target the phaser banks. She did and was successful, but the resulting explosion took out her engines leaving her dead in the water until the rest of the battle was over. Returning to Chekthora for her graduation at the Rotunda of Generals, Siraa was approached by General Eross th’Tahlar. Her actions aboard the ADS Tel’ath having gained notice of the general and Cpt Avallal Zh'qaanol. General Eross presented her personally with a Hrisal in honor of her exceptional service and performance on the Tel’ath. Siraa was personally requested to join Avallal on her own escort ship and put her skills and instincts to practical use. Siraa was assigned to the escort ship ADS Gar’Lev. They were tasked with providing escort and for the larger less maneuverable troop carrier ADS Chyr’zis and here Siraa excelled in providing air support for ground troops (A Tishratin-class Fighter), where her skill and accuracy were given plenty of opportunity to show their superiority. During her second year on board, the Chyr’zis was assigned to deploy troops on Binoria. A small isolated world with several religious cloisters from across the quadrant were. They were devoted to peace and understanding. An unknown hostile race took siege of the sanctuary and troops were deployed to free them. The hostiles were apparently aware of Andorian air maneuvers. Siraa’s troop guard wing oversaw the deployment of the ground troops with no problems. When they pulled back to a higher altitude the were ambushed. Siraa and her wing leader eventually were hit and crashed. Her fighter was beyond saving. Climbing out of the wreckage she found her wing leader nearby. Arm broken and a laceration going down the length and across her abdomen she made her way to the other fighter. Her wing leader was dead. She dragged the body loose, climbed in and got the fighter off the ground - barely. Skimming the ground meant she couldn’t use her weapons without hitting her own troops. Insead she circled, undetected, to behind the enemy troops. Using the air disturbance caused by her thrusters she forced the enemy leader to turn to find himself torso to nose with her fighter. Her lower pulse phaser cannons trained on him and the upper on his troops.This became known as the Siege Of Ahiht. After two years and severe injury, Siraa was tasked with returning the fallen home - vials of their blood - to the Wall of Heroes. General Eross was there again to award her with the Andorian Battle Star, along with a Major Krin Lardel. He had been there, deployed with the Federation Marines at Binoria. Lardel had told the general his first hand account of the battle and Siraa’s performance. They were both impressed with her actions during the conflict and the Major had a proposal for her and the General was in agreement. They wanted to send her to Star Fleet Marine Academy to further her studies in tactics and Advanced Small Fighter Tactics and Deployment. Siraa had been severely injured in the conflict and time to study and further her skills was a welcome option to convalescence.

    It was during her transport to Earth that Siraa met Ebil th’Tiqerh. Ebil was a medic on board, and they grew to know each other as Siraa reported for treatments and strengthening of her arm and core. They quickly formed a bright and easy relationship and the relationship turned romantic and stayed that way. While training with the Marines was the first time she was exposed to the human custom of social drinking. Social down time was not something practiced in Andorian society, but understanding that creating a close bond with those you serve with Siraa attempted to acclimate to the custom. She discovered she enjoyed pool and the skill and tactics needed to succeed. What she discovered the next day was that the very fruity juice-like drink she’d been given several of was high in alcohol content. Adorian metabolism meant that the alcohol hit her fast and strongly. One thing led to another and some Red Neck (as her wing mates called him) was attempting to offend her and trying to adhere to the rule of not engaging in physical altercations, Siraa left the bar. The man followed and made the mistake of attempting to touch her antinea. That was when she saw Krin “Hannibal” Lardel, her sponsor, again. She was straddling the man’s chest, knees pinning his hands in place asking him what he’d like her to cut off in retaliation…
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