Jason Reilly

Authored by James Sinclair
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 154 lbs.
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Age: 33

Character Biography

Parents: Dr. Michael Reilly (Father)
Capt. Danielle Reilly (Mother)

Siblings: None

Service Record:

Star Fleet Academy - General Security Training; Enhanced Training - CLASSIFIED; promoted to Lt. (jg)
USS Mount Albany - Security / Tactical Officer; Additional Duties - CLASSIFIED; promoted to Lieutenant
Fleet Logistics and Design Command - Liaison Officer; promoted to Lt. Commander
Star Fleet Special Operations Command

Languages Known (F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Can Read / Write, accent discernible; P2 = Read Write = Limited Speaking; P3 = Read / Write, Non-speaking; L = Passing familiarity, cannot Read / Write):

Federation Standard - F
Bajoran - F
Vulcan - F
tlhlngan Hol (Klingon) - F
Cardassian - PF
Romulan - F
Ferengi - P2
Andorran - F
Betazed - F
Breen - P3
Various Others - L

Physical Description:

Reilly is of average height and build, with brown hair and eyes. This build belies a physical strength not hinted at by his appearance. This is most likely due to his training in Jeet Kune Do and Krav Maga.

Medical History:

No notable injuries.
No known illnesses.
No distinguishing features.

Psychological History:

Jason Reilly is a human being of above average intellect and fore-thought. He is charismatic and charming. But there exists a level below this; that of a manipulator and plotter on a grand scale. He is not averse to using sentient beings to further his goals, nor is he averse to putting their emotional and physical well-being at risk to meet his goals. This tendency is tempered by his desire to perform well; although whether or not that is due altruism or the desire to further his own desires is yet to be determined.

Reilly is self-sacrificing when it comes to service to the Federation, but can be selfish in his interpersonal relationships. He has had few lasting relationships, and the ones he has had have more often than not ended in harsh feelings and colorful language..


Jason Reilly hailed from a long line of both military officers and (unbeknownst to most) covert operatives; beginning in the early part of the twentieth century. Jason’s great- great -many times back Grandfather was Sidney Reilly, a espionage agent for the British during World War II. Intelligence and service to country were cornerstones of the subsequent Reilly generations, with at least one child from every generation serving either directly or in some peripheral capacity to organized intelligence organizations. As the need for off-world intelligence gathering became a reality, the family continued their contributions to serving the interests of humanity by becoming members of Star Fleet and, when it was being formed, Star Fleet Intelligence.

Jason Reilly was born in Annapolis, Maryland. His father was an instructor at Star Fleet specializing in Diplomacy and Extra-Planetary Affairs. His mother was a Star Fleet Officer who served as both a ship’s Captain and in Star Fleet Intelligence. Reilly was raised both planet-side and on ships travelling throughout the Federation. He was exposed to many different cultures, species, and governments; and this exposure gave him at least a passing familiarity with many races. He made many friends, and was encouraged by his mother to maintain contact with them, no matter the distance he traveled. This would serve him, and Star Fleet, well in the years to come. He was also very gifted in the arena of languages, becoming fluent in as many as four before he graduated from high school. He applied to the Academy immediately after he graduated. He was accepted and spent his four years there learning several more languages, as well as receiving training in Diplomacy, Intelligence Operations, and Advanced training in other areas.

Reilly was assigned to the USS Mount Albany as a Security and Tactical officer. He served on board in this capacity for only a few months before being recruited by Star Fleet Intelligence to coordinate various tasks. These were completed with great success, and Reilly was transferred to Star Fleet Intelligence full time, still serving aboard the Albany as an Intelligence asset.

After his time on the Mount Albany, he was transferred to Fleet Logistics and Design Command as a Star Fleet attache to several large ship design and construction firms. He spent three years touring, inspecting, and coordinating communications between Star Fleet Command and the firms. He also kept the Admiralty abreast of the progress of particular projects.

He was assigned to Star Fleet Special Operations Command as an Intelligence Officer. His responsibilities included investigations, intelligence gathering and interpretation, interrogation, and coordination of intelligence resources. He personally participated in multiple operations in hostile territory, and earned several citations and awards for his performance. It was here that his connections from his childhood began to pay full dividends as he manufactured connections throughout the galaxy and began working them into a significant network of informants, suppliers, and contractors.

After a few years, Reilly tired of the constant operations and never knowing where he would be from day to day, and he requested a transfer out of Intelligence. After much push-back over several months, he was finally allowed to move to the Diplomatic Corps. His first assignment was to defuse a pending civil war, which he handled in a cool and collected fashion according to those present. This and several other assignments garnered Reilly a reputation inside the Diplomatic Corps as a calm but firm negotiator; and within ‘certain circles’, a reputation for almost Machiavellian tactics to get his way. Regardless, he earned several commendations in a short period of time; and made a number of influential friends and a few enemies as well.

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