Authored by Charles Stevens
Biographic Information
  • Position: Holographic Interface on USS Leviathan
  • Rank:
  • Species: Holographic user interface
  • Weight: Na
  • Height: Veritable
  • Age: Na
Actions Available

Character Biography

The HUI is an outgrowth and adaption of the EMH and autonomous interactive hologram programs. The HUI was originally imagined as an interface for an advanced autonomous autopilot buy Tellek Bog.
The original application was applied to a modified class 6 shuttle that had been optimized for special operations, including infiltration and intelligence gathering and extraction under fire. To which the unit was skinned as a Butler, modeled after the 20th century Detective Comics Magazine character “Alfred” but as the programming was implemented buy Mr. Bog, a particularly gruff Tellarite Engineer, the personality in action has been compared to that of Sebastian Michaelis, a 21st century Manga character.
The basic OS was inspired buy and adapted from a holo deck AI program originally created buy Zachariah Cobb then CO of the USS Leviathan, the addition of the database application algorithms designed for EMS use allows the HUI to be very dynamic under the unpredictable environment faced buy Starfleet in general and special operations in particular.

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