Juliet Anders

Authored by Melissa Aragon
Biographic Information
  • Species: Human/Betazoid
  • Weight: 195
  • Height: 5' 10"
  • Age: 31

Actions Available

Character Biography

Official Star Fleet records list her as HUMAN ((Her Betazoid side is classified per Spec Ops… her eye color has been surgically changed to hide her black Betazed eyes…Only the CO and Medical will have access to notes of her official heritage, for safety reasons))

Age: 31
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 195 lbs
Hair: Ebony
Eyes: Crystalline blue
Build: trim and lean


Juliet became an orphan during the Dominion wars. Her father, a Betazoid bodyguard for an influential business man, had married a woman from Earth he met when she was there on vacation. When the war struck, her parents were killed. At 11 years old, the Federation found her defending their bodies and took her to Earth since she was too shocked to say if there were any other relatives. Raised in the systems, she always made herself undesirable at the right time to let some other kid get adopted. Even at a young age, she knew she would never have ties. It started in her first group home where she was told she was abandoned and not wanted and no one would ever want her. She took that to heart and carried it her whole life.

As a young adult, she heard of the Academy when recruiters came to her school. She joined the Fleet at 18 and went to school like many others her age. But unlike them, she knew nothing of what she wanted to do. An affinity for security and science topped her list of abilities. But in security, her rage and anger often got the best of her. So the instructors turned her towards science. Xenobiology piqued her interest most of all. The idea of learning of those as alien as she felt became her driving force. She learned with a pace that surprised everyone and while not the ‘top’ of her class, she was within a high enough rank to catch the eye of the Science Chief of the USS Nelson. They were a close duty science ship that worked the Milky Way galaxy checking all possible planets that could be inhabitable for biological life forms. Star Fleet didn’t want to intrude on planets where natural life was growing.

While on the Nelson, she was asked to help fill in with security. With the tempered discipline of the Academy and the firm hand of the CoS, Jewels managed to find her calling in security. Her scientific mind helped her see situations in another way. She quickly rose in the ranks and found herself as assistant shift supervisor by the time her two years were up.

On the Fearless, she picked up Lieutenant fairly quickly after arriving and taking over the shift supervisor position when the current one got ill and was transferred. Her CoS saw in her a potential to be an asset in more ways than mere security. He put in her application to Spec Ops and got her accepted for additional training. After 3 more years back at the Academy and places she can’t talk about, she was an official Spec Ops officer.

Juliet “Jewels” was assigned to the USS Blatent where she was Chief of Security and Team Leader for high stakes ops. Unfortunately, the team started getting swelled heads with their successes. Some started acting out on missions. They took what they wanted, hurt who they wanted, and helped themselves to things no good guy should help themselves to. Word got back and the whole team was put up on charges. Despite there not being specific allegations against Jule, she was a Team Leader and received as badly as they did. She was demoted to Ensign, and reassigned. This time her assignment was the Leviathan. She was coming to them as a security officer with a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She feels slighted at being punished for their wrong doing, despite having known a bit about it, though not all. She plans to get back to where she was, no matter what it takes.

And she’s still an on call operative.

Black hair to the middle of her back frames a face with crystalline eyes and full lips. Her skin, while not overly pale, isn’t artificially tanned, either. She is toned and prefers to run and work out to keep her shape.

Her weakness is chocolate. Because of her strict workout routine, she doesn’t fear the sweet decadence like most women.

She has a phobia of tight spaces and capture. Anything that restricts motion for any long period of time. Shuttles, lifts and things are fine because she knows exactly how long she will be on them. It’s adding the ‘unknown’ that starts the phobia anxiety. Even in her quarters, she doesn’t shut the door between her bedroom and living space.

Her strengths are evasion, hand to hand and grappling. Her firearms qualifications are expert level.


Present… USS Leviathan (Ensign/Security)
2 yrs USS Blatent (Lt/Sec DH/Team Ldr… ops went sideways… demoted to Ensign for punishment, removed from Ops)
3 yrs Spec Ops training (Lt)
2 yrs USS Fearless (Lt JG) (security/Shift Super)
2 yrs USS Nelson (Ensign)(filled in with Security, had knack, cross rate)
4 yrs Academy (xenobiology)

((Below is information that can be obtained with deeper digging into her background. Put together from psych evals, Fleet records, Orphanage reports and such… still in works, more to come))

Juliet’s parents met when her Betazoid father, Jo’nar, was on vacation on Earth. He discovered Olivia at a winery in Italy and they were instantly in love and married soon after. They chose to move to Betazed so he could continue his work in his chosen profession as a body guard. Olivia’s Italian heritage gave Juliet her black hair and her father’s alien DNA donated eyes of equally black color. The rarity made her a beauty many commented on as she grew up.

Juliet grew up close to her Betazed extended family and was being groomed to follow in her father’s footsteps as a diplomatic bodyguard. Her cousin, Casela, was chosen to be her tutor and the two grew up together almost like sisters. And at age 10, when Juliet’s telepathic abilities started to surface, it was Cas who started to teach her with simple lessons of telepathy between them.

At age 11, the Dominion War landed on their doorstep. The Federation discovered Juliet crying over the bodies of her parents with a small energy pistol in her hands shooting anyone who came close, friend and foe alike, in her grief. They had to stun her after she killed two Federation soldiers who had tried to save her.

She woke up on a transport taking her to Earth two days later because no family could be found. They had no idea the extended family had fled to a safe house. Cas never gave up and there is record of her checking with the Federation Relief group daily on the possible addition of her cousin to the bodies or orphans found after the war moved away from their location. It had been so hectic at the time of her removal, Juliet’s name never made the registry of those taken to Earth during the intital occupation of the Federation on Betazed.

Juliet was raised by the Federation till she was finally 18 and able to join the Academy. Her strange hair and eye color combination seemed to be the primary reason for lack of willing parents. Her withdrawn and solitary, introverted nature another tick in the ‘no’ box.

With the Academy recruits coming to the school, she saw an opportunity to leave her past behind her and forge ahead with her own future.

The following are highlights to her life since joining the Academy. (Redacted material can be found with major hacking, or Admiral level clearance, or Spec Ops “Eyes Only” clearance)

Age 18 joined Academy, enrolled in Security Program
Age 19 Academic probation for third violent offense against a student/teacher (Psych records recommend fostering interest towards science where Xenobiology has been her excelling class)
Age 20 Academic Honors in her third year for top marks in Xenobiology and alien customs.
Age 21 Graduates top of her class in marks, but loses top spot because of tainted record (still tends to let her temper rule her reactions and is not promoted to Ensign. Graduates as a Cadet. Psych eval recommends continued sessions in the Fleet to maintain a lock on those emotions and teach her coping skills) (USS Nelson requests her for their planet sweeps for inhabited planets… promoted to Ensign as sign of faith and ability within 90 days of arrival)

While on Nelson, filled in with security when short handed. Extended security training for helping with away missions as well. The CoS saw her security potential and took her under his wing. As an ex Academy instructor he was able to use a firm hand and steer her in he right direction on how to keep her temper in check and turn her energy to more constructive things.

(CoS entry upon change of station “Ensign Arur ((Last name redacted)) is a headstrong woman with an amazing proclivity to security mindedness. With continued training, she could raise to the rank of DH or even instructor. Recommend fewer, but regular psych followups to keep her in check accountability wise. Her ability to maintain her shift supervisor position within Science as well as learn and continue her education with security is a mark in favor towards her potential. Recommend possibly fostering security over science if possible. Seems to fit in better in that environment… Lt Cmdr Jackson, Arthur. CoS, USS Nelson)

The USS Fearless took her on as scientist but when an opening came in in security, she was transferred and after 6 months, her official job rate was changed to Security. It only took 7 months for Lt Patterson to see something special in Juliet. He recommended her for Spec Ops and when that was denied, because of her record, he set about coaxing her in the right direction to fix that. Without her realizing it, he groomed her to be Shift Supervisor and Weapons Qualifier. He also saw to it the CNS, another Betazoid, helped to hone her telepathic skills. After another year, he applied for her admission once more and it was granted. After 2 years on the Fearless Juliet returned to Earth for Spec Ops training. Her Betazoid abilities were in full swing and her training with CNSes on both ships had also trained her abilities to the point she could read minds as well as most telepaths. She was also promoted to Lt JG just before her transfer.

She underwent specific training for Intel and had surgery done to replace her tell tale black eyes with crystalline blue ones so she could pass for human. (Recacted heavily but can be put together enough to figure out if one has at least Level 5 clearance. “Lt JG Anders has agreed to eye color change surgery to make her able to pass as human for special assignment capability. Psych has cleared her for combat, both solo and group. She has been assigned to ((redacted, unable to find out without highest clearance)) for the immediate future. Will return to Fleet assignment rotation with next station aboard the USS Blatent. Commanding Officer and Medical Chief will be aware of Betazoid genetics for safety reasons, but no one else will be informed without Spec Ops explicit permission. Spec Ops has informed her she will remain in ‘therapy sessions’ to maintain her historic cycle as part of her backstory. Councelors will not be informed of anything in this matter.

USS Blatent ((Records at this point will become heavily redacted with anything outside normal shift and ship entries. There are periods of 3 to 15 days where she is called away to assist someplace. Location and details redacted. Assumed it is Spec Ops related)) Promotion to Lieutenant occur sometime in year 2 of assignment after ‘duty above and beyond’ during one of her assists.

At this point, both in official CNS files and in heavily redacted records, one gets the suspicion that the ‘team’ is not doing well. If other names seen in the files are cross referenced, similar disciplinary actions (some more severe) are listed after many off ship assignments and away missions. The general feel is that the Team is doing more than they should, and using undo influence to manipulate situations, people and acquire things they shouldn’t. While Juliet hasn’t directly been participating in illegal acts, as Team Leader, the disciplinary committee often names her in those participating.

Rank is busted to Ensign and she is removed from the Blatent and transferred to the USS Leviathan.

While stationed on the Leviathan, she found her cousin. Discovering she wasn’t alone chipped some of the ice off her veins. She learned of her true past and it did help with some closure.

But her cousin’s departure before she could truly become herself once more, left her rebuilding walls almost as thick as before. Perhaps worse, this time, because she knew who she was, now.

Less than half a year after her arrival on The Levi she was called away on a mission for Ops.

New medical data will show broken and mended right wrist and two cracked and repair ribs. Nothing wrong with the healing. Wounds nearly a month old, now.

Psych eval will be clear with ‘as needed’ medication prescribed for sleeping. “Thoughts tend to prevail when lights go out. Had terrible turning them off so she can sleep… Dr Brigette Kinndover, Star Fleet Medical.”

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