Elliot Finnegan

Authored by Nathan Miller
Biographic Information
  • Position: Engineering Officer on USS Asimov
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Height: 5' 8"
  • Age: 25
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Character Biography

Elliot has known from age 12 that he wanted to be an engineer. He had always loved building things, and was a member of the Young Engineers club in school, but it was the club’s glider competition that year that made him fall in love with it. He figured out hat there were only so many airfoil designs that the teams could use to get the best distance, but the amount of force applied to them is what would truly determine the winner. That was the problem he tackled to win the competition, and his eventual design was a magnetic rail launcher. He converted that design into a rail gun the next year for the science fair, doing a study of the magnetic conductivity of various materials and their usefulness as a rail gun armature, and the effect of various power levels on distance fired. He still has that gun, with no power cell in it, and he hangs it on his wall in any room he stays in as a reminder of what drove him to this career - the desire to build and to create.

He joined the Academy as soon as he could and of course majored in engineering. He almost burned out early on, working himself too hard, before finally finding a getaway in the Academy archery team. He credits this stress relief with helping him to graduate with honors in 2394, after which he was assigned to the USS Piri Reis. In late 2396 he was reassigned.

Physical Appearance
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black

Elliot has a square jaw, one an ex-girlfriend used to describe as a “superhero jawline.” He has a dimple in his right cheek that shows when he smiles.

Father: James
Mother: Maureen
Sister: Rebecca

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