Avery McAllister

Authored by Connor Mayo
Biographic Information
  • Position: Doctor on USS Challenger
  • Rank: Cadet
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 149 Lbs
  • Height: 6'0
  • Age: 21
Actions Available

Character Biography

Name: Avery Archer McAllister

Rank: Cadet

Occupation: Medical Officer

Race: Human-Denevan

Age: 21

Height: 6‘0

Weight: 149 Lbs

Physical Description: Avery is a rather lanky individual, with only a moderate amount of physical definition to him despite countless hours spent in the gym at Starfleet Academy. He has ginger hair which he keeps cut just above his ears, and light green eyes. He has a scar that runs from just above his left eye to the corner of his mouth, and a scar that runs down the length of his left hand. He has sharp, angular features, and high cheekbones.

History: Avery was born on the Deneva colony, the only child of Troy and Rebecca McAllister. His parents were both professional mountain tour guides, and regularly took expeditions of both local Denevans and offworld tourists into the mountains of the world for weeks at a time. This had been the family business for generations by the time Avery was born, and from the moment he could walk, his parents were taking him along on various training and tour trips to the mountains. While he enjoyed the experiences he had during the trips, Avery could not see himself following in his parents footsteps for the rest of his life. Once he had seen something once, he began to grow tired of it. He desired to see new places and experience new things, but there were only so many mountains on Deneva to climb.

During a routine expedition into a rather dangerous mountain range, a group of tourists from offworld broke off from the rest of the expedition group, heading down a trail that had been marked off as highly dangerous. Avery went after them to bring them back to the rest of the group, but the teenagers refused, stating they wanted to take a picture of a distant peak only visible from the trail they were now on. The part of the trail the teenagers were on was highly unstable, and their combined wait in such a small grouping began to break away beneath them. Avery had just enough time to pull them to him before the rocks collapsed, in an attempt to pull them to safety. It failed.

They fell for over fifty meters their protective clothing designed for just such a danger protecting them from the sharp and jagged edges of the mountain. Avery was able to grab on to the others as they fell, getting them to hold on to each other as he pulled out a mountain climbing pick. He slammed it into the side of the mountain, slowing their descent for several seconds before the pick, and his arm, became lodged in a crevice. His arm broke from the sudden change in momentum, but he was able to keep the others and himself from falling any further. There was a cave nearby, and Avery was able to swing the others into it before being dragged in their himself. Despite his injury, Avery was the only one with any training in emergency medicine, a requirement for a mountain tour guide, and so he set to work caring for the others injuries. They would be trapped in the cave for five days, surviving on their food and water rations.

When they were eventually found, it was not by Avery’s parents or even Denevan search parties, but by Starfleet officers from the USS Jubilation. The starship had been orbiting the colony, giving the crew a brief shore leave when they were requested to search for the missing teenagers. One of the officers that found them was a Doctor from the starship, and he set to work on treating the injuries of the group while a shuttle was dispatched. The caves they were in prevented them from simply being beamed out. The medical officer commented that Avery had great work for himself and the others using only one arm, and made an offhanded comment that he would make a great medical officer in Starfleet.

Six months later, after he had fully recovered from the incident, and against his parents best wishes, Avery sent his application to Starfleet Academy.

Medical History:Avery broken his right arm and several ribs during his fall in the mountain, and has lasting scars from the injury. Besides these, Avery has no outstanding medical issues, other than an overly active metabolism.

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