Kendric Tor

Authored by James Sinclair
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Engineer on USS Memorial
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Bolian
  • Weight: 318 lbs.
  • Height: 6'8"
  • Age: 33

Character Biography

Mastidr Tor (Father, Biological), Jalyn Tor (Mother, Biological), Karsid Tor (Co-Father)

Six Sisters and Four Brothers, Tor is third youngest.


Bolian Institute of Applied Sciences - Engineering
Vulcan Science Academy - Advanced Star Ship Engineering and Design
Risian Service Institute - Culinary Arts and Hospitality

Service Record:
Star Fleet Academy - General Training; Section Training – Engineering; Advanced Training - Warp Systems Damage Control
USS Bombay – Cadet Cruise; Engineering Team Cadet; Promoted to Ensign
USS Marasnikov – Engineering Officer
Star Base 10 - Engineering Officer; Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
USS Ticonderoga – Chief Engineering Officer
Pershal’s Colony - Lead Infrastructure Design Engineer
(REDACTED) - (REDACTED); Promoted to Lieutenant


Christopher Pike Medal of Valor
Zee-Magnees Prize
Distinguished Service Ribbon (3 awards)
Good Conduct Medal (3 Awards)

Languages Known (F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Can Read / Write, accent dicernable; P2 = Read Write = Limited Speaking; P3 = Read / Write, Non-speaking; L = Passing familiarity, cannot Read / Write):

Federation Standard - F
Bolian - F
Vulcan - F
Ferengi - PF
Romulan – PF (2 of 3 Dialects)
Risian - F
Orion - P

Physical Description:

Kendric Tor is of moderately above -average height for a Bolian, standing at just under six-and-a-half feet tall. His build is, at first appearance, somewhat overweight; but that is offset by his underlying muscle mass. He has the typical blue-toned skin of his species and the characteristic bifurcating cartilage diving his face and upper chest vertically.

Medical History:

No known medical issues or persistent injuries.

Psychological / Personality History:

Raised in a nurturing and stable environment, Tor is an amiable and likable figure who prefers humor to anger. Highly intellectual, he still is well-grounded and easy-going with both peers and subordinates. His attitude can come off as somewhat apathetic, but this would be a serious misjudgment on the part of the assessor. Tor is extremely diligent and mindful of his duties, and has received numerous commendations for his work within Star Fleet. That diligence, coupled with a desire to both entertain and engage socially, has made him very popular amongst his peers; as has his passion for the culinary arts at which he is quite adept. He is genuinely caring and compassionate, and is often sought out by subordinates for personal advice and informal counseling and support.


Born and raised on Bolarus IX, Tor was the third youngest of ten brothers and sisters. His mother was married to two husbands, a not-uncommon practice amongst his people, and his familial unit has persisted intact to the present day.

As one of the youngest, Kendric was often left with older siblings to watch over him. As a result, Kendric developed a drive to impress and entertain his older siblings whom he cared for immensely. This led him to discover one of the two main passions of his life: cooking. He began preparing full meals fo his family at the age of five, and his parent’s encouraged him to pursue his enjoyment of the endeavor. In fact, for much of his youth, Kendric was certain he would become a chef and own his own restaurant one day. This belief was only surpassed when he discovered not only his enjoyment, but also his natural aptitude, for machinery and engineering systems. Cultivating that along with his enjoyment of cuisine, Kendric’s parents garnered him a spot in an early-admission program for the Bolian Institute of Applied Sciences, where he studied both Engineering and Chemistry. Graduating with honors, Kendric was torn for several months between his desire to be an Engineer and his desire to be a chef. Finally deciding on the former, he applied to Star Fleet Academy. His family was overjoyed when he was admitted, and they all traveled to Earth with him to see him enter the prestigious institution.

Saying goodbye to his family, Kendric immersed himself in the first two years of Cadet training. He was very popular amongst his peers, as he was already used to scholastic environments he did quite well managing the work load. Accepted to the Engineering Program, Kendric again applied himself to the work and became a mentor and tutor. After graduation, attended by his entire family of course, he was assigned to the USS Bombay for his Cadet cruise. Receiving high marks from his Department Head, he was promoted to Ensign and transferred to the USS Marasnikov as a full Engineering officer.

His time on the Marasnikov was most uneventful, but he left that command with a glowing recommendation from both his Department Head and Commanding and Executive Officers. Transferred to Star Base 10 he was assigned as Engineering Officer but was, in reality, the lead Engineer for the Admiral’s runabout. Not only ensuring that the vessel was always ready, he also served as personal chef for the Admiral’s personal events and parties. Tor performed well in both capacities, but his skill as a Star Fleet Engineer came to the fore during a trip to a conference in which the Admiral was a key-note speaker. The runabout was attacked by unknown assailants, and was critically damaged and in danger of destruction. Tor ordered all personnel into the emergency life pods but instead of jettisoning them, simply shut down all non-essential systems and life support and rerouted all power directly to the warp drive allowing for an instantaneous jump to Warp 3 and away from the conflict. He was able to drop the ship out of warp before passing out, but was revived by the Admiral’s aid, who had been attending to the wounded Fleet officer. For his actions, Tor was promoted to directly to Lieutenant Junior Grade and assigned as the Chief Engineer of the Dreadnought USS Ticonderoga. He was also awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor.

Tor excelled on the Ticonderoga, although his stay was brief. After only ten months, he was again transferred to Pershal’s Colony, a remote terraforming and colonial effort on the very edge of Federation Space. Tor was responsible for directing all engineering efforts on the planet, and the task was daunting. But in spite of the logistical, material, and geographical challenges; Tor was credited with the successful implementation of the colonial efforts and the cutting-edge approach to environmental impact mitigation. After two years on the colony world, Star Fleet transferred him back to the Academy for a short stint as an instructor and then he was transferred to <REDACTED>.

(REDACTED); promoted to Lieutenant and transferred to the USS Essex as Chief Engineer.

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