Bethany Kovra Gadi

Authored by Jennifer Ward
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief of Security on USS Asimov
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: 1/2 Betazoid, 1/4 Human, 1/4 El-Aurian
  • Weight: 140
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Age: 29
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Character Biography

Bethany Kovra Gadi

Position: Chief of Security
Serial Number: NC-784-89392
Status: Active
Nickname: Bethy
Born: 2367


Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Black
Species: ½ Betazoid, ¼ Human, ¼ El-Aurian
Sex: female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140lb
Identifying marks/features: All black eyes of her Betazoid heritage

Bethany is average in height with strawberry blonde hair. She often wears it in a single braid wrapped around her head. She has the all black eyes of her father’s Betazoid heritage and gets her hair from her human mother. Bethany is of average height and toned.


Bethany, despite being half Betazoid, has no empathy or telepathy. She is a natural observer and it has served her well during her tour of service. She appears to make quick decisions about trust or distrust, but she relies on her observations of others’ body language and personal interactions. Bethany is an expert in using these observations to appear to be empathic. A skill that has saved her life often in her work for Intel.



Personality Profile Type:

Personal Information

Bethany knew early on she wanted to join Star Fleet and work in Intelligence. She grew up on the stories of the resistance and the Star Fleet officers who helped save her birth planet. She was eager to take her place among those that were heroes. She learned very quickly when she entered that tract at the academy that her work did not fall under the spectacular stories she thought there would be. She’s adept at gathering Intel by listening and blending with a crowd. Bethany has an unusual genius with computers and began her career as an analyst. Her intel mentor and instructors quickly steered her toward electronic information gathering and information systems security and hacking. Bethany is extremely adept at creating havoc on computer systems and not getting caught. She also dual majored in psychology. When asked what she does: “I mess with people’s stuff.When I can’t screw up their stuff, I mess with their minds.”

- Citizenship: United Federation of Planets
- Place of Birth: Betazed
- Religion: Atheist


Name Relationship Species Age
Edah Gadi Father Betazoid 60
Mairin [Horan] Gadi Mother 1/2 Human/1/2 El-Aurian Deceased
Lachlan Horan Uncle 1/2 Human/1/2 El-Aurian 75
Kian Horan Uncle 1/2 Human/1/2 El-Aurian 63
Cayden Horan Uncle 1/2 Human/1/2 El-Aurian 61
Garrett Horan M Grandfather Human [El-Aurian] Deceased
Béthanie [Laurent] Horan M Grandmother Human Deceased

Martial Status


Early Schooling: Bethany had only just entered her first year of the community school on Betazed when the Dominion attacked. Some learning was accomplished while in hiding, but education of a normal sort was not the priority. Survival skills were necessary and she picked them up quickly.

When her family moved to Earth, Bethany was enrolled in Valle Crucis Elementary. Because of the war and then relocating to Earth, Bethany was behind her classmates. This however seemed to be a challenge that she enjoyed and by the end of the school year, Bethany was in the top of her class. She graduated from Watauga highschool in the top 5 percent.
- Primary Education:
- Extra Curricular Activities:
- Awards:

Star Fleet Academy: Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, California, Terra

  • Rank at Graduation: Ensign
  • Major: Security Operations with a focus on Intelligence Work
  • Minor:
  • Extra Curricular Activities:
  • Awards:
  • Extras: With a focus on intelligence work with electronic information gathering. She trained in information gathering, debriefing, electronic warfare, ‘ethical’ hacking, and analysis. Bethany is trained to undertake difficult and covert missions, but her skills are required for a variety of tasks. Her intel training has prepared her to take on a variety of personas and positions as necessary.

Continued Education: At the urging of her mentor, retired Admiral T’Jal Smith, Bethany earned her Bachelor’s degree in psychology. Bethany was always good at deducing what people were thinking and what they might do. This additional training has given her a stronger foundation and skill set to be able to evaluate and counter the behaviors of targets in unique ways. After earning this degree Bethany was put to work debriefing officers and agents to gather and analyze details that were missed in the moment. She did this successfully in between her own assignments.

Betzed, Federation Standard, English, Vulcan (all dialects), Romulan,

- Colors:
- Pet: Rabbits
- Movies/Holos: Old Earth Classics - silents, black and white
- Books:
- Favorite Subject: Computer Hacking, Interpersonal behaviors and Sociology
- Hobbies: Dancing, meditation,
- Music:


  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • 2374 - Slight Malnutrition and various minor physical injuries - Regenerator treatment - and vitamin supplements
  • 2379 - Taken to Doctor because telepathy failed to activate - determined that due to her mixed heritage the paracortex was dormant and no psilosynine would be produced
  • 2381 -
  • 2395 - Poisoned with Ineixol - Treated with antidote: Butanovate Rosigel
  • 2398 - Presented with rapid heart and respiration rates, inability to sleep, fever, elevated white count - diagnosed with previously unknown autoimmune disorder. Body began to produce psilosynine, but the paracortex was not using it and it slipped into her blood stream and caused her body to begin attacking itself - cause unknown - treated with a cocktail of medications to control symptoms
  • 2399 - Internal Injuries caused by minor fall but exacerbated by autoimmune disorder - surgery and blood transfusion

  • Blood Type: Unknown

  • Vision: 20/20
  • Fitness: toned and lean
  • Handedness: ambidextrous

Service History:

Year Location Position Rank CO
2367 Betazed/Born data data data
2367 - 2374 Betazed/Dominion Occupation data data data
2374 - 2385 Valle Crusix, Earth data data data
2346 Mother Dies data data data
2385 - 2389 SF Academy Security Track Cadet I - IV data
2389 - 2392 Classified Intel Ensign Classified
2392 - 2396 Classified, Fenris Rangers, Elias Balthazar Inetl Lt j.g. Classified
2396 - 2397 Classified Electronic WSP Lt. Classified
2397 - Present USS Asimov COS Lt. Cmdr. Cpt. Sara Kiernan

Awards and Citations:
TriStar Cluster


Bethany was raised in a loving home with her mother and father, on the shores of Lake El’nar, on Betazed. She had cousins and grandparents and a whole community of families they were close with. She loved the burble of small waves on the shore, the smell of wood smoke, her mother’s voice, and her father’s rich laughter. She always squealed with delight when his strong arms lifted her from the water. Even now she can remember the roughness of the towel as her mother dried her off and the smell of her perfume. They walked through the woods behind their home to get here. The shore was covered in soft warm sand where they went. There was a tall outcrop that her mother would dive off from and always scared her dad because she didn’t surface where he thought she would. Her mother was an excellent swimmer, and would always swim a ways out instead of coming straight up. There is a sudden drop off several feet out from the shore where Bethany fell and went under once. She scared herself and swallowed a bunch of water, coughed a lot. Her dad was right there and picked me up out of the water. He told her to hold my breath the next time. Then he showed her how and taught Bethany how to float and tread water. She had adored her father. He had been the hero of all her childhood stories.

Then the Dominion arrived.

For a few weeks they were able to stay at home. Children stopped going to school. It was like a holiday at first. Bethany’s family lived away from the major cities, so the Dominion didn’t reach them at first. Then they started rounding up adults. They didn’t want anyone but full blooded Betazoids, and when they found out children didn’t have telepathy they didn’t want them either.

“Bethany, wake-up. Come on baby.”

“Daddy?” Bethany rubbed her eyes sleepily. “I’m tired, I don’t want to get up.”

Her father lifted her from the bed, resting her head in his shoulder, her little legs and arms wrapped around him as she slept.

“Edah, no. Come with us. Edah!”

“Take her,” he lifted a pack onto her mother’s shoulders and then unwound her arms from around his neck and placed her in her mother’s arms. “Mairin go. Hurry. I’ll be behind you. Take the boat. Stay in the shadow of the trees until you get to the forest.”

“We’ll wait at the boat for you. We won’t leave you.”

He hugged them both and pushed her mother out the back door. Bethany looked over her mother’s shoulders to see the fear and panic that gripped her father and it scared her. “DADDY!” He ran out the door as she reached fitfully for the man who always meant safety. “Hush, Bethany. Go with your mother. You’ll be safe. I’ll join you as soon as I can. Be good Princess.” He kissed Mairin wildly and then Bethany’s forehead. “Do not wait. They want us, the adults. They have no interest in non-Betazoids or the children. Go. I will find you. I promise. Go now.” He pushed them down the path. The last thing Bethany saw as they turned the path was 8 giant Jem’hadar soldiers blow the door down and her father’s body hit the glass of the back door and slide to the floor in a heap. She cried out, but her mother shushed her and ran for the lake…

They had a boat. Just a small one. Her mother and Bethany took it and made their way around the lake. It took a few days because her mother didn’t want to be seen on the open water. After making it to the forest, they eventually met with a few other families that had escaped. Edah didn’t join them for almost 2 weeks. Bethany never knew how he got away. As a child she didn’t care. She’d just wanted her daddy to come back.

Bethany’s mother became very sick during the occupation and spent 3 long month in the hospital afterwards. She begged her father to take them to Earth. She was afraid to stay so close to the Federation border with the war still going on. Edah gave in and took Mairin and Bethany back to Earth. They moved in with Mairin’s brothers for a while and then lived in a house on the opposite side of the large amount of land her uncles owned. Life was wonderful for almost two years. Then Mairin had a relapse, but this time none of the treatments worked and Mairin died a few months later.

Life changed dramatically when her mother died. Her father became distant, moody, and neglectful. Her uncles stepped in to care for Bethany, trying to give Edah time to grieve. After a year Edah decided he had had enough of them raising his daughter and limited the amount of time Bethany was allowed to see them. Her father continued to remain distant and uncaring. When she turned 11 her father began talking about returning to Betazed since her telepathy would be manifesting soon and she would need to be trained. Bethany didn’t want to leave, but she was excited to share that bond with her father and to go home. Her twelfth birthday came and went with no telepathy. Her father took her to several doctors who had no answer. Finally they were told that Bethany’s combined DNA simply meshed in a way that meant she would never have telepathy.

Bethany was heartbroken. When they returned home, Bethany begged her father to take her to Betazed now. That the doctors there could help her. He sent her to her room and didn’t speak to her for a week. He became dark and angry constantly, ordering her to her room or out of the house. Any mistake was met with screaming and things being thrown. Then suddenly one night he sat her down and explained that he knew the doctors were wrong and since they wouldn’t help them, they were going to work on her training themselves. Bethany was ecstatic and did everything her father asked, but to no avail. His anger seemed to have no limits when she failed. Again she begged him to take her to Betazed for help. That was the first time he hit her. Bethany never told anyone, afraid of what they would do to her father. He was all she had left after all.

Bethany wasn’t allowed to talk. Her father insisted she had to use her telepathy. She had to know what he was thinking. Bethany got really good at guessing and anticipating. One night she guessed wrong. Her father flew into a rage, and the more Bethany begged him to stop, the more violent he became, eventually attacking Bethany with the knife he had been using to chop vegetables. He sliced her right arm all the way to the bone. In a sudden rush to survive, Bethany managed to run away, but didn’t know where to go. She hid near the house in the woods. Waiting for her father to calm down.

Cayden, Lachlan, and Kian arrived at their home, one of their surprise visits. When asked where Bethany was, Edah lied. He claimed he didn’t know. That Bethany hadn’t been home for two days. In reality it had been less than an hour. Her uncles were immediately concerned and demanded that Edah call the police and report her missing. Edah refused saying if Bethany was reckless enough to run off it would do her good to be scared for a while. Then they told him to use his telepathy to sense her, to find her. Edah said he couldn’t. Bethany had no presence, no substance. Edah was well aware that his daughter was nearby and she was afraid of him. His words were meant to be cruel. He continued on that one of the rabbits Bethany was so fond of would be a better daughter. It wasn’t malformed and damaged like her. That a hologram had more substance.

Bethany didn’t wait to see what happened next. She ran off into the woods having already lost a good deal of blood, cold and in pain. To say that her uncles were furious with Edah would not begin to describe their fury. It was Lachlan though that noticed the blood by the back door and tracked her to her hiding spot and then through the woods.

Cayden and Kian took her to the hospital. Lachlan arrived later with the police. Bethany thought Kian was going to punch one of the officers because they wouldn’t let her uncles in while they talked to Bethany. Bethany never went back to their house. Lachlan and Kian went and got everything and Cayden stayed with her. The judge gave the three of them full custody of Bethany, and when they were finally allowed to go home, Cayden, Lachlan, and Kian had a very long lecture with Bethany about not allowing anyone, no matter who, hurt her. They made her enroll in martial arts classes after that.

Bethany left for Star Fleet Academy, having never heard from her father again. Kian told her that he went frequently to check on her father, but before she graduated he’d found the small house empty and no trace of him. Bethany entered Star Fleet and excelled. She visited her uncles every chance she got. They had convinced her that her father’s point of view was not the norm. She learned at the Academy that they were not correct. Other Betazoids expected her to be able to communicate telepathically with them. When she couldn’t she was treated mostly as a thing of pity and some repulsiveness. Others always wanted to know if she was invading their privacy. When she explained, sometimes people relaxed and others didn’t believe her. It was a hard adjustment. Bethany decided then she would never return to the planet of her birth.

During her time at the Academy, Rear Admiral T’Jal Smith took notice of Bethany and her skills. She was encouraged to develop them and then recruited to an elite group of intel officers under the direct orders of the Admiral. Bethany’s assignments took her all over the quadrants working undercover to data analysis and all forms of computer work. Eventually she was sent out to the old Romulan neutral zone. She was assigned to work with the Fenris Rangers to help stabilize the area. Eventually she even joined their group officially. She remains a member even though her duties have taken her elsewhere.

Her skills and intellect were assigned to a special task force of Federation, Cardassian, and Klingon members. They were assigned to track and apprehend one Elias Balthazar. His criminal record is far too long to list. He was a monster and incredibly dangerous. Bethany had an uncanny gut instinct to be able to predict what and where he would be next. He was always one step ahead though no matter what they did. Bethany tracked him for 10 years. She even caught him once, but by chance Elias was not the guilty party for the crime for which she had arrested him and she was forced to let him go. Balthazar sent her the eyes of the guilty party a week later. He stole personal items from her frequently and all but the first he returned to her. By singing telegrams, by her real name. No matter how deep her cover was. He also sent her creepy love letters. During an unrelated assignment, Bethany was poisoned with Ineixol. Her team was locked down and unable to get treatment for her. In the middle of the night, none other than Elias Balthazar appeared in her sick room and treated her with the antidote Butanovate Rosigel. He had single handedly taken out her whole team, but only sedated this time. Before leaving he told her they weren’t done playing yet and she wasn’t allowed to die. Elias Balthazar became Bethany’s white whale. At the end of the assignment, she was in the process of cuffing him when Balthazar’s head was blown off his shoulders right in front of her. Bethany sat through the entire autopsy and disposal of the remains to ensure he was truly gone.

After her assignment to track and apprehend Elias Balthazar she was taken out of active Intel work. She was pronounced to be suffering from mental and emotional trauma from her encounters and from a ‘justified’ severe paranoia. She was bounced around to different assignments. She even did a stint on her mentor’s old ship, the Dresden, as the ship’s counselor. She was trained and very good, but it was a difficult assignment. The captain didn’t trust her at all and Bethany felt that XO resented her for taking over his position. The one friend she managed to make was xenophobic and could never get over her mixed heritage. On top of the paranoia she was left with after her last assignment she felt very isolated. She adopted a pet rabbit for companionship. Luna was a joy to have and reminded her of much happier times. Bethany wasn’t supposed to return to active Intel duty, but when the Dresden was decommissioned she was assigned to the Asimov as it’s chief of security. It was a small ship and had no room for pets. Luna had to be sent away. The Asimov was sent on a very dangerous Intel mission. With the help of none other than the not dead Elias Balthazar.

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