Draddok Ahearn

Authored by James Sinclair
Biographic Information
  • Species: Orion
  • Weight: 283 lbs.
  • Height: 6'6"
  • Age: 29

Character Biography

Parents: Dr. Michael Ahearn (Father)
Dr. Mary Celeste Ahearn (Mother)

Siblings: None

Service Record:

Star Fleet Academy - General Training; Enhanced Training - Science
USS Mount Rainier - Science Section; Additional Duties - CLASSIFIED; promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
Fleet Weapons Development Program - Staff Scientific Adviser; Additional Duties: Classified
CLASSIFIED - Demoted to Ensign, confined to REDACTED Prison - 2 years; Court Martial - Charged with Kidnapping, False Imprisonment, Ethics Violations, Unauthorized Use of Star Fleet Equipment, Forgery, Murder; Found Not Guilty of all Charges
Star Base 1 - Science Section; Data Compilation
Current Assignment - USS Wolverine; Chief Science Officer

Languages Known (F = Fluent, no accent; PF = Fluent, accent noticeable to native speaker; P = Can Read / Write, accent dicernable; P2 = Read Write = Limited Speaking; P3 = Read / Write, Non-speaking; L = Passing familiarity, cannot Read / Write):

Federation Standard - F
Bajoran - F
Vulcan - F
tlhlngan Hol (Klingon) - F
Cardassian - PF
Romulan - F
Ferengi - P2
Orion - F
Betazed - P
Breen - P3
Various Others - L

Physical Description:

Ahearn is of average height and build for a male of his species, no hair and green eyes.

Medical History:

No notable injuries.
No known illnesses.
No distinguishing features.

Psychological History:

Draddok Ahearn is an Orion of above average intellect and fore-thought. He is charismatic and charming when it suits him, but he tends to prefer isolation and working alone. He is not averse to using sentient beings to further his goals, nor is he averse to putting their emotional and physical well-being at risk to meet his goals. His demeanor can change rapidly, leading to conflict and confusion in those who work with him.

Despite all of these traits, Ahearn is devoted to his adopted family and to the Federation. His spotty record while in Star Fleet does not bother him, as he believes that his actions have always been for the greater good.


Draddok was born on Orion and sold as an infant. During a sociological survey, Dr. Michael Ahearn (a sociologist and psychologist with an Earth University) found the child abandoned in an alley malnourished and sick with a respiratory infection. He took the babe to the authorities who did not even file a report, as such things were far too common in Orion society. At a loss, Ahearn asked if he could take the child with the intention of turning him over to more caring environment. After paying an “administrative fee”, the Doctor was given parental custodianship of the child. He left Orion and returned to Earth. During the trip, the medical staff treated the child and Dr. Ahearn spent time with him. It was then he realized that the child was much farther along in mental acuity than an infant at his apparent age should be. He did a few tests and was startled by the child’s ability to learn and retain information. He brought the child to his home in Ireland and he and his wife (a professor of mathematics) ran the child through a battery of tests. He scored exceptionally well in all areas. Both of them felt that turning him over to an orphanage would only serve to stunt his growth, so they decided to raise him themselves.

Draddok was raised in a very stimulating environment, and his mental faculties grew as did his body. He was first in his class in math and science, and finished his pre-collegiate education at the head of his class. His home life was one happiness and support, and his adoptive parents ensured that he was cared for and loved. When he had graduated from high school, Draddok was given the opportunity of attending the University where he parents were faculty members. Draddok instead chose Star Fleet. He had a keen interest in space and the opportunities that it presented. He bid a tearful farewell to his family and left for the Academy.

Draddok was well received at the Academy and he did well in his first two years, finishing in the top three. He then went to the Science Division. It was here that his intellect truly began to bloom, and he rapidly progressed through the course work. He even volunteered to assist in experiments that were not part of his course-work. He developed a reputation as a keen scientific mind; especially when it came to particle physics and the manipulation of energy. By the time graduation approached, his name was already attached to several important findings that filtered through Star Fleet. These ‘attachments’ ensured him a posting in the fleet that would allow him to continue the work he had assisted in. The Mount Rainier was a Science Vessel ostensibly assigned to scout and catalog sub-space anomalies; but in reality was a secure laboratory for the Fleet Weapons Development Program. Ahearn was a key figure in the development of new phaser arrays with increased range and decreased power draw. He was promoted and given a transfer to the Weapons Program Headquarters.

This was to be the down turn point of his career. During his tenure, he came into conflict with the Chief Science Officer. Theirs was not a conflict of personality of scientific difference. Ahearn insisted (and still does) that the CSO had been compromised by an unknown life form. This belief led Ahearn to sabotage a high-energy phasic modulator in one of the CSO’s experiments. When the experiment was powered up, a localized sub-space anomaly was created and drew the CSO into it, trapping him. Ahearn then transported the entrapped figure to the brig and spent several hours trying to “interrogate” him until Security was able to breach the doors, which Ahearn had locked and sealed. Before Security could stop him, Ahearn collapsed the field that the CSO was held in, destroying him at an atomic level. It was in that instant that something erupted from the officer, but was also destroyed by the collapsing field.

Ahearn was charged and spent 6 months in confinement while the court martial proceedings went on. Many wanted to see him in a penal colony, and others sought a more ‘definitive’ end to the once promising scientist. It wasn’t clear which side would persevere in their desires until the Security testified. They had seen something, but could not tell what it was. Security footage was disrupted by the fields collapse, so there was no tangible evidence to prove what had happened. The court martial was almost over when an Admiral arrived and closed the proceedings to all but the judges, defense attorney, prosecutor, and the defendant. When the court room had cleared, the Admiral simply said “He did the right thing. He will be found innocent. There will be no discussion. My authorization.” and he handed a PaDD to the presiding judge. When she read it, her eyes opened wide and she began to stammer. The Admiral only said “I take it you find that acceptable. Good. We are done here.” He turned to Draddok and said “Your orders, Lieutenant Junior Grade.” and gave him a PaDD instructing him to report to the USS Wolverine as the Chief Science Officer. “I’ll be in touch.” and he walked away.

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