Authored by William Deaton
Biographic Information
  • Position: Ship's Work Crew on USS Constellation
  • Rank: Chief Petty Officer
  • Species: Never heard of 'em
  • Weight: Big enough
  • Height: Unnecessary
  • Age: Who's asking?
Actions Available

Character Biography

“Who’s us? We’s the Horde of Tonys. Yeah, we got Fat Tony, Little Tony, Slick Tony, Big Tony, Tony the Sneak, Skinny Tony, Fast Tony, Clean Tony, Slow Tony, Tony the Brain, Blue Tony, and Bossman Tony. Who ya lookin’ for, and whaddya want, eh?” - Bossman Tony

The horde of Tony’s present themselves quite uniformly; despite the various species and genders that make up the group. All of them have slicked and styled black, greasy hair – either natural, or a wig if their species cannot grow hair. They all typically smoke heavily, and wear tracksuits or similar casual clothing. They are all very close with each other, being universally supportive and protective; even if gruff or aggressive. Blue Tony might slap Tony the Brain upside the head and call him an idiot, but that is simply how they express care for each other – in the next moment, Blue Tony will help Tony the Brain.
In dealing with others outside of their group, their behavior is generally unchanged; they understand and respect societal norms, but they generally default to their rough and tumble nature. They are quite capable of ‘dressing up’ and presenting themselves with class, but they need to be sufficiently motivated to do so.

There is no precise count of Tony’s; their number seems to fluctuate from day to day, and it is seemingly impossible to get them all in the same place. Their adversarial nature and rejection of authority (outside of the bounds of the Horde) only makes such a task even more difficult. Thankfully, they collectively have little ambition beyond living life comfortably, and become quite combative with each other in large groups.

The “horde of Tony’s” originate from a haunted tracksuit stashed away in the bowels of the Leviathan – it subtly influences the minds of select sentient beings [according to an unknown selection process and method], gradually tweaking their personality and minds until they become part of the horde. Over time, some loose threads of the tracksuit have found their way onto other ships, slowly reforming and starting the process in new places…

[Credit to Jennifer Ward and Brian Richards for inspiring the Horde during a particularly silly game]

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