Venthi Crass

Authored by Kayte Moore
Biographic Information
  • Position: Engineer on USS Chimera
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Height: 5'
  • Age: 21
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Character Biography

Gender: Male

Complexion: Fair

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Dark Brown - straight, layered, shoulder length; often hiding his right eye.

Distinguishing Features: Pointed ears.

Family: Deceased - Died when he was only 13 years old.

Language: English

Service Record: Recently graduated from the academy and the USS Chimera was his first assignment.


A stereotypical Vulcan youth until the death of his parents. He was adopted by humans and admitted to the academy where he excelled at engineering and chose to follow that path. Graduating as an engineer, he made his human parents proud. He often keeps his emotions in check and tries to keep to himself, but if someone is persistent enough they will find him to be a very kind young man. He is hard working and never quits. To him, the job has to get done.

Medical: He’s a Vulcan.


He’s considered emotionally stable and can handle a great amount of stress, especially if it has to do with an engine. Most of his emotions are reserved for specific situations and he sometimes does not get jokes, but he is a kind young man with his heart in the right place.

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