Leslie Dean (Xorem)

Authored by Russell Watt
Biographic Information
  • Position: Anomalous Individual on USS Leviathan
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Humanoid Anomaly
  • Weight: changing
  • Height: changing
  • Age: changing
Actions Available

Character Biography

Pronoun: They/Them

Born Leslie Dean on a colonial world, Leslie grew up the daughter of a pair of Starfleet officers who were posted to the planet.

On a camping trip, Leslie explored a cavern when she disappeared from the timestream. Unable to find their daughter, her parents broke up and went their separate ways. It was years later when Leslie reappeared and wanted her parents. It was soon discovered that despite the time that had passed, that very little time had passed where Leslie was as she appears to be just a few days older than when she disappeared.

Then her age increased suddenly and she was an elderly woman, then a young boy, then a middle aged man, than a woman in her 20’s then finally the age she was firstly found on the colony world.

The ARU was called in as this was something strange, and it was confirmed, Leslie Dean (now being called Xorim) was an anomolous humanoid. Whether this was from birth or as a result of her disappearance whilst on the camping trip was unknown and a request was sent to her parents to provide answers. The Leviathon was sent to collect the frightened young? old? male? female? Did such standards even apply in the case of Xorim or had they passed such characteristics.

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