Roman Alden

Authored by Nicole Cline
Biographic Information
  • Position: First Officer & Chief Science Officer on USS Sentinel
  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Height: 6'0''
  • Age: 28
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Character Biography

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Name: Roman Alden
Rank: Commander
Current Posting: USS Sentinel First Officer and Chief Science Officer

Species: Human
Gender: Male
DoB: 5 January 2222
Age: 28
Place of birth: Salisbury, England
Religion: Athiestic
Citizenship: Federation
Languages spoken: English, French, Spanish, German
Languages Studied: Welsh, Gaelic, Vulcan, Andorian

FAMILY INFORMATION (years based on 2263)
Father: Franklin Alden b. 2193
Mother: Eleanor Alden b. 2195 (Aster)
- Lily Aster (Smith) b. 2170
- Edward Aster b. 2172
- Sarah Alden (Jones) b. 2171
- Christian Alden b. 2172
- David Alden b. 2214
- Marina Redding (Alden) b. 2217
- Lucy Byron (Alden) b. 2223
David - Abigail Alden (Sorrell)
- Jason Alden b. 2235
- Christian Alden Jr. b. 2244
Marina - Joey (Joseph) Redding
- Allison Redding b. 2239
- Heather Redding b. 2243 (d. 2244)
Lucy - Devon Byron
- Lily Byron b. 2247
- Logan Byron b. 2240
- Laura Byron b. 2245
- Levi Byron b. 2248
- Laken Byron b. 2250
Spouses: None
Children: None

Height: 6‘0’‘
Weight: 190lbs
Eye colour: Blue
Hair colour: Chestnut Brown
Blood type: A+
Vision: 20/20
Identifying marks/features: A small asymmetrical burn on his chest near his right shoulder.
Short physical description: Roman is lankier than his brother, but still sports a muscular build with a square jaw and strong features.

A.Promotion and assignment History:
2238, September: Starfleet joined.
2241, May: Final year of academy aboard academy vessel USS Jamestown.
2242, May: Academy graduated into science. Specialty: Biology and Life Sciences. Assigned to USS Ardent.
2244, June: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and replaced Jennifer Moreau as USS Ardent’s Chief Science Officer.
2247, December: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned CSO of USS Victoria.
2250, February: Assigned USS Sentinel
B. Service History:
2242-2244: USS Ardent, Ensign. Biologist.
2244-2247: USS Ardent, Lt JG. Chief Science Officer.
2247-2250: USS Victoria, Lt. Chief Science Officer.
2250-Current: USS Sentinel

A. Academic Institutions Attended:
– The King’s School Canterbury: 2233 - 2236. Concurrent credits taken for biology.
- Starfleet Academy: Biology degree completed, graduated top of his class.
B. Service Schools Attended:
– School of Science: studied and received Doctorate in biology
C. Qualifications:
- Primary, Secondary school completed.
- PhD in Biology.
D. Extracurricular activities:
- Fencing
- Martial Arts: Jiu Jitsu.
- Music: Violin
- Debate
- Research
A. Background Summary:
The Alden family is an ancient line of English nobility, traced back to the Eleventh Earth century, in which the Aldens were Dukes of the land. The family has remained prideful of their highborn origins and remain mostly traditional. The family resides in Salisbury, England, in a rather large, traditionally built home.

Roman was raised by wait staff and nannies, alongside his siblings. David, his oldest brother, was to be heir of the family, and this was made most clear. He was expected to act as old-style nobility did, with honourable, worthwhile pursuits. Expected to always look his best and keep complaints to himself, he was taught young how one must carry themselves. At four years old, Roman began learning the violin.

He was sent away to one of the best and oldest boarding schools in the country, where he began taking foreign language courses in the first grade. He was made to choose extracurriculars, and so he started with Jiu Jitsu when he was 7. It was at this school that Roman met his best friend, Jay Caliano, whose father was a Starfleet captain and had been a security officer before that. He became fascinated with starships and he and Jay played pretend Officers or Officer Vs Alien. They made a pact that when they were older, Roman would be captain and Jay his first officer.

When Roman told his parents, however, they were less than pleased. While David would follow in their footsteps, the Alden family thought Starfleet was frivolous and pointless. A waste of talent. They told him that becoming a Starfleet officer was beneath him, that he should do something more useful.

He moved on to secondary school, where he continued Jiu Jitsu and picked up fencing. He and Jay, still attending school together, became keenly interested in science. Jay and Roman studied biology, zoology, and biological anthropology together, though Roman also took hard science classes like chemistry and physics.

At home, Roman was always the younger brother, and all family importance was placed on David, the oldest child in the family. While both boys were accomplished and successful in school, David was always “better” at everything in the eyes of their parents. The girls, Roman’s sisters were graceful and perfect, having done dance and choir, learned instruments, and of course, excelled in school. As Roman grew older, his rivalry with his brother only grew worse.

The family was supportive of his scientific pursuit but when they discovered Roman planned to go to Starfleet academy, they told him to pick something else. There was a huge fight over the topic, in which it was also discovered that Roman had no plans to start a family. He had his eyes on a career, and he didn’t want to leave kids behind on Earth when he would never be home. At 15, Roman was disowned by the Alden family, excommunicated by his parents and siblings. He moved in with Jay and Jay’s family for the remainder of school.

Upon turning 16, Roman and Jay applied to Starfleet academy and both were accepted. Studying the same majors, they spent the majority of Academy in the same classes, even getting the same Academy ship posting on the USS Jamestown. When they graduated the Academy, Roman and Jay parted ways, Roman assigned to the USS Ardent and Jay to the USS Jubilant. But the two wrote to each other frequently. On the Ardent, Roman was promoted and made the CSO.
In 2246, Jay was reassigned to the USS Ardent, into Roman’s department, and the two worked closely together once again.

A little over a year later, in Earthdate September of 2247, the USS Ardent was attacked by a Klingon Cruiser. The Ardent was a science vessel, and ill-equipped for what appeared to be a planned attack. It had been studying an energy anomaly near the edge of Federation space. The attack breached the hull and damaged the ship, leaving it crippled. On a scientific vessel of 230 officers, 18 were injured and 32 died altogether. The majority of the damage had been based around the main science section, and Roman and Jay were both severely injured, caught in the blast of the hull breach. For Roman, 3 broken ribs, a broken femur, and mild-moderate burns. For Jay, 2 broken ribs, severe burns, and a laceration to his thigh. Jay hung on for several days before passing away as a result of his injuries.

It took a month for their distress call to be heard and the remaining crew rescued, and another two months for Roman to heal and be returned to duty.

When Roman was returned to duty, he was appointed CSO of a new ship, the USS Victory, and promoted to full Lieutenant. His posting there lasted three years, where his work in the science department earned him a promotion to first officer and he was assigned the USS Sentinel to take the position.

B. Personality Summary:
( )
Roman is confident and assertive, always sure of himself. He rarely doubts his abilities and may come off as slightly condescending or cold. However, he puts others before himself, and he’s always willing to lend others an ear. He considers himself an optimist though he keeps his expectations realistic. Roman works best when he has someone to bounce ideas off of, and may work slowly alone. He tends to be a stickler for rules, inflexible and unwilling to change.
There are rumors that he’s asexual or a robot. Neither are true.

A.Recent Fitness Reports
Roman has no underlying or chronic conditions at this time, he is found to be in excellent physical condition. No vision or hearing problems noted. All signs look fantastic.
His injuries from the attack three years ago have healed well, with minimal aftereffects. A mild deformity of his ribs where they were broken and a small burn scar on his chest. His right leg, which suffered a femur fracture is back into good shape, though rarely, he may experience minor pain in the area.
B. Current Recreational Interests
- Violin.
- Fencing.
- Martial Arts: Jiu Jitsu
- Horseback riding.
- Animal raising (keeping/breeding pets, usually dogs or horses).
- Reading/Research.

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