Rende Asam

Authored by Jennifer Ward
Biographic Information
  • Position: Captain on USS Viking
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: El-Aurian
  • Weight: 135
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Age: 548 (50s)
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Character Biography

Name Rende Asam

Position: Commanding Officer

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Brown

Born: 1849 (by Earth’s calculation) 548

MACO Photo

CO Photo


Rende is of average height with well tanned skin from spending time under many different suns. She has dark brown hair, either cut in a military style or severely pulled back in a bun to keep it out of the way. She is extremely fit and toned.


No nonsense and very now humble. Having learned her arrogance was only a detriment to others rather than a benefit. She has learned to become a ‘listener’ such as her people are described, but she is a fierce protector as well.

Personal Information

Rende was born on the South Continent of El-Auria and lived at home with her parents, but home was not the picture perfect that one would imagine of such a long lived race. Her parents along with other adults tutored her and other children in the area. She grew up in the rough and tumble of the streets in the midst of the racial and geopolitical mess caused by the Southern Continental Coalition or the SCC. Rende formed a negative view of the more rich and powerful northerners, one with mistrust and disdain. She was also seen fighting, defending the underdogs and the weaker. Once she reached maturity she learned to pick her battles, but that reduced her temper very little. She soon thereafter met her husband, Eldorin.


Name Relationship Age Job Location
Eldorin Asam Husband 545 Chief of Security USS Viking
Tabris Asam Son 418 Engineering JO USS Viking
Neltus Omad-Asam Grandson 8 Student USS Viking
Vedi Alrac-Asam Grandson 8 Student USS Viking
Mecona Alrac-Asam Granddaughter 4 Student USS Viking
Julin Jora-Asam Grandson 3 Student USS Viking
Geoff Fig Tree 418 Sentient Plant USS Viking

Martial Status

Married to Eldorin Asam


Before Academy

Rende learned from private tutors and apprenticeships like all of her people. She enjoys history and analyzing the great events over time.

During Academy

Upon returning to Earth she entered the service of Earth and joined the MACOs. After leaving the MACOs Rende joined Star Fleet Academy officially, majoring in security and tactical from her background and diplomacy. She also entered the command track in her second year. Years later Rende reentered the Academy again to earn her degree in archeology and cultural studies from the science department


Reading of history and autobiographies of important people. She also enjoys playing a Hurdy Gurdy.


Rende has evidence of many injuries, all combat related and medical scans would also show that she has, at some point, had a child.

Service History:

Rende and her husband, Eldorin, were mercenaries. Having spent many years traveling and living among other cultures, primitive ones by El-Aurian standards, it was often the case that they just were not in a position to overcome those that were unjust. They decided to provide their services. Being of the long lived race they felt they had experienced more and a wider range of events. Rende and her husband were arrogant and felt they were able to decide which side should prevail. So they took it upon themselves to help. It was not malicious, they helped with medicine, fighting, agriculture, all aspects of society, but it was still arrogance. In the late 1960’s by Earth’s calculations, Rende and her husband’s arrogance finally caught up with them. They sided with the losers. They fled the planet, returning home, but were persecuted for their interference and deemed pariahs of their culture and banished. They left El-Auria and settled on a planet called Earth, in Ireland becoming staunch supporters during ‘The Troubles’ in the 1970s. Rende became a history teacher, trying to teach a new generation to learn from previous mistakes. Two years later their son, Tabris was born, and they stayed on Earth, hidden, in exile until after WWIII. They lost track of their son during the war and assumed he had died in an attack. Eventually in 2149 they returned to Earth, having found a home there and wanting to resettle. This time Rende and her husband joined Star Fleet and put their skills to the purpose of exploration and following orders rather than giving them.

Year(s) Location/Event Rank/Position
1849 Born El-Auria
1849-1869 Southern Continental Coalition Grew up during the political strife of the SCC vs Traditionalists
1866 SCC Rally Rende and Eldorin met
1898 Having decided that nothing would be done Rende and Eldorin left to El-Auria Traveled several star systems, most less technologically advanced, quietly supporting political change and making better lives (as they saw it) for the underdogs.
1960s Choose losing side on a planet Fled home to El-Auria
Mid 1960s Persecuted at home for activism rather than listening Exiled from home and wandered eventually ending on Earth
1970s The Troubles in Ireland
1975 Ireland/Earth Teacher and Supporter
1977 Son, Tabris, born
1986 The Voyage Home/ USS Enterprise Disturbance in timeline when Kirk and crew appear in San Francisco.
1992-1996 Eugenics War Left Ireland (due to not aging) relocated on the southern coast of the North American Continent.
2024 Sanctuary Zones Living on the gulf coast
2049-2053 WWIII Left Earth in the midst of the war. Son disappeared, presumed dead
2063 Earth First Contact
2149 Returned to Earth Eldorin served in the Starfleet Corp of Engineers. Rende serving in MACO
2152 SS Bonaventure Rende serving as MACO Marine, Eldorin serving as Chief Engineer
2172 Retired from Star Fleet (1st Time) Return to Belfast, Ireland. Asam Estate founded
2215-2255 USS Munroe Eldorin Serving as Warp Specialist. Rende accompanying as a civilian
2265 El-Auria Destroyed by Borg
2265-2270 USS Katura Maru Rende served as Chief of Security. Eldorin accompanying as a civilian
2293 The Lakul, carried Guinan Ship Destroyed in Rift
2288-2299 Utopia Planitia Ship Yards Eldorin Serving as Deputy Director of Ship Design. Rende accompanying as a civilian
2302-2367 Earth, Starfleet HQ Rende served as Director of Starfleet Security for Sol Region. Eldorin accompanied as a civilian.
2367-2397 Retired on Earth Outer Belfast, Asam Estate
2397 USS Viking Cpt./Commanding Officer

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