Idzi Vix

Authored by Nathan Derricutt
Biographic Information
  • Position: Second in Command, Air Group on USS Chimera
  • Rank: Mar. Captain
  • Species: Trill (Joined)
  • Weight: 120lbs
  • Height: 6'9"
  • Age: Idzi 30 Vix 250
Actions Available

Character Biography

Idzi was born on trill to Ribem Jix and Kajl she is younger than her sister by four years. Ever since she was a child she always wanted to be joined and she always enjoyed flyign her father crop duster. Her reason for wanting to be joined was to follow in her father’s footsteps who is also joined. This trait seems to be common among the children of Ribem Jix and Kajl as both Lina and Idzi have been joined.

When she was six Idzi showed her skill to think on her feet when her sister fell from a tree and was badly injured. Idzi managed to help her sister and stopped the bleeding. She then went on to learn more about anatomy and how to help people in need. When she was thirteen she was accredited in school for saving the lives of five students when the school caught fire. Instead of standing outside and watching she darted in and tried to help who she could. She was called the hero of the school but never says she’s a hero all she did was help when she could. In fact before being joined Idzi was very shy. Often avoiding being groups and not making many friends.

Idzi was joined with Vix when she was 17, years after Vix’s previous host died of old age. She was joined a year before she was due to join the Marine corps. Thankfully though Vix knew how important it was to Idzi to become a Marine and let her go. She excelled quickly in classes partially because Idzi had, had six hosts. She also studied several other topics on her own time while she was at the academy these were: minor engineering, psychology and history.

Vix’s Profile:

Vix is a trill syimbout that has lived for over two centuries it is considered one of the wisest Syimbiouts it has sampled almost all aspects of Federation fields and provides its host with memories and knowledge from all these areas. It requires a specific type of immune system form a host to be compatible only a very small group of trill possess this immune system so it is hard to find Vix suitable hosts. However Vix has had a total of seven hosts including its newest host Idzi.

Vix’s First host (Vimell) was a female engineering JO on the NX class USS Bianca. This host was killed during a border dispute leading to Vix being put in suspended animation after five years of being joined until a new host was found.

Vix’s next host (Norzaal) was the chief of security on-board the constitution class star ship USS Minova. He lived till an old age and was joined with Vix for 65 years he died of natural causes Vix was transferred to his next host almost immediately.

Vix’s third host (Vugel) was a Captain of a trill transport. The captain of the ship was once a very violent person until Vix joined with him and he saw the error of his ways. The captain died in a shuttle accident on trill the doctor thought they would lose Vix but Vix survived and was transferred to the next host.

Vix’s fourth host (Hizo)was a science officer and then the chief science officer on-board the USS Home front an ambassador class star ship as with Vix’s second host She lived to an old age and died natural. Vix had been joined to this host the longest time, 70 years. Vix was passed to his daughter.

Vix’s fifth host (Disa) was the daughter of its Fourth host. She was the counsellor aboard the galaxy class star ship USS Benediction. She took longer than Vix previous hosts to adjust to the change but eventually she got used to it and used her acquired knowledge to help facilitate the needs of the crew. She was murdered after twenty years of being joined with Vix by a drunken trill who was jealous of her being joined.

Vix’s sixth and final host (Halil), was the Captain of the USS Kennington an Akira class star ship, who then moved up the ranks and became an Admiral Serving with distinction. Throughout this host’s career he made several big discoveries in new types of Special phenomena and species. He is credited for his amazing work during the first contact with a race of beings who looked like angels. This led the way for the host to be accredited for his discoveries. He died of old age surrounded by his family.

Medical profile:
Idzi is in perfect health and is very fit. The only injures she has had are a broken arm, which is now fully healed and a broken ankle, again fully healed. These where suffered when she fell off some gym equipment in the first week of her academy training.

Mental profile:
Idzi was a shy quiet girl but now that she has been joined she is much more confident and tries to get on well with everyone. Being joined she has a deep understanding of the galaxy. She has a wisdom beyond her age and she has a more worldly view on the galaxy due to the experiences of Vix. She sometimes gets mixed up and talks to people like she is still an admiral but she is working on getting over that.

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