Madison Marsh

Authored by Matt Bongiorno
Biographic Information
  • Position: Dr. of Molecular Genetics and Medicine on USS Atlantis
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 140 lbs
  • Height: 5'8”
  • Age: 28
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Character Biography

Madison Grace Marsh, Ph.D. - Personnel Photo
(My Owned Commission, Credit to Artist- “Same”)

Personnel File:

  • Serial Number: NC-875-8827

  • Status: Active

  • Nickname: Maddie

  • Born: January 14, 2369 (Queensland, Australia, Earth.)

  • Sex: Female

  • Hair Color: Blonde

  • Eye Color: Blue

  • Marital Status: Single

  • Father: Justin Marsh (Experimental Psychologist)

  • Mother: Kristen Marsh (Medical Doctor)

Physical Description:

Madison has blonde hair that flows just past her shoulders. She keeps her hair in a cute bun style when on duty and when exercising, otherwise she leaves it down. Her eyes are sky blue in color and her skin is fair with a slight tan. Due to her many years of swimming, she naturally has a swimmer’s long athletic body type that is fully toned from weight training five days a week. Her bust size is considered average for a human. Her facial structure is symmetrical and has a diamond shape. She is blessed with being a naturally beautiful woman overall.


Madison Grace Marsh was born to Justin and Kristen Marsh in 2466 in Queensland, Australia. Her father Justin is a Professor of Cognitive Science at Queensland University in Australia and her mother is a Medical Doctor at a local hospital. Her parents divorced when she was only seven years old because her father cheated on her mother with her best friend and had planned to run away together. She can vividly recall trying to break up the arguments between her father and mother like it happened yesterday. Her father re-married and divorced a second time when Madison was nineteen due to her father being an alcoholic and cheating on his second wife. Her father was quite controlling and would tell Madison horrible things about her mother as a teenager that were not true. One day she just had enough and severed their relationship as a whole by ceasing all communication with him. Her father did not appear to care and never reached out to her to reconcile. Madison is still close with her mother and step-father, but can still see dysfunction in their marriage and with her grandparents marriages. Their misery is not something she wants in her own life. These experiences growing up have led to a fear of intimacy and an aversion to the idea of marriage. The handful of romantic relationships that she has had with others were all short-lived.

While in secondary school, Madison was on the Queensland Secondary School Women’s swimming team and lettered for all four years. She set individual school records in both the Freestyle and Butterfly strokes. As a Junior she was named the captain of her team and together they won the Australian National Championship during her Junior and Senior years. All of her medals are stored in her parents home in Australia. After graduating Valedictorian, she opted to join Starfleet Academy in 2387. For extracurricular activities, she continued her athletic lifestyle and fulfilled her passion for sports competition as a member of the Decathlon and Swimming teams respectively. While at the Academy, she double majored in Exobiology and Command & Control. She graduated Starfleet Academy in 2391 and immediately exercised her post-graduate option by attending the Starfleet Command School finishing in 2392. Afterwards, due to her high aptitude in the Science field, Starfleet approved her to attend Stanford University to continue her education. At Stanford, she earned a Masters in Exobiology and a Doctorate in Genetics. As a graduate student and researcher, she studied the influence of genetics on disease resistance in humans. She was also trained in the legal genetic engineering of correcting birth defects in both infants and adults. She taught various undergraduate courses in Exobiology and Genetics as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. After completing her Doctoral degree in 2393, Starfleet promoted her to the rank of Ensign and assigned her to the U.S.S. Leviathan. She currently serves as the Senior Researcher of Exobiology.

Personality: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - ENTJ - 3% of Population

Madison has a sharp intellect with the drive, will power, and determination to achieve whatever goal that she sets for herself. Her happiness lies in the joy of achievement and winning together in a team-based environment. Madison loves any challenge no matter the size and believes that she will successfully complete it. She thinks strategically and helps lead those around her to deliver successful results. She is extremely competitive, detests losing when in competition, and has the mindset of a champion. Those that she respects will not hesitate to stand up to her intellectually and portrays qualities equal to her own. She has the skill of recognizing the talents of others and utilizing them effectively in team building exercises. She does not hesitate to call out failures in others having the understanding that she ultimately depends on having a high functioning team that is successful in accomplishing assignments. She is an extroverted woman who enjoys spending time with and meeting others from all walks of life.


  • Efficient
  • Energetic
  • Self-Confident
  • Strong-Willed
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Charismatic and Inspirational Leader


  • Stubbornness
  • Fear of Intimacy
  • Intolerance
  • Impatient
  • Engineering
  • Perfectionism


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Genetics, 2393
    Dissertation: “The Impact of Disease on the Epigenetic Regulation of Gene Expression”
    Dissertation Committee: Joseph Ruggieri, Ph.D. (Chair), John Hendrix, Ph.D., & Renae Tanner, Ph.D.
    Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, United States, Earth.

  • Master of Science in Exobiology, 2388
    Thesis: “The Influence of Genetics on Disease Resistance in Humans”
    Advisor: Joseph Ruggieri, Ph.D. (Chair)
    Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, United States, Earth.

  • Doctor of Medicine, 2386
    Starfleet Medical Academy, San Francisco, California, United States, Earth.
    Honors: Summa Cum Laude

Professional History and Administrative Appointments:

  • Promoted to Lieutenant Commander- U.S.S. Asimov - 2398

  • Promoted to Lieutenant - OED V Colony - Chief Starfleet Science Officer - 2397

  • Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade - U.S.S. Atlantis - Chief Science Officer - Starfleet, 2395

  • Promoted to Ensign - Assigned to the U.S.S. Leviathan - Senior Researcher for Exobiology - Starfleet, 2393

  • Graduate Teaching Assistant/Researcher - Stanford University, 2388-2393

Graduate Teaching Experience:

  • Exobiology 101: Introduction to Exobiology
    -The structure, function, heredity, evolution, and ecological interactions of living systems with emphasis on those concepts having major implications for humanoids and their societies.

  • Exobiology 201: Humanoid Genetics I
    -Fundamental principles of heredity, including both Mendelian and Molecular genetics. Emphasis is on those principles with the greatest implications to understanding biological systems in general and humans.

  • Exobiology 202: Humanoid Genetics II
    -Current research and paradigms in molecular genetics with emphasis on adaptive and developmental gene regulation, molecular evolution, manipulation for gene engineering, genomics, proteomics, and their implications.

  • Exobiology 203: Non-Humanoid Genetics
    -Overall view of the principles of sentient non-humanoid theories and heredity.

Medical History:

  • Allergy: Penicillin

  • Tonsillectomy: Removal of Tonsils due to recurrent infection in 2373

  • Cholecystectomy: Removal of Gall Bladder due to infection in 2391

  • Appendectomy: Removal of Appendix due to Appendicitis in 2393

OOC Starfleet Academy Courses Graduated:

  • Department Head Command - Passed on 3/29/21
  • Science - Passed on 3/7/21

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