Nivor Rhansi

Authored by Nathan Miller
Biographic Information
  • Position: Executive Officer on USS Leviathan
  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Barzan
  • Weight: 72.6kg
  • Height: 1.76m
  • Age: 42
Actions Available

Character Biography

Physical Description
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Green in oxygen; blue in Barzan atmosphere
Handedness: Left

Nivor, like all Barzans away from their homeworld, wears a mouth breather device, attached to his cheeks and hooked into the corners of his mouth. His quarters are usually set to allow him to remove the breather in the bedroom portion of his quarters, allowing him some space he can breathe freely, while still allowing visitors to join him in the living or dining area.

He has prominent ridges above his brow, and no hair on his eyebrows. He keep his blond hair cropped short - “keeps it from sticking to you when you’re sweating in a maintenance tube,” he says. He has a round scar about 2cm across on one cheek from a childhood accident while carrying broken branches into a tree to “build a fort in the sky.”

Nivor Rhansi was born in the Federation standard year 2355 on Barzan II. His planet was called “poor” by others, but what they lacked they made up for in art, culture, and community. He grew up an only child, loving to build things, starting with stick forts in the woods near his home, building to defenses like catapults and booby traps. His father, recognizing the young boys acumen, introduced him to simple repulsor engines, and the child never looks back. He studied engine design when he wasn’t taking apart a new engine, and would watch their unmanned space exploration launches whenever he could.

When Nivor was 12, his father first told him of the existence of the Federation, and to the boy this seemed a remarkable people, where space was as close as the next town. He studied more and soon learned his people had once been to the stars, but found themselves unable to sustain such a program and limited themselves to unmanned missions. Their world had just sold the rights to “the Barzan wormhole” to the Chrysalians, thinking the wormhole was stable. As it turned out, only the Barzan endpoint was; the Chrysalians kept to their agreement, however, and Barzan found themselves able to support a new space program

Nivor made sure he would be in it.

Nivor was one of the first graduates of the Barzan Astral Academy, with a degree in engineering, and joined the Barzan Space Exploration Group, one of the first members of the organization after it formed using the resources gained by the planet from their agreement with the Chrysalians. Rebuilding their warp program, previously abandoned due to the planet’s lack of resources, was the young Barzan’s dream, and one he dove into with relish. The program had working warp drives capable of speeds up to warp 5 when he joined, and he requested assignment to Project Blue Shift, their test bed for a warp 7 engine. He was one of five engineers on the project when they successfully tested the engine in 2378, but upon their return to Barzan were not met with ticker tape parades, but instead the end of the project. The Barzan Senate, it seemed, did not see the need for such exploration or faster interstellar commerce, and was satisfied with the existing warp 5 vessels and engines, and would not be financing the construction of more warp 7 engines. The Barzan Stellar Cruiser Mhazi would be the first and last of her kind.

Nivor immediately resigned his commission and found transport off Barzan II, and sought out a Federation world where he could request immigrant status. Here he befriended a Starfleet engineer as they discussed warp engine design philosophy. This engineer, Daniel Hawkins, eventually put in a request to his commanding officer, and a letter of recommendation was submitted for Nivor’s entry to Starfleet Academy. He was accepted in 2382, and excelled given his already advanced knowledge, but was able to build his knowledge of other scientific areas. He graduated with honors in 2384.

Service Record
Barzan Astral Academy 2371 - 2375
Major: Astral Engineering

Barzan Spece Exploration Group Engineering Corps 2375 - 2380
Project: Blue Shift
Position: Staff Engineer
Rank: Crewman First Class

BSC Mhazi 2380
Position: Drive Engineer
Rank: Senior Crewman

Starfleet Academy 2382 - 2384
Major: Warp Drive Engineering

USS Viperion 2384 - 2385:
Position: Engineer
Rank: Ensign

USS T’voth 2385 - 2388
Position: Engineer
Rank: Ensign, Lieutenant j.g.

USS Piri Reis 2388 - 2393
Position: Assistant Chief Engineer
Rank: Lieutenant

USS Montgomery 2393 - 2396
Position: Chief Engineer
Rank: Lt. Commander

Nivor is quiet, excitable when he gets into a conversation. He is a firm leader, not prone to anger; his anger is a quiet kind of fury that few have seen. He will drink socially, but never more than a glass, disliking the feeling of inebriation. He has a fear of arachnid-like creatures from an early childhood. He has had several romantic partners over the years, and often wonders if he is missing out on part of life by not having a family.

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