Remy Boudreaux

Authored by Terry Sullivan
Biographic Information
  • Position: Intelligence Officer on USS Wolverine
  • Rank: Captain
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Age: 30
Actions Available

Character Biography

DOB: 4/23/2363 Terran Calendar
Age: 30
Place of Birth: New Orleans, LA, Earth
Marital status: Single
Father: Fortun
Mother: Zara
Brother: Merlion (twin-Chief of Security aboard the USS Nash)
Sister: none

Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

Advanced Security and Tactics
Basic Intelligence
Advanced Intelligence

Bridge Training:
Level I (Basic)
Level II (Advanced)
Level III (Command School)

Piloting Proficiency:
Level I (Small ship)
Level II (starship piloting)

Federation Standard

Weapon Proficiencies:
Level I (Basic)
Level II (all hand held weapons)
Level III (excellence with hand-held weapons)
Level IV (Sniper)
Hand to hand Combat (Sinanju)

Pre-Starfleet Career:
Member of New Orleans Thief’s Guild

Starfleet Career:
-2380-Age 17-entered Starfleet Academy in Marseille, France
-received basic training as Intelligence operative
-switched to Security
-received advanced training in Security and Tactics
-2384-graduated from Starfleet Academy in top 10% of class and immediately recruited into Section 31
-ranked #2 in Security and Tactics in graduating class (brother ranked #1)
-2384-first posting as Tactical officer with rank of Ensign on board USS Radical
-2385-promoted to Lt. (jg.) and transferred to USS Vanguard
-2385-Demoted to Ensign after incident involving him and the CTO of the Vanguard (see below)
-2386-Transferred to USS Polaris-served as junior tactical officer
-2387-Transferred to USS Crazy Horse as junior tactical officer and officially resigned from Section 31
-2389-Promoted to Lt. (jg) and assigned to USS Saracen
-2390-Transferred to USS Olympic and posted as Special Operations Leader
-2390-Promoted to rank of Lieutenant and assigned as Chief of Security on USS Olympic
-2390-Pulled from duty on USS Olympic to undertake mission for Section 31
-2391-After successful completion of the above mission, promoted and reassigned as XO of the USS Vanguard

The Boudreaux family have been long-time residents of the New Orleans area and members of the centuries old Thief’s Guild. By the time they were in their teens, Remy and his twin brother, Merlion had become quite proficient and well-known as accomplished thieves to the darker side of Earth’s society. Their skills came to the attention of Starfleet Intelligence who thought Remy and Merlion would make excellent Intelligence operatives, considering what those skills were (breaking & entering, bypassing security systems, and forgery to name a few). The twins were setup by SI and captured. They were offered a deal to either spend life on a prison colony or join Starfleet as Intel agents. The twins chose the latter and entered the Academy and began training as Intel ops. Though they both excelled in the intelligence/covert operations areas, neither wanted to live the life of secrecy anymore and requested a transfer to train in Security and Tactics. The brass reluctantly agreed to their request with the caveat of being able to use Remy and Merlion as operatives on occasion.

Both Remy and his brother excelled in Security and graduated number 1 and 2 in their class. Merlion was assigned as a security officer aboard the USS Nash, where he still currently serves as the COS. Immediately after graduation, Remy was recruited and further received covert ops training from Section 31. Soon after, he was assigned as an ensign to the USS Radical. After a successful tour, he was promoted to Lt (jg) and reassigned to the USS Vanguard as a Tactical officer.

While serving on the Vanguard, he developed a close friendship with the CTO. The CTO had previously gotten into trouble with some undesirables and had asked Remy’s help in fixing the situation. With his Section 31 contacts and training, Remy agreed to help. The CTO ended up killing a small number of people and as a result was dishonorably discharged from Starfleet and subsequently given a life sentence on a prison colony. Remy was court-martialed also and tried as a conspirator to commit murder, though not directly involved in the murders. As a result, he was given a short-term military prison sentence, and demoted in rank to ensign. When he was released, he was assigned to the USS Polaris as a Tactical officer and given a second chance to stay out of trouble.

While serving on the Polaris, he became romantically involved with the ship’s counselor, who was also involved with the CTO. To avoid friction between himself and the CTO, Remy requested a transfer which was granted after completing some missions for Section 31. When these missions were over, Remy told Section 31 that he was done working for them, he was done doing the Federation’s dirty work. He was transferred to the USS Crazy Horse as a junior tactical officer again. While performing escort duty to a small fleet of medical ships, the convoy was attacked by a pair of Romulan Birds of Prey. During the confrontation, most of the senior bridge crew was killed. Remy, the ops officer, and engineering officer were the only bridge crew to survive the initial attack. Taking command of the bridge, Remy was able to hold off the Romulans until the convoy could warp to safety. The Crazy Horse was able to keep the Birds of Prey occupied until 2 more Federation starships arrived. For their bravery and heroism, Remy and the other two junior officers were awarded with the Starfleet Medal of Valor. All three were also promoted to the rank of Lt. (jg).

Shortly thereafter, Remy was assigned as the CTO of the USS Saracen. When the Saracen’s XO was promoted to the rank of Captain and given command of the Olympic, he requested that Remy join him as the leader of the Special Operations team. Remy accepted the request and was named the leader of the Special Ops team, as well as promoted to full Lieutenant and assigned as the CoS, also. After a brief foray in that capacity, he was once again pulled from active duty and performed a mission for Section 31.

During the mission, Remy was exposed to a dangerous level of radiation and suffered severe radiation burns to his head and torso. He underwent a number of cosmetic/reconstructive surgeries to repair the damage. He came out looking completely different. Remy was granted a LOA to adjust to his new appearance, while also considering retiring from Starfleet. On the day he decided to retire, a communiqué arrived from Starfleet command, notifying him that he had been assigned as the Executive Officer of the USS Vanguard. Considering the responsibilities of that position, he thought if he accepted, he would no longer be activated again by 31, and no longer have to do their dirty work. With no reservations, he accepted the position of XO.

Personality: Remy Boudreaux is best described as a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants, live-for-the-moment type of person, yet still takes his duties very seriously, even if making a joke while doing so. He is forever the optimist, always trying to find something positive in any situation no matter how bad it is. As mentioned above, he grew up as a member of the thieves guild and became quite the adrenaline junkie at an early age and has still not grown out it.

When Remy speaks, it is with a thick Cajun accent, mixed with bits of French.

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