Authored by Matt Bongiorno
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Science Officer on USS Atlantis
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Weight: 140
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Age: 25
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Character Biography

Personnel File:

Serial Number: NC-685-8400

Status: Active

Born: April 5, 2372 (ShiKahr, Vulcan)

Sex: Female

Hair Color: Auburn

Eye Color: Hazel

Marital Status: Single

Physical Description:

T’Lara’s auburn hair was without a doubt majestic in color, having a radiant glow when exposed to light and was typically tied in a traditional bun in simple fashion. Her hazel eye color has the appearance of an island of soft moss surrounded by an ocean of a caramel and warm honey. Her symmetrical face was consistently devoid of emotion, but her characteristics could be considered a work of art that included a dainty nose, angular features that were chiseled like a diamond, soft pink lips, arched eyebrows, and elegant ears that were a trademark of her Vulcan heritage. Her skin was soft with an olive color base and it is evident that she has the body of an athlete with firm muscle tone beneath as supporting evidence. Her height is considered to be well above the standard for a Vulcan female and she had an average bust to go with an hourglass figure. Overall, she was considered an attractive woman to those that laid their eyes upon her.

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