Alastor Metzger

Authored by Dave Eads
Biographic Information
  • Position: Self-Employed on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 79.5 kg
  • Height: 1.85 m
  • Age: 38
Actions Available

Character Biography

Hair: Blonde, well kempt
Eyes: Blue

Physical Features:
Alastor is tall, standing just over six feet, and is thinly built. High cheekbones, sharp brow lines, and a hawkish nose give him a rather severe countenance, which makes him less than classically handsome. He has a thin scar across his right cheek which runs from the cheekbone to the edge of his jawline. Alastor carries himself with a military bearing, and is always well kept and immaculately groomed and dressed.

Born: 2361, Earth, Deutschland, Berlin.

Family History:
The Metzger family was well off, but not widely known or recognized for anything. Nothing about them stood out to neighbors or extended relations. In fact, there’s almost nothing about them on record…

Marital Status: Single

Alastor has a distinctly cold sort of persona. He is quite polite, cordial, and easy going, however he is extremely private about his personal life and details. He is extremely intelligent, but prefers to keep his talents to himself. This often allows people to think of him as rather dull, and perhaps even ordinary, which is exactly what he wishes to pass for.

The liberal arts always appealed to Alastor, though he chose to work in a different field. He appreciates music, literature, poetry, and art, mostly of the expressionist,romantic or baroque variety. He has an affinity for mathematics and medicine, anatomy in particular, but chooses to put his hand to mechanical engineering, architecture, and building.

Alastor can be quite blunt, painfully honest, and occasionally misses the odd social cue. It could be surmised that he suffers from autism on some level, but hides it extremely well.

Education and Background:
Alastor excelled in his studies in grammar and high school, though he had an unremarkable social life. In lieu of traditional university, he opted for Starfleet Academy, which he graduated from with honors.

Starfleet Medical / Basic Medical Care
Starfleet Medical / Advanced Medical Care
Starfleet Medical / Nursing and Minor Medicine
Starfleet Medical / Ph.D. General Medicine /
Starfleet Engineering / Computer Sciences
Starfleet Engineering / Computer Sciences Advanced
Starfleet Operations
Starfleet Piloting / Small Craft (Advanced)
Starfleet Piloting/ Starship Helm Operations (Advanced)

Alastor is in perfect health according to any and all recorded data.

Recent History:
Very little data exists that includes details of his whereabouts or activities in the last ten years.

Starfleet Service Record:
2379 - 2382 - Attends Starfleet Academy, Graduates with medical phd, but goes into Computer Engineering instead.
2383 - 2387 - Records indicate Metzger serves on more than one starship, but details are not included.
2387 - 2389 - Metzger is promoted to full Lieutenant, and retires from Starfleet. His records are kept private, leaving only generic data available.

Civilian Records:
2389 - Present: Largely Unknown

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