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Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief of Security on USS Manhattan
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Vulcan
  • Weight: 140
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Age: 24
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Character Biography

Name T’Lara

Position: Chief of Security

Status: Active

Serial Number: NC-685-8400

Born: 2372 April 5, ShiKahr, Vulcan



Hair: Auburn

Eyes: Hazel

Sex: Female

T’Lara’s auburn hair was without a doubt majestic in color, having a radiant glow when exposed to light and was typically tied in a traditional bun in simple fashion. Her hazel eye color has the appearance of an island of soft moss surrounded by an ocean of a caramel and warm honey. Her symmetrical face was consistently devoid of emotion, but her characteristics could be considered a work of art that included a dainty nose, angular features that were chiseled like a diamond, soft pink lips, arched eyebrows, and elegant ears that were a trademark of her Vulcan heritage. Her skin was soft with an olive color base and it is evident that she has the body of an athlete with firm muscle tone beneath as supporting evidence. Her height is considered to be well above the standard for a Vulcan female and she had an average bust to go with an hourglass figure. Overall, she was considered an attractive woman to those that laid their eyes upon her.


T’Lara strives for tradition and order, utilizing her understanding of what is right, wrong and socially acceptable to bring families and communities together. She embraces the values of honesty, dedication and dignity, she is valued for her clear advice and guidance, and she confidently leads the way on difficult paths.

Strengths: Dedicated, Strong-willed, Direct, Honest, Loyal, Patient, Reliabel, enjoys creating order from chaos, excellent organizer

Weaknesses: Inflexible, stubborn, judgmental, difficulty understanding others’ emotions

Personality: Myers-Briggs Personality Profile - ESTJ

Personal Information

Her parents were killed during the dominion war on Vulcan. She was raised by her grandmother. The two traveled to many worlds and learned about the variety of cultures in the universe.


Name Relationship Job Location
Niak sa-mekh Deceased Vulcan
Feteth ko-mekh Deceased Vulcan
T’Aria ko'mekh-il Star Fleet Captain Where ever she wants

Martial Status



Before Academy: Taught by her Ko’mekh-il as they travelled and learned about different cultures. The rigor and strictness was often more intense than Vulcan children who attended the traditional schools

During Academy: T’Lara entered the academy and went directly into the security tract. When taking the standard tactical courses required for all security officers she found she also had an aptitude for it as well and dual majored in both security and tactical.


Reading, Suus Mahna, meditation, exercise


T’Lara has suffered a couple broken noses over the years, as well as bruises and minor contusions. She has sustained broken bones from her security and hand to hand training but all have been healed with no lasting issues. These injuries were sustained from sparing with stronger opponents; her Vulcan physiology making her stronger and having more stamina against injury.

Psychology: T’Lara like all Vulcans has very strong emotions which she suppresses and controls through intense daily meditation. Her logic holds her in good stead while on duty and allows her to make decisions quickly but clearly.

Service History:

Year(s) Location/Event Rank/Position
2373-2375 Dominion War
2373 Parents killed Orphaned/Raised by ko'mekh-il
2390-2393 Star Fleet Academy Security and Tactical Tract
2393-2394 USS Fastrac Cadet 4th year/Security
2394-23997 USS Thor Ensign/Security and Tactical
2397 USS Manhattan Lt jg/Chief of Security

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