Devin Emery Ward

Authored by Cassa D
Biographic Information
  • Position: Security Officer on USS Viking
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Species: Humanoid (Isisean)
  • Weight: 96 lbs.
  • Height: 4'11"
  • Age:
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Character Biography

Devin Emery Ward

Gender Female


Height 4‘11”

Weight 96 lbs.

Hair Color Auburn

Eye Color Dual colored

Physical Description
At under five feet in height, Devin’s vivid auburn curls get first notice from most folks (sometimes she dyes her hair vibrant colors such as cerulean blue or crimson to cotton candy pink or even white if she is of the mood), followed closely by her two toned eyes of silvery-gray right eye and light copper brown left eye. While most assume they are alterations it is however a natural trait from her parents and runs strongly in her family.

Image reference
Her feline form is a dark red furred Maine coon cat with silver-gray right eye and green left eye.

Spouse none at present

Children Not yet

Father Mason Ward

Mother Cerywyrn Locke - Ward

Brother(s) Colm Graham eldest of the sextuplets, an hour and forty minutes older than Devin, A’denn Locke, third oldest of the sextuplets, forty minutes older than Devin

Harrison Locke, 32 blacksmith, Ashton Graham 32 music teacher

Liam Graham, second oldest of the sextuplets, an hour older than Devin

Sister(s) Adianne Locke fourth oldest of the sextuplets, twenty eight minutes older than Devin, Darcey Graham fifth of the sextuplets ten minutes older than Devin

Halona Graham, 32 reporter

Other Family
Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces nephews most of them on Earth, some are on the Mars colony, a few live and work on Jupiter station, many more in hiding in the Beta quadrant. (They are not all as open-minded in telling folks that don’t shift that they can. Distrust from the events of the Dominion war and few other incidents that they don’t discuss much.)

Personality & Traits
Devin is fun-loving, curious and a wanderer, being the youngest and smallest of her family made her want to be distinctive. Her curiosity drives her to learn and her playful flare makes her either amusing or annoying; depending on the point of view of those around her. Has a tendancy to write reports in old dead or nearly forgotten languages when annoyed at someone. (She will leave a key to skip to the Federation basic version that she always includes as well.)

Strengths & Weaknesses
Very cheeky and playfully flirting with anyone. She will however not mess with folks who are already involved, except for fun never seriously interfering with another relationship. Intelligent but not always willing to admit to just how smart she is.

Slightly smaller heart and slightly larger lung capacity than most humans.

Her bad points including she has little to no patience for bullies and deals with them in various ways depending on how or whom they’re bullying.

Spiders are the one thing she truly fears but doesn’t admit to aloud.

She will leave over filled jelly donuts or other pastries to folks she wants to prank lightly all in good fun nothing to offend nor hurt.

Protective of what she feels is hers, from her personal belongings to the folks she takes as friends and family. She will be the first to stand by a friend if they need help, no matter what.

Very limited telepathy, meaning she needs to either be within her visual range of the person to either send or hear thoughts. She is far from an expert and usually only gets random ‘loud’ thoughts, unless she knows the person very well then she might hear more. She can usually send a thought to anyone unless they have trained to ignore other telepaths or they just don’t hear her. Using her limited telepathy for extended periods of time causes her migraines that can put her off her feet for days or longer if not properly tended too.

While her eyes are well suited to the darkness withbstrong night vision, she is very sensitive to bright lights, can give her problems if she does not find focus elsewhere. Which she uses as an excuse to be on the move, it changes her point of focus.

Hobbies & Interests
Martial arts, archary, various old type weapons, old and new, books and holo-adventures. Likes to crochet but is quite bad at it, still, she puts a lot of effort into the project. Enjoys keeping bonsai trees, swimming, ballroom dancing, and ice skating. Games all types.

Personal History
The Locke and Ward families live in Edinburgh and the isle of Skye, from whisky breweries to teaching and musical instructors, reporters. They smuggled themselves into the Scottish highlands several centuries ago. The family branched out to Mars colony, Jupiter station and some returned to the secret Isisean colonies in the Beta quadrant.

Devin spent her summers on the family-owned freighter and visiting other colonies. While her brothers and sisters focused on the family businesses she took to learning languages, cooking, and exploring each new place with wide-eyed wonder. Only a few things would pause her exploring jaunts, spiders being the main bane of her existence, and her lack of height. Though once she learned of climbing equipment she made full use of it, to advance her jaunts to greater heights. After completing general schooling at sixteen she decided to go into Starfleet, after two years she left the academy to focus, on getting specialized training with different security forces, she wanted to study instead of having to put aside time for other courses. The linguistics skills she learned from the academy helped her as she traveled and learned more each day, by the time she was ready to fully accept life and training at the academy she was twenty three. Her courses were no challenge as far as rules went, now that she had grown up a bit. Her dislike for bullies was still there and her retaliation for wrongs was swift and sometimes colorful.

She is awaiting transfer as she’s completed her studies at the academy, she is looking forward to offering her skills, for linguistics, archaeology security investigations, and others that she continues to learn and find out more.

Notes about her race.
Race originally Omegan but split off from the main group as they did not agree with the main group’s goals, that being the defeat of Earth and Starfleet. (See .)
Theses ex-Omegans traveled far and wide dropping off small groups on various human settlements before finding a new home deep in the far reaches of the Beta quadrant. They started calling themselves Isisean, and left it at that. These people are in general of medium build and are varying in skin tone and color as any regular human. Their eyes are sometimes dual colored (heterochromia iridium) though more often than not they have eyes the same color like most humans. Usually only Isisean with parents having heterochromia iridium will get it as well but it usually skips generations. What makes these folks different from humans is very slight differences, very slightly smaller hearts, larger lung capacity. Telepathic neural pathways in their brains. They are naturally telepathic with each other and can hear thoughts of other Isiseans no problem bloke one Betazede to another, with other species how it is within these restrictions. Either within visual sight of the person whose thoughts they are meant to hear, have a connection of emotional sort from concern to love even hate if the person is considered an enemy. Otherwise they would not hear the thoughts unless there was extreme volume in the thought. Most are bright light sensitive. Their hearing is almost as good as a Vulcan’s. Their sense of smell is very strong and often leading to allergic responses to various pollen, pollution and the like.

In general most Isiseans are playful curious folks that want to enjoy life, living. Intelligent and often capable of interesting creations but they don’t often keep with their inventions. Some, having tired of the rather tame existence, began traveling again some choosing to smuggle aboard starships after riding in on various freighters to star bases. Being ship’s cat having adventures with being able to come and go coming and going as they please. That is what sets the Isiseans apart the most the ability to go from human to cat and back again. The risks are strong though, any injuries that are gained in one form remain when returning to the other. Loose any eye as a cat it is lost when returning to human form.

The few Isiseans that have left their home over the years come back sharing tails and traveling stories. Some do not return having either died in a glorious misadventure or just choosing a new life elsewhere. Some branches of Isisean colonies have recently begun negotiations to join the Federation, offering their small size adventurous natures along with a generous amount of miszinite ore among others that they’d uncovered in previous years and have too little uses for. Currently only three have officially gone through starfleet academy, the others that have joined ships five to date have remained as civilian additions mascot excreta.

All of this is based on and taken from Star Trek original series episode Assigment Earth, script, comics and novels, as well as a lot of guess work.**

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