Hir Ra-Mhadreii

Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Position: Director of Terraforming on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Efrosian
  • Weight: 59kg (130lbs)
  • Height: 168cm (5'5")
  • Age: 37
Actions Available

Character Biography

Personnel File: SC-501-2291II

Name: Hir Ra-Mhadreii
Gender: nonbinary
Pronouns: they/them/theirs
Birthdate: November, 2360
Birthplace: a mountain village, Efros Delta
Birth Order: 2 of 3
Marital Status: never wed
Languages: Efrosian (L1), Federation Standard (L1), tlhlngan Hol (P2 - F)
Profession: Planetary Engineer

Mother: Avori Ra-Mhadreii (2331)
Sisters: Ryn (2355) and Sei Ra-Mhadreii (2362)
Grandmother: Cerri Ra-Mhadreii (2299)

Appearance: Hir stands around average height for an Efrosian with a willowy build and clear (except from occupational scarring) tanned skin that they often conceal beneath loose-fitting clothing. Their face is unassuming save for bicranial ridges that form a ‘v’ from their blue-white eyes to their hairline, where coarse grey hair falls down their back. Hir doesn’t mind facial hair and often allows it to grow, weaving beads into their wispy braids.

Medical and Mental History

MBTI & Enneagram: ISTP; 03 – the Seeker
Traits: empathetic and intuitive, slow-fuse, spirited and dangerously curious, observant, creative (in the ‘unorthodox’ sense), distrusting, innately musical, enjoys playing the ‘devil’s advocate’, deliberate and forthcoming, argumentative in the face of ignorance, stubborn, exists in a vibrant inner world.
Interests: embroidery, holo-novels, Klingon Opera […]

Mental History: Hir is a gentle, perceptive individual who appears demure by non-Efrosian standards. They communicate through touch and gestures (though they’ve discovered most do not take kindly to invasions of ‘personal space’), speaking only after careful consideration. Hir’s deliberate approach affords them some intolerance to the carelessness and impudence of their peers, but they rarely show their distaste except in passive-aggressive comments. Their ‘pettiness’ stems from a childhood in a village that abhorred violence and often likened confrontation to aggression. The pacifism of their community taught Hir tolerance and empathy, but they quickly learned that tolerance extends only to what is comfortable for them, and that existed at odds with their innate curiosity and self-expression. Hir yearns to ‘understand’. They enjoy experimenting with the natural world – examining how one variable can change gene expression or entire biomes – but they often subscribed to ‘morally grey’ ideas that raised questions in their village. Their curiosity led them to pursue avenues considered unsafe and unheard of by villagers, encouraging pressure on their mother to make them ‘act Efrosian’. These pressures worsened as they came to question their culture and how they defined themself. Hir consequently attributes their departure from Efros Delta to Starfleet and later civilian science to the rigidity and narrowmindedness of their culture.

Medical History
— 75% loss of eyesight in the right eye (O.D.), corrected.
— chemical burns to 9% of the body, resolved.
— fractured the fifth metacarpal in a conflict that didn’t end well for them.
— numerous scars, especially to their hands.

Allergies: ARA H1 + H3, Triptacederine
Prescriptions: n/a

Educational and Service Record

Primary Education – homeschooled
Hir received a tailored education by their grandmother who believed the local school did not focus enough on the ‘Efrosian perspective’ despite the integration of tradition into their schooling. Cerri focused on concepts of Efrosian history and culture, teaching them to interrogate systems while respecting the influence of tradition on modern law and policy. They investigated Efrosian psychology and philosophy with emphasis on empathy and theories of pacifism. Despite their grandmother’s efforts to steer them toward the social and political sciences, Hir excelled in mathematics and biology. They enjoyed organised chaos of physics and chemistry, often neglecting their ‘traditional’ studies to experiment (though the barren world around them forced them to rely on literature and their imagination). Cerri did not appreciate the child’s inquisitive nature, especially on matters of morality and religion, so she soon gave into their less… provocative curiosities and cultivated in them a lifelong urge to explore.

University of Hurkos – Oneamisu campus
In 2377, Hir accepted admission to the University of Hurkos and the planetary engineering programme after resigning to the fact that Efros Delta would never meet their needs. They struggled in their first year to navigate a fundamentally different culture, where aggression and verbal communication were considered ordinary and physical touch was often avoided. Hir often retreated to a small café off the main road, where they could sit at the window and study the mannerisms of their peers until they felt comfortable to mimic them, themself. To test their developing sense of ‘self’, Hir ventured into the surrounding city to explore music and art through cultures then-unfamiliar to them. They devoted a single night to their adventures every week and recorded the sights and people they met in a musical log. In their second year, they attended biochemistry lectures with Professor Hu-Asafa (an Efrosian man), who offered some solidarity in their condition. Hir excelled in his class and took the time to attend office hours to better know the professor and his experience, building a strong mentor-mentee type bond. At the end of the term, Hu-Asafa extended an offer to partake in faculty-led research in their third year. Hir, now fascinated with the discipline, graciously accepted and took on a biochemistry minor to supplement their research experience. Their work with the bio-chemical labs opened their mind to the beauty (and functionality) of microorganisms, and they later wrote a thesis on halophiles and micro-terraforming hyper-saline ecosystems. Hir’s researched earned them a post-graduate position with Zaveii Labs and they departed Hurkos in 2381.

Starfleet Academy – Psi Epsilon III
Hir continued their research on extremophiles and biome stabilisation with Zaveii Labs for two years before the boredom got the best of them. They grew tired of a lab-confined life that limited them to consuming information from researchers in the field and bantering with ancient scientists who thought their ‘tried-and-true’ methods were superior to modern ingenuity –– they wanted to be in the field. In a rare instance of spontaneity, Hir applied to an organisation touted for exploration and novel thinking: Starfleet. They were readily accepted into the Psi Epsilon III campus (closest to them) for the science track and began their studies in 2383. In 2384, they demonstrated keen reflexes and an unsual awareness of spatial orientation during a field assignment. This landed them an offer to pursue supplemental navigation training, which they accepted and completed in 2386 on the Aditi. […]

USS Thorne – En-Lt (j.g.) Science Officer
Hir received transfer orders to the USS Thorne after an uneventful tour with the USS Aditi in 2387. They were placed in science under Lieutenant th’Zaos and assigned to planetary sciences and astrobiology. There, Hir focused their efforts on tracking and interpreting information about passing planets. They took a special interest in the unique mechanisms of life as it hinted to the evolutionary processes on that planet. And those processes offered new startpoints for planetary rehabilitation. In 2389, Hir received a promotion to Lieutenant (j.g.) and assistant Chief Science Officer. Hir kept mostly to themselves off-duty, preferring their own company, until they were ordered to orient a new science officer to her station. Ensign Narine’s vivacious-ness was infectious, though Hir tried to ignore it, and her intelligence unmistakable. Hir distanced themself, afraid to get ‘too attached’, but it was to no avail. Awele crept into their heart and there she stayed until transfers and long-distance weakened their bond.

Sigma IX – Research on Synthetic Biology and Biosphere-building
Promoted to Lieutenant and tansferred to the SIX in 2392 to explore synthetic biology on a macro-level, Hir worked with a cyberneticist, Dr. Reyes, to design synthetic microorganisms that sequester carbon, fix nitrogen, or remove life-inhibiting toxins or minerals from the soil (e.g. salt, sulfur, etc.). These microorganisms needed to be adaptive to keep up with the dynamics of a budding world. Naturally, Hir and Reyes spent months researching and experimenting with different designs, until they found one that stuck. They built a small simulation using the bacteria and examined the evolution of a terraformed world… and it seemed to work. Hir and Reyes, however, lost the opportunity to test their product when a shadow-like creature attacked the station in late 2393. Reyes lost their life to its violence, along with many of the other crew, but Hir managed to survive with 1st degree burns to their face and neck. Although deemed fit for duty after a brief stay with Statfleet Medical, Hir was not immune to the horror of what they saw.

USS Sierra - Lt. Science Officer
Hir was assigned to the USS Sierra following clearance by Starfleet Medical. Within months, they developed an irrational ‘fear’ (hatred) of shadows that encouraged clinically concerning behaviours that, until it affected an away mission, went unnoticed. Hir was given an ultimatum to seek psychological care or take the next assignment to another ship – they opted to pursue care and set up an appointment with the ship’s counsellor. It was not easy. Hir struggled to sleep for awhile, spending more time in the safety (and light) of the planetary science lab than their quarters, and sunk into their work. Outside of duty and group/individual sessions, they found solace in music (often listening to Klingon Opera late at night) and holo-novels. Hir found the holodeck therapeutic as they could explore their emotions through movement – the language most intrinsic to them – and stories. As time passed, their healing brought to the surface a subdued curiosity about what attacked them, and they began to dig…

USS Leviathan – Lt. Cmdr. Science Officer
Hir, disillusioned to the anomalous universe, was briefly assigned to the USS Leviathan as Chief Science Officer in 2397. Delving into the ‘what’ took its toll on their faith in Starfleet. Hir felt their waning dedication in the few months they spent on the Leviathan, as they came to loathe the unpredictability and conflict they once tolerated. They lingered, dedicated to the science, but soon found themself slipping into burnout. In 2397, they resigned from their station aboard the Leviathan and took leave from Starfleet. They did not offer a reason, only a promise that they would take this as an opportunity to explore their passion for planetary rehabilitation… something for which the structure of Starfleet did not allow.

- Hir records their lab reports in Federation Standard and in the musical language native to Efros Delta.
- They have an acute sense of spatial orientation, depth and distance.
- Hir keeps their quarters around 15.5°C/60°F degrees, but supplies many hand-stitched blankets for their visitors.
- They have a style that can only be described as “eccentric”. They prefer loose-fitting fabrics of varying designs (though they’re especially fond of ‘earth’ tones), local and hand-made jewlery, and small beads woven into their facial hair.

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