Ivanthe sh'Akaris

Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Science Officer on SS Bonaventure
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Species: Andorian
  • Weight: 65kg
  • Height: 5'9
  • Age: 40
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Character Biography



Full Name: Shivantheia sh’Akaris
Gender: Shen
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Birthplace: Laikan City, Andoria.
Position: Science Officer
Assignment: SS Bonaventure


Esthe zh’Akariszhen mothersinger — Andorian blues
Avori sh’Akarisshen motherpainter — tiles
Rehril th’Akaristhaan fatherpoet — performer, composer
Thiasaor ch’Akarischan fatheractor — threatre, traveling
Kihlath ch’Akarisbrotherpainter — landscape, portrait
Orossaov th’Akarisnephewstudent — undecided

Physical Appearance
With a lean build and stringy muscles that deviate from the standard bulk of her species, Ivanthe’s structure is somewhat reminiscent of a runner. She has dark, azure skin and ashen hair that distinguishes her from a sea of pink-tinted complexions. Her eyes, however, are conventional in their pale greyed hue but burn with an untempered feistiness. Like every member of her species, her head is ornamented by prehensile antennae, often afflicted by a hint of involuntary emotion. Ivanthe is a modest woman, though her style would suggest otherwise. While she’s often subject to uniforms, textiles of all patterns and colours have adorned her lithe frame, each a testament to her personality and emotional state. She enjoys her style, finding it to be a kind of artistic expression.

MBTI & Enneagram: INTP; 07 –
Dominant Traits: assertive, thoughtful, intuitive, logical and unbiased, truth-seeker, distrusting, odd and abstract, productive, spirited, occasionally detached and apathetic, curious.

Medical History
— minor childhood injuries.
— tonsillectomy.
— concussion, puncture wounds and burns (caused by an explosion).
— severed left antenna, regenerated.
— severe lacerations via Ushaan-tor.

Mental History
— No history to report.

Academic and Service Record (basics, to be expanded on soon.)

Primary and Secondary Education
— Attended in Laikan City, Andoria; completed.
— Excelled in science, took interest in microbiology.
— Trained, like most children, in self-defence and use of the Ushaan-tor.

Imperial Guard
— Enlisted at 18 years old.
— Assigned to a contingent, soldier.
— Planetside mission led to the death of fellow soldier Thihr ch’Ilrol.
— Challenged to Ushaan by Thihr’s partner, Zyre, in an accusation of contributing to his death; won.
— Requested discharge and was done so honourably at 22.

Post-Secondary Education
— Majored in Astrobiology.
— Minored in biochemistry and geosciences.
— Fundamental knowledge in astronomy, physics and mathematics.
— Graduated with distinction.

— Science officer, researcher
— info on assignment here.

SS Bonaventure
— Science officer, exchange officer.
— info on assignment here.

Personal History

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