Visrian Parr

Authored by Trinity Fister
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Science Officer on USS Asimov
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Trill
  • Weight: 70kg
  • Height: 5'9
  • Age: 41
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Character Biography



Full Name: Visrian Parr
Gender: female
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Born: January 24th
Birthplace: a small city south of Mak’ala, Trill
Position: Science Officer
Assignment: USS Asimov

— Eesriah Parr, mother, professor of civil engineering at Trill Polytech.
— Mezre Parr, mother, pianist + music teacher.
— Aarir Zel, elder brother, planetary engineer for Rai’i Terraforming.
— Eu’bai Zel, sibling-in-law, aeronomer for Rai’i Terraforming.

Physical Appearance (basics)
— Athletic build, minimal scarring.
— Curly (coiled) black hair, shoulder-length.
— Bronze skin and black spots.
— Umber eyes.

MBTI & Enneagram: INTP, 05 - the Investigator
Dominant Traits: highly perceptive, grounded and cerebral, sceptical, inventive and curious, slow fuse, reserved in judgement, can be argumentative, a keen eye for inconsistencies, reserved.

Medical Record
- minor illness and injuries.
- severe injury to the left eye, resolved.
- cholecystectomy.

Psychological Record
- little to report, generally stable.

Education + Research

Trill Science Ministry (2374-81)
— Major in Molecular and Cellular Biology.
— Minor in Biochemistry.
— Interned at the nanotech lab.
— Advanced studies in quantitative methods.

Starfleet Academy (2385-89)
— Science track, biology emphasis.
— info on general/advanced studies here.

USS Ursa (2389-95)
— Science Officer, ensign - lieutenant
— info on research here.

Outpost 56 (2395-97)
— Science Officer, biomedical researcher.
— Info on research here.

Service Record

2374 - enrolled into the Trill Science Ministry.
2378 - graduated with a degree in Molecular and Cell Biology w/minor in Biochemistry.
2379 - began advanced studies, focusing on research methods.
2382 - applied to the Symbiosis Commission, passed preliminary exams.
2383 - assigned to field docent Veniir Ra’el, failed to secure joining.
2385 - enrolled into Starfleet Academy, science track.
2389 - cadet cruise + promotion to ensign.
2389 - assignment to USS Ursa, science officer.
2391 - promoted to Lt. J.G., + assistant CSO.
2393 - promoted to CSO of the Ursa.
2395 - promoted to Lieutenant.
2395 - applied for reassignment to Outpost 56 for research in nanobiotechnology.
2396 - met and began working with Namid Argimeau, a biomedical engineer.
2397 - reassigned USS Asimov as CSO.


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