Adam Magnusson

Authored by Hjortur Ingi
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Intelligence Officer on USS Leviathan
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 152 lbs - 70kg
  • Height: 5'6" - 1.67
  • Age: 51
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Character Biography

Adam Magnusson or Magnússon born in Akureyri Iceland.

General Background

Adam spent ages one through Thirteen on his father’s Starship, the USS Rosebud, his father was the Ships Tactical officer. His Father Magnus accepted a teaching position at the Academy and moved back to his ancestral island home of Iceland. There he was introduced to his Cousins Peter, Baldur, and Magnus. The four became close immediately and he had a close Kinship with the far taller Peter, the two remain best friends to this day. Adam never knew his mother who left shortly after his birth, leaving his father to raise him alone. Adam is a quiet reserved man who keeps his cards close to his chest. He is divorced and has a single child with his Ex-wife.

He has experienced more Combat than most Tactical officers, having been involved heavily in the Dominion War on the frontlines and has served almost exclusively on Combat heavy ships, recently he decided to go further into the background and focus on Intelligence allowing him more freedom of movement and more time to spend with his estranged daughter for the last few years.

He’s a man of focus, when he agrees to a task he finds a way to complete it be it a battle or a puzzle. He has a great love of puzzles, poetry, and philosophy though most believe him far too reserved and introverted. He speaks in a startlingly deep voice for someone of his size. He is slow to trust and slower to open up. He rarely gives any reactions on his face and many Empaths have described his emotions as a calm river, never overflowing, some of the less powerful have trouble reading him beyond primal emotions.

Physical Appearance
A relatively short man he looks to be thin and scrawny at first glance and fairly ordinary looking, almost unremarkable. Upon closer examination, it’s clear that he’s well built and hard looking with a penetrating gaze. His eyes are a deep gray and his hair dark brown with hints of red. He keeps a neat beard that is almost completely red. He has a scar on each cheek that he has refused to remove approximately five centimeters long each. He has started greying at the Temples.


Year Event
2349 Born
2367 Joins Starfleet Academy
2371 Graduates Academy as an Ensign
Assigned to USS Dauntless as Tactical Officer
2373 Dominion War
Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade
2375 Dominion War ends
Promoted to Chief Tactical Officer
2376 Marries Anna
2377 Promoted to Lieutenant
2378 Annabella his Daughter born
2384 Divorces Anna
2385 Assigned to Ark Angel as CTO
2388 Leaves Ark Angel - Reassigned to Starfleet Intelligence
Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2389 Assigned to New France Colony as Intelligence Officer
2393 Takes Temporary Leave of Absence
2396 Assigned to USS Leviathan as CIO

Father: Magnus Karlson retired Starfleet officer raised on earth, a former engineer.
Mother: Andrea Mikael’s a British architect, Status unknown
Siblings: none
Spouse: Anna Schauer - Ex-Wife
Children: Annabelle, Adam’s and Anna’s daughter

Family in Starfleet
Peter Sigmundsson CIO USS Viking, Cousin

Baldur Bragason SOO Outpost 42; Cousin

Magnus Karlson - XO USS Genesis

Starfleet Career

Starfleet Academy
Originally he gravitated towards Engineering like his father but his teenage years spent with his cousins and Uncles gave him an insight into more physical fields and his keen mind for Tactics and Strategic got him enrolled in Tactical studies during his later years. He was overshadowed by his Cousin Baldur who showed exceptional abilities with overall military Strategy but Adam was quick on his feet and an excellent improviser, his Kobiashy Maru test was considered legendary at its time for his aggressive stance and one of the most devious and devastating results.

*USS Dauntless
Adam spent fourteen years on the Dauntless, an Akira Class vessel. It was a frontline vessel During the Dominion War and saw much fighting including Operation Return, the liberation of Betazed, The Second Battle of Chin’toka, and the Battle of Cardassia. He fought in dozens of Skirmishes and battles not mentioned in the history books. Early in the war, his Ships Chief Tactical Officer died during a console malfunction and Adam was assigned the station. He was made Acting chief Tactical Officer and given a battlefield promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade for his skill. Originally he resisted being put into a position of authority but grew into his role. When the war finally ended he was promoted to Chief Tactical Officers. He saw more than a handful of close-quarter fighting with Dominion forces and was reported to have felled a squad of Jem’Hadar Soldiers by himself. The Official report simply stated that he held his ground until the invaders were forcibly removed but rumors grew after it giving him, what he considered an unfortunate, reputation as a fighter.

During the more peaceful years after the War, the Dauntless was assigned to more unruly parts of the Federation often dealing with raiders and pirates. The Ships Captain T’Fal was considered a brilliant yet ruthless negotiator for a Vulcan and was not shy from making a point with force. During and after the war he started seeing and fell in love with a Civilian Merchant, Anna Schauer, who eventually took up residence on the Ship as the head of the Ship’s lounge. They were married and had a Girl named Annabelle after Anna’s Grandmother. Adam’s extreme focus and dedication to Starfleet put a strain on the relationship and eventually they decided to separate and finally divorce. A year later Adam transferred to the USS Ark Angel and his Ex-wife moved to New France Colony. The separation was taxing but they split amicably and still converse regularly and have remained friendly.

USS Ark Angel
Adam transferred to the USS Ark Angel, a Mythology Class ship, and Served as Chief Tactical Officer for three years mostly under Captain Drudoc Andone. His service there led him to consider changing service branch and several conversations with friends and mentors led him to his decision to Transfer to Starfleet Intelligence. He’d already worked closely with several members of the Intelligence Agency and had himself built a reliable network throughout the Federation during his years with the Dauntless although mostly by accident.

Starfleet Intelligence
Adam spent a year as an Operative outside Federation Space, his unassuming looks and quiet nature allowed him to infiltrate and gather intelligence. The year was mostly spent travelling and using his own contacts for several missions. His short time allowed him to request a position on New France to spend time with his Daughter

New France
His position on New France was less taxing but still not an easy assignment. Most of his free time was spent rebuilding his relationship with his Daughter. It took him some time but the girl was quick to adapt to his return and the two grew very close. His Ex-wife had opened up a company on the Colony and was engaged to a member of the Colonial Government. Originally Adam disliked the man but over the next few years grew to respect and even like the man, mostly for the way he treated Anna and doted on his daughter. He still took a few assignments off-world some more classified than others. When his daughter turned eighteen and decided to move to Earth fo furhter education he decided to leave New France and seek somewhere new.

During one specific mission, a mission started because of strange rumors coming from a Federation archeological dig site. His investigation led him to some unexplainable artifact. When he gave his report to his Superiors a vessel was sent, at first, it seemed to be the proper kind of Science vessel usually sent for such an occasion but the name and registration was note one of the ships assigned anywhere close. It had armed soldiers and specialists working on the Surface of the dig investigating the strangeness. some also inquired after a Starfleet officer who gave the report but Adam managed to avoid detection and made his way back to New France. At first, he considered it must be the fabled secret faction within Starfleet known as Section 31, he himself only knew about whispered rumors only hinted at, the only reason he believed in them was a warning from his cousin Peter who had apparently dealt with those people but he wasn’t sure about that.

Quietly he put out more feelers for strange rumors and several months later he finally found something worth looking at. This time he took care not to be noticed or seen leaving. Another strange occurrence, another quiet report, and another ship that shouldn’t be there. The same soldier-like force and dedicated scientists, again looking for whoever made the report and again he was unseen. After returning to New France there was someone waiting for him. An Admiral he did not know sitting in his living room.

The man questioned Adam about how he had discovered these artifacts and how he had avoided being seen or remembered and how much he had discovered about their organization. After a tense conversation, the man gave Adam a recruitment offer. A raised Security clearance and a position on one of their secretive vessel and knowledge about their operation. After several days of thinking Adam accepted the offer and was informed about the Anomaly Recovery Unit, he was given a clearance he was unfamiliar with and ordered to familiarise himself with his new home.

He hired a fast private vessel to escort his daughter to Earth so they could spend some final time together before his new assignment. On Earth, he took the most direct route to rendezvous with his new home, the USS Leviathan

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