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Biographic Information
  • Position: First Officer on USS Chimera
  • Rank: Commander
  • Species: Klingon
  • Weight: 108 kg (248 lbs)
  • Height: 193.1 cm (6' 4")
  • Age: 46 Terran Standard
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Character Biography


Kohr is a veritable mountain of a Klingon, standing over two meters tall and as implacable as his stout frame implies. His prominent sagittal crest and suborbital ridges give him an intimidating, almost brutish appearance which has been known to serve him well in encounters with other species. Upon closer inspection, however, one can see the cunning and discipline deep within his brown eyes. Kohr’s mane is bound in thick braids by several metal clasps and cinched at the nape of his neck by a thick leather cord, and his scarred chin sports a well-kept beard. Regardless of his mode of dress, Kohr wears a thick leather sleeve and gauntlet to protect—and conceal—his brutally damaged right arm. While he is given to a haunted expression, Kohr’s demeanor is both thoughtful and reserved unless provoked to wrath.

—Personal History—

Originally born Kuruk of the House of Duras on Stardate 28281.5 to Dholen and A’antar, the Klingon spent his early years being honed for political use. While considered the son of a great warrior, Kuruk often found himself set-upon by both peers and rivals for Dholen’s traditionalist sentiments—an unfavorable outlook considering his House’s Romulan dealings. Dholen’s ruthless reputation and A’antar’s deep political connections protected Kuruk from the worst of his House’s machinations until he completed his Rite of Ascension, after which he fell under the command of Duras directly.

In an attempt to remove dissenters from their House and strengthen Duras’ bid for power, Dholen was dispatched to secure a deep-space listening post gone curiously silent. A’antar encouraged her mate to take as many loyalists as he could without arousing suspicion that she might seize the opportunity to strengthen ties with other, more honorable, Houses without fear of reprisal. Dholen agreed begrudgingly, taking Kuruk with him as well. Considering her family weakened by the loss of the bulk of their fighting force, Duras left A’antar largely alone and sharpened his political focus on larger ambitions.

Once far from Qo’noS, Dholen learned that his mission was not entirely smoke-and-mirrors: the listening post was not only eerily abandoned, it had been altered by an alien technology into a deep space transmitter. Several attempts to reclaim the outpost ended in failure when warriors would suddenly go missing, culminating in a warbird going rogue and firing on Dholar’s own vessel before self-destructing. Unable to regroup or request further assistance, Dholar and his surviving warriors set down and vowed to get to the bottom of the disturbance. The night of their landing, the Klingons were set upon by what could only be described as “wraiths of the fallen,” scattering Dholar and his warriors to the winds. Kuruk followed his father into the barren wilds until they, too, fell prey to the strange creatures snapping at their heels. While both warriors fought valiantly, they were eventually exhausted and overwhelmed.

Kuruk soon learned that their opponents had not been fallen warriors raised from Gre’thor but Borg drones converted when a scouting vessel crash-landed not far from the outpost. Lacking the necessary functional technology to return to space, the Borg had instead assimilated the nearby Klingons in order to maintain their systems until help arrived—including any off-world parties foolish enough to attempt to retake the outpost. Kuruk himself was assimilated and spent the next few years as a drone until the collective systems finally failed, somewhat restoring the individuality of its members. Faced with the grim prospect of destruction and disgrace should they attempt to return to the Empire, Kuruk and a handful of others opted to eke out what existence they could far from the Houses and their interests. Dholar disagreed, and the two parted ways under strained circumstances.

Kuruk and his bedraggled band spent another year in empty space until they were discovered by the USS Archytus while out on a routine survey mission. Confused but undaunted by their find, the crew of the Archytus did their best to restore the Klingons to health and remove as much of the Borg biomodifications as possible. It was during the longest of these treatments that Kuruk learned the fate of his family—A’antar joined the House of Mohg during the Klingon Civil War and Dholar had been killed only moments after returning to Qo’noS. Unsure of his future, Kuruk opted to accept asylum within the Federation; he also decided to assume the name Kohr in order to avoid the stigma connected to those of the House of Duras.

With a warrior’s fire smoldering within and a stronger urge to atone for his fallen House’s misdeeds, the Klingon decided to enlist in Starfleet in order to make a name for himself. At the recommendation of the captain of the Archytus, Kohr was allowed to bypass the bulk of Starfleet Academy’s requirements and serve directly aboard the ship as a science officer—an impassioned move that permitted Kohr to retain what little dignity he felt remained. This instilled an even greater sense of loyalty and gratitude in Kohr, and the Klingon earned an exemplary service record as a security officer. Later, he was recommended for Starfleet’s Advanced Tactical Training program and managed a stellar mission portfolio in the final months of the Dominion War.

When Starfleet no longer required his warrior’s fire, a tempered Kohr returned to the USS Archytus as a tactical officer before moving on to the USS Damocles as science officer on several long-range missions. His latest post aboard the USS Viking is ongoing…

—Medical Record—

By all accounts and records, Kohr is a fine specimen of Klingon physiology assuming one cares to look past the surgical reconstruction from removing damaged and malfunctioning Borg implants. Kohr’s skin is a warrior’s roadmap of trials overcome; there are few places on his body that lack some form of scarring. The worst of the damage is to his right arm where over 60% of his original limb was replaced by Borg augmentations and later repaired. And while they are not functioning properly as his captors intended, Kohr’s body also contains defunct nanoprobes that act as a secondary immune system and—whether fortunately or unfortunately—have extended his lifespan.

—Known Languages—

Kohr is native-fluent in Klingonaase, including most regional dialects. He is also fluent in Federation Standard. While not necessarily proud of the fact, he is also passable in Romulan.


Father: Dholen, Son of Baarq
Mother: A’antar, Daughter of Gokesh

*Birth stardate can be adjusted at moderator discretion in order to apply the character to the desired storyline and timeframe.

—Personal Timeline—

VIKM01: “The Kestrel and the Shrike” — When the Viking detects a welcoming invitation from an alien ship hailing from beyond the far reaches of the galaxy, curiosity and suspicion collide. Tantalized by the mysteries that await, an away team beams over to a vessel almost too eager to accommodate them and discovers that there are no crew to receive them. After a brief look around, the come across some stasis pods and manage to rouse one of the contents: an alien that identifies himself as Lord Hab’rabi. Concerned, the team makes a detailed scan of the alien before convincing him to come aboard the Viking to discuss what aid can be rendered; Hab’rabi, however, is wary of transporter technology and insists on being ferried over via shuttlecraft. The alien lord, however, is not the only thing to come aboard. It is up to the crew of the Viking to determine what the alien is up to, and why the crew are suddenly overcome with undisciplined frivolity.

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