Sair Songz

Authored by Lindsay B
Biographic Information
  • Position: Counselor on USS Manhattan
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Kobliad
  • Weight: 152
  • Height: 5'10
  • Age: 44
Actions Available

Character Biography

Physical Appearance:
Hair: Pale blond usually dyed a lilac shade of purple or pale pink
Eyes: Light brown
Skin: Pale

Like all Kobliads, she has a narrow ridge from the top of her nose to the hairline which splits her hair partly. Along her forehead are several thin horizontal ridges.

Birth: 2356 in Sonrey, Allaro, Kobliad


Mother: Kel Songz (2330- ) Image
Father: Sal Songz (2331- ) Image

Son: Koro Songz (2395-) Image

Kobliad, Federation Standard

Singing, musical instruments (Kobliad prizar), outdoor activities

Advanced Degrees

Medicine, Counselling Psychology


Date Event
2356 Sair born in the Capital District.
2374 Attended the Allaro University, majoring in biology.
2378 Received undergraduate degree and pursues an education in medicine at the Sonrey Institute of Medicine.
2384 Gained medical degree and licence. Works as a resident at the Medri Health Centre in the emergency ward.
2388 Transferred to Hopa Critical Care Centre as an attending of emergency medicine.
2390 Was one of a group of doctors involved in utilizing the Amrayan DNA and knowledge about the Kobliad genetic disease to create a treatment for any future offspring. Receives treatment herself and meets Kal Darvaana, a former Starfleet Officer who helped uncover the truth about Kobliad’s long past war with the Amrayan’s and begin a peace process that allowed them to correct the genetic disease the Amrayan’s inflicted on them.
2392 Joined a medical exchange with the Federation and after a conference on Risa and a two month training on Deneva, is assigned to Outpost 42.
2393 Attended Starfleet Medical through the exchange program to get training in counselling psychology.
2395 Returned to Kobliad to work as a counsellor.
2397 Rejoined the Exchange Program and is assigned to the USS Manhattan as CNS.


Born to a middle class family on the planet of Kobliad, Sair grew up knowing about the struggles of the people around her but never experiencing them herself. Her mother is a nurse and her father a concert musician who plays a Kobliad string instrument called a ‘prizar’.

Early standard aptitude tests showed she favoured natural and social sciences, and with a desire to help people, chose to study medicine. Her career path was approved and sponsored, allowing her to move swiftly through the medical education system since health practitioners were always in high demand.

Sair is a seemingly superficial woman, who seems to be somewhat naïve despite having witnessed extreme hardship in her fellow Kobliads and being subjected to the same constant medical treatment for the genetic disease all her people have been born with. But her thirst for excitement is tempered often by her deep care for others. She is also known as a “Super-Celler”, a small portion of the Kobliad population that naturally require less deuridium to maintain their cell structures. It also means her own life expectancy and fertility is slightly higher than most.

For a time her ambitions after receiving the treatment that will allow her to conceive children free of the disease was to have as many children as possible, but she struggled to have Koro and that tempered her quite a bit. She has traditionally avoided deeper relationships because her work, and now her son too, have occupied most of her time and energy.

Despite her genetic treatment, she still requires regular doses of deuridum to live. But she’s very nonchalant about it, as if it’s no big deal and thinks it makes life interesting that she could so easily die.

[Player Note]: The backstory for the Kobliad is mostly made up by me through a sim run on the Ogawa. It uses a few canon details and runs with it. Details of those events can be found here. After the Assembly Meeting, Kal and her shipmates decide to go ahead and seek out the Amrayan themselves. They come across a ship of Amrayan students, one of whose father was involved in the original war and the research into the mutation. While they all risked terrible consequences and war to reach out to the supposed enemy, their efforts paid off and the Amrayan government decided to turn over all they knew about the original weapon and from there the Kobliad medical experts (including Sair) were able to figure out a treatment how to prevent the mutation from being passed on to the children of those who received the treatment. Even though it didn’t change anything for those already afflicted, the next generation would be free of the disease and the Kobliads were no longer at risk of being extinct as a species.

I have a document on the Kobliad and their Homeworld that fleshes stuff out more. It’s a work-in-progress.

Medical record:

Date Event
2366 Influenza- Required fluid infusion from dehydration in hospital
2369 Begins Deuridium treatments.
2390 Miscarriage
2390 Receives genetic treatment that would allow her to conceive children without the mutation
2391 Miscarriage
2394 Miscarriage
2395 Gives birth to full-term baby

Due to Super-Celler Status, Sair only requires a dose of deuridium every 32 days and 45% less than the average Kobliad.

Psychological Profile:
[Notes by Dr. Charlene Davis, Psychiatrist, Starfleet Medical]

Sair is an optimistic person by nature and a natural helper. She thrives in situations where she can be nurturing and caring, while also seeking out new experiences. Sair enjoys surprises, and anything that exists outside of the highly regimented life that most Kobliads are forced to have. After having the genetic treatment, Sair left Kobliad as part of the Medical Exchange Program seeking to explore all that the galaxy had to offer her. She is hedonistic to a degree, revelling in simple pleasures, but never taking them for granted. Her goal to have many children is not thwarted by her age, though she is realistic about her chances of being able to conceive and carry a pregnancy for much longer.

Sair’s change from medicine to counselling was prompted by the hard emotional toll her work as an emergency room physician took on her. The majority of her time was spent trying to save patients that couldn’t be saved, or trying to make those at the end of their life as comfortable as they could be. Her initial time in the Federation opened up a galaxy full of possibilities and she began to realize that while her highest value was service to others, she needed to try a different path. Psychology helped her to understand herself better and thus everyone else around her. While her enthusiasm for life is not dampened by the deep learning about herself, it has tempered it slightly.

Sair is a devoted mother and daughter, and though it was a hard decision to leave her son with her parents, she understands that her new assignment on the Manhattan is a dangerous one and until she is settled in on the ship and can assess the situation properly, it is best for Koro to remain on Kobliad. When asked about her decision to return to the Exchange Program, Sair stated that her people are going through major changes and while they do perhaps need more counsellors than doctors, it is important for her people to have outside perspectives. Songz has worked recently with a governmental organization that is seeking to slowly open up Kobliad society and Sair was seen as a natural ambassador for her people. But she was adamant hat she wanted to work one-on-one with people as it was her life’s purpose. And so she opted to rejoin the Exchange and Starfleet agreed to an assignment where she could explore and meet new species and work with a larger group of people on a day-to-day basis was ideal. After this evaluation upon her return to the Program, I fully endorse her placement and look forward to seeing what she can accomplish in her new role.

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