Sage Brennan

Authored by D Grisham
Biographic Information
  • Position: CMO on USS Genesis
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 135 lbs
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Age: 32

Character Biography

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Name: Sage Brennan
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 135
Species: Human
Eyes: Green
Hair: Chestnut brown, curly, hangs to mid back
Skin: Lightly tanned
Identifying marks: Dimple in right cheek when she smiles

History: Born in New, New York, Earth, Sage grew up in a normal family setting, the daughter of John and Eveen. The Brennans have run a successful travel business for the last 83 years and hoped all their children would choose to work in said business when they finished their educational studies. Sage was not so inclined. She always had her head in a book about the stars, so when she reached the appropriate age to enter Starfleet Academy, she did.

Her course of training followed the requisite subjects on protocol, diplomacy, basic first aid, target range , etc., but she specialized in counseling. Without the special attributes a telepath could bring to the Counselor’s position, Sage had to study harder than some in order to make the same grades. She took extra blocks of instruction, like body language, emotional auditory evaluation, and facial familiarization. The total effort she put in to her training resulted in excellent marks all across the board and she graduated with honors.

Her first ship assignment was the USS Constellation. She served there in an apprentice position successfully for two years before being transferred to the USS Argo with a promotion to LT jg. It was during her four year tenure there as CNS that she was part of an Away Team who beamed down into a hostage situation. Lt jg Brennan was negotiating with the captors for the release of their prisoners back in to the hands of Starfleet where they would get a fair trial. One of the captors fired on the Starfleet negotiation team against the direct orders of his leader. Lt Brennan was hit in the chest with the projectile from his weapon and her heart suffered major damage.

Due to circumstance and the inability of the then present CMO, Lt Brennan’s life signs ceased to exist for almost two minutes. It was because of quick thinking on the part of Lt jg Alan Kuryack, a medical support officer, that she survived at all. Once he got her heart started again, she was put on life support while the Argo headed for the nearest medical station. Brennan was given the best medical treatment possible for the area of space and the moment in time. She now has a mechanical heart, her own having suffered too much damage to be repaired sufficiently, and no cloning apparatus available to grow her a new one at the facility where the surgery was performed. The trauma of the ‘near death’ experience has left Lt Brennan unwilling to risk another surgery to have the man-made heart replaced with one from her own tissues.

During the following years, Sage studied medicine and got a second degree as a Doctor of biology and surgeon. Although she has worked most of her career as a counselor, she keeps up to date on medical journals to keep her license active.

End of personnel file

UPDATE: After serving on the Genesis for five years, Sage was contacted by Admiral Draper in the Intel section. He swore her to silence about a mission he wanted her to take on. She basically had to leave the Genesis quickly, (within 48 hours of being notified) to rendezvous with the Admiral’s people who would fill her in on the job. The recruitment of the doctor was not known by any of her fellow officers, nor her Captain. Sage was led to believe that the work required of her would only last a few weeks and after that, she would be returned to the Genesis where her job as CMO and her fiance, Calvin Marius would be waiting.

Getting the information for Draper was more difficult than he’d let on it would be. By the time Sage had the facts in the situation, it was too late to contact the Genesis to let them know where she was. Upon leaving the undisclosed location where she was put to work temporarily, the shuttle that was supposed to take her back to the Genny came under fire and Sage sustained an almost lethal head wound. She was rescued and sent back to Earth where she stayed in a coma for three months. Upon awakening, all of her medical training was untouched, along with her counseling skills, but personal memory had been wiped out approximately six years back. She was tested again for positions in both of her medical fields and scored higher than the first time she’d taken the tests. The graders assumed it was because of the years she’d actively been a doctor and counselor. Since the best chance she has of regaining the memory she’s lost is to be surrounded by people who know her in a familiar setting, she has been assigned to the USS Genesis on a trial basis. She must take the mantel of junior officer for the time being, until it is proven that the amnesia will not affect her ability to perform her job. Reduction in active rank to Lt(jg) is effective immediately. Her former rank may be restored in six months if she is found to be adept in the tasks of her former medical jobs.

MEDICAL NOTE: While Sage was in the coma, surgeons took the liberty of cloning a new heart for her. The mechanical one was removed and the cloned one was placed before she regained consciousness.

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