Victoria Mendoza

Authored by Sam Haynes
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief of Security/Marine Lead on ISS Cerberus
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 160 lbs
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Age: 23
Actions Available

Character Biography

Name: Victoria Mendoza
Path: Operations
Training: Security


  • Race: Human
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 23
  • HT: 5’ 8”
  • WT: 160 lbs
  • Build:
  • HR: Black
  • EY: Hazel
  • Complexion: Lt. Bronze


  • Religion: None;
  • Citizenship: Terran Empire
  • Languages: Terran Standard (native speaker), Andorian 95%, Vulcan 95%, Spanish (Native speaker), French 95%
  • D.O.B.: 07/17/2142
  • Place of Birth: Chitra I colony
  • Birth Order: 2nd of 5 siblings
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Children: None



Name Relation Occupation Status
Elaine Mother Scientist Alive and quite successful
Antonio Father Starfleet Officer - Command Missing or unknown
Raul Older Brother Lawyer Alive and quite successful
Esperanza Younger Sister Diplomat Alive and well
Martin Younger Brother Musician Alive and well
Dillon Younger Brother Starfleet Cadet (Sciences) Alive and well


  • Physical - Victoria has always been a rough-and-tumble person, with four other siblings, growing up on a colony world where it’s the wild west. She grew up active and athletic and continues to be so to this day, whether dancing or fighting. She is an expert in martial arts, using a mixture of kickboxing, filipino martial arts, along with military combatives. She is an excellent pilot and shot thanks to her superior hand-eye coordination and reflexes.
  • Cool Under Pressure - Life on the frontier, a bunch of siblings, and the rigors of life in the Empire have given her the ability to remain cool when things are bad. Always good in an emergency. Fight now, cry later, if you’re gonna cry at all.
  • Subterfuge - Spend enough time coming up through the ranks, and dealing with enemies of the Empire, and you eventually learn how to lie. And that the best lies are at least partially true. And even the truth can be a great weapon in the right hands. But ultimately, believe what you’re selling.
  • Intuition - Any survivor develops a gut instinct for when things are about to go bad, danger is afoot. This makes it hard to get the drop on Victoria. She’s almost always ready for action.


  • Primary Education: Chitra Imperial Education
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Gymnastics, kickboxing, martial arts, skiing, snowboarding
  • Awards:

Secondary Education: Star Fleet Academy, San Francisco, California, Terra;

  • Rank at Graduation: Cadet Lt.
  • Major: Tactical Operations, Security, Criminal Investigation
  • Minor: High-energy physics
  • Extra Curricular Activities: Kickboxing, Fencing, Piloting
  • Awards: Sharpshooter,
  • Extras: Completed Basic Flight Maneuvers, Advanced Flight Maneuvers, Basic & Intermediate wilderness survival training, Land navigation

POSTS/TOURS OF DUTY - (As of 2397)

Year Ship Type Position Rank Commanding Officer
2162 I.S.S. Aries Scout Operations Rank: Ensign Capt. Bathory
2163 I.S.S. Hood Heavy cruiser Security Rank: Ensign Capt. Cortez
2164 I.S.S. Bridger Scout Security Rank: Lt. j.g. Capt. Stalin
2165 I.S.S. Cerberus Hades-class Battlecruiser Chief of Security Rank: Lt. j.g. Capt. $CO

Early Life
Victoria Mendoza was born in the Chitra system colony on it’s sole planet, Chitra I. She was raised in the large town (approximately 13,000 people) Trumbletop. This particular colony was a mixture of Andorian, Human, and a few other races, being that Chitra was a cold world, save for near the equator. The planet had wild weather with harsh storms thanks to it’s large axial tilt, making the equator belt the most habitable zone. The planet itself was still somewhat primordial, as its main biosphere consisted of microbes, plants, and worms, along with proto-insect forms.

This made the planet perfect for ecological studies. With it’s rich soil, farming and growing hardy plants adapted to colder climates was relatively easy, in addition to local edible and medicinal flora.

Victoria is the daughter of Elaine and Antonio Mendoza. Her father was a Starfleet Officer, and while he served aboard a ship he made it home as often as possible, which being on the edge of Federation space, that was fairly frequent. Elaine was a scientist and the reason they’d come to Chitra in the first place. Victoria was the second of five children, with an older brother, a younger sister, and two younger brothers. She found herself in frequent competition with them, mostly in a good-natured way. Tori always was something of a daddy’s girl, loving the stories and tales of his adventures with Starfleet.

That all came crashing down when Antonio had to leave in the middle of the night for a mission when Tori was thirteen. It’s been teen years since then, and her father vanished into thin air. He’d gone with a promise that he’d be back, but to this day she still has no idea what has happened to him. This led to her acting out, seeking attention, getting into fights, and generally disruptive and rebellious behavior.

Her youth was otherwise dull, with little to do for entertainment besides the usual distractions in a small town. Drinking, some light drug use, sex, trespassing, and generally looking for something, anything to fill the boredom.

As she grew older and matured, with counseling and some behavior correction, she stopped acting out. Missing her father, wanting to know what happened to him, she enlisted in Starfleet. Her physical skills and abilities, combined with a strong drive, high intelligence, and force of personality served her well, though she did butt heads with some of her instructors in Boot. But soon she proved to be a capable cadet in the operations (security) track.

Along the way she gained the attention of Commander Michael Simms, a career tactical officer and the XO for a Terran destroyer. He sharpened her skills, provided a guiding hand, and in some ways become almost a surrogate father figure. Nearing the end of graduation, he composed several letters of recommendation.

I.S.S. Aries
After gradutation, Tori’s first post was aboard the I.S.S. Aries. It was a small but nimble scout/surveyor ship, deployed along their Federaion’s expanding borders. They were on a long range reconnaisance patrol when they received a distress call. A civilian colony ship was under attack. The Aries, being the only ship in the region, altered course. Coming upon the colony ship it was beset by a couple Klingon birds of prey. A short, protracted battle followed, resulting in the destruction of one bird. The other broke off the attack and the colony ship was able to continue on. During the fight, the chief tactical officer had been injured. Tori took over and finished the fight, proving adept at thinking on her feet, remaining cool under fire, and ensuring the safety and prosperity of the colonists and thus the Empire.

I.S.S. Hood
Soon after, Tori was transferred to the I.S.S. Hood, a newer heavy explorer. It was considered a more prestigious assignment where she could rub elbows with more senior officers. The Hood itself was dispatched on a diplomatic mission. Part way through they encountered a vessel the size of a mansion. Around it were floating sparkles and motes of light. As they inspected it, they found that it warped the fabric of space in a way reminiscent of their own warp drive. A skeleton crew volunteered to board and return the ship to Empire space for study. Some of the crew were creeped out by the derelict’s presence, and other weirdness that happened around it. Tori volunteered to pilot it back along with the skeleton crew, unbothered by the misgivings of the others.

I.S.S. Bridger
After a thorough debriefing about the incident with the derelict, Tori was assigned to the I.S.S. Bridger. It was a small destroyer with some of the latest innovations in tech. The Klingons, sensing a prize made an effort to capture it. Victoria managed to single out their leader in the ensuing battle of weapons fire and hand to hand. Her martial skills came into play as she rapidly disarmed T’kang their leader, and then swiftly broke several limbs in follow-up. Their leader broken and disgraced, she forced the rest to stand down, ending the threat.

I.S.S. Cerberus
This new ship promises to be a new opportunity. With fresh transfer orders to the Cerberus, and what seems to be a promotion to lieutenant, junior grade, it is likely to come with new responsibilities. Perhaps even seniority. One can only hope.

Victoria is strong-willed, cunning, intelligent, but with a sense of honor. She is gung-ho about most of her assignments, motivated, aggressive, confident. She will use whatever tools are at her disposal to gain compliance from subordinates, whether it be threats and strong-arm tactics, or seduction and sexual favors. Part of this may be due to resentment from her father’s disappearance, as well as ingrained daddy issues.

That being said, she does have a code. If she gives you her word, she’ll generally keep it. She is trustworthy and loyal to her superiors, so long as they avoid demeaning her or insulting her intelligence.


  • Colors: Blue, yellow, navy, maroon
  • Pet: Dogs
  • Movies/Holos: Sitcoms, Hobby pieces, documentaries, classics, fantasy
  • Books: Cultural, fantasy, mystery, romance
  • Favorite Subject: Travel, literature, romance
  • Hobbies: Hiking, tinkering, flying, kickboxing, martial arts
  • Music: Metal, rock, electronica/EDM

MEDICAL DATA/HISTORY - Last updated (Date)

  • Sex: Female
  • Age: 23
  • DOB: 07/17/2142
  • Blood Type: AB-
  • Vision: 20/20
  • Fitness: Average
  • Orientation: Kinsey 2
  • Handedness:


  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment
  • Stardate - Condition - Treatment

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