Jericho Semenza

Authored by Nicole Cline
Biographic Information
  • Position: Chief Medical Officer on USS Viking
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Species: Human
  • Weight: 130 lbs
  • Height: 5'11''
  • Age: 34
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Character Biography

Basic Data
Full name: Jericho Julian Semenza
Rank: Lieutenant
Posting: Chief Medical Officer, USS Viking

Ethnic Background
Species: Human
Gender: Male
DoB: 22 September 2363
Age: 34
Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee
Religion: Atheistic
Citizenship: Federation
Languages Spoken: English
Languages Studied:

Family Information
Father: Cameron Connor Semenza
Mother: Dana Serena Semenza (Leewood)

Maternal Grandparents
Grandmother: Paisley Leewood (Maroobian)
Grandfather: Mark Leewood

Paternal Grandparents
Grandmother: Mae Semenza (Weyman)
Grandfather: Collin Semenza

Amari Jonas Semenza (Brother, 33)
Nyla Valerie Semenza (Sister, 30)

Nieces and Nephews

Spouses: None
Children: None

Physical Description
Height: 5’11’’
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Brown
Identifying marks/features: none
Short physical description: At 5’11, Jericho is quite tall, and yet, he was always miffed that he wasn’t six feet tall. He is very skinny and has short, brown hair that he intentionally leaves messy. Off-duty, his style is incredibly casual, preferring t-shirts, sweat pants or jeans, and sneakers.

Promotion and Service Record
Promotion and assignment History
2394, May: Graduated Starfleet academy at the rank of Ensign
2394, May: Assigned USS Lexington, Medical Officer
2396, October: Promoted to Lt JG, USS Lexington
2397, November: Promoted to full Lt, CMO, USS Viking

Service History
2394 - 2397: USS Lexington
2397-Present: USS Viking

Educational Background
Academic Institutions Attended
Mandatory schooling completed in home city (2369-2381)
Nashville State Community College (2 years, transferred to full university) (2382-2384)
Case Western Reserve University (2 years) (2384-2386)
Columbia University (Medical School, 4 years) (2386-2390)

Service Schools Attended
Starfleet academy medical program (2390-2394)

Medical degree (MD)
Bachelors of Anthropology

Extracurricular activities
None in mandatory schooling

Biographical Notes
Background Summary
Born in Nashville, Tennessee, Jericho didn’t know what he wanted to do when he was younger. He spent most of his time reading, writing stories of his own, playing games, or watching TV and movies. He was the oldest of three, and he has a brother just one year younger than him and a sister four years younger than him. He and his brother, Amari, tried to get along, but their interests were too different and by the time they were teenagers, they had little in common. Amari, when he was young, wanted to be an actor, like their father was. Their father was not a super famous actor, but he didn’t struggle, either, and he kept his private life separate, using a stage alias Connor Calcraft. Jericho was going to be a writer, or an artist.

By middle school, Jericho had changed his mind. He still loved writing, but he’d become discouraged on the likelihood of ‘making it’ as a professional writer, and through his teen years he jumped from idea to idea on what to do with himself. In high school, his grades dropped because he was unfocused on his work. With no purpose to his life, he saw little point in studies he felt he’d never use. His father encouraged him to follow creative pursuits, while his mother pushed him to do better in school. She was a university professor, teaching ancient history. Briefly during his second year of high school, he fell in with the wrong sort of crowd but the few wrongdoings he did commit, he wasn’t caught for. He cleaned up his act the last two years of school, but his grades were still low, and without any idea what he was going to do, he put off applying for any colleges.

During his gap year, he worked part time for an automotive store, where he learned more than he ever really wanted to know about cars. And he really, really, didn’t want to work low end, crappy jobs forever. His youngest sister, who he hadn’t spent much time with when they were younger, was planning to go to school to be a lawyer. Amari had moved to LA, to pursue his acting. Jericho felt left behind by both of them, as he was still standing still, wasting his time in life doing… nothing. He felt like he’d wasted his youth, he had no useful adult skills. After all, TV, video games, and fantasy novels did little to prepare one for the adult world.

He took an adult class for future planning, and in the class they covered some possible things to study. Jericho found himself fascinated by culture and people, and he applied later that year for a local community college, studying anthropology. During his first year, one of his professors had a guest speaker, a doctor who worked at a local college. It was the doctor’s speech that encouraged him to follow medicine. He began to apply himself, and his poor high school grades were replaced with near perfect college grades. After his second year, he managed a transfer to a good university in Ohio, and moved away from home. He studied hard, and finished his degree in anthropology, taking pre-med prerequisites alongside his degree courses. His anthropology courses, while focused on the study of human cultures, covered several alien cultures as well to a less in-depth level, Vulcans, Klingons, and Andorians. He was fascinated by all of it.

With his college record he was able to secure entry to medical school at Columbia University in New York City, where he met and learned about a lot of different people. His tennessee accent faded, replaced with a more neutral american accent. Several of his classmates were in medical training in order to make careers in Starfleet. Jericho had never considered joining previously, but after some thought about it, he became obsessed with the idea. His original plan had been to do a program similar to ‘doctors without borders’ and travel the globe, but he changed his mind and secured entry to starfleet academy. He started the academy the fall after he graduated medical school, and alongside his Starfleet training, he completed his medical training and began his career as a medical officer.

He considered himself lucky to remain aboard one ship for his first few years in Starfleet, the USS Lexington. After two years, he was promoted to junior Lieutenant, and made the CMO. But he felt he was growing too comfortable, falling into old, lazy habits. It was time for another move. So, he put in for a transfer, and was both reassigned and promoted, to full Lieutenant and CMO of the USS Viking.
Background details stated in RP

Personality Summary
Jericho can be described as laid back and carefree. He has poor time management skills, and his work area can usually be found cluttered with sticky notes and reminders. He doesn’t generally mind what people call him and has had many nicknames, JJ, Julian (even Juliette, by one of his high school classmates), Jules. He dislikes being alone and can often be found in crew common areas, even if he’s doing a solo activity like reading. When he’s working, he likes working with others and does better with someone to bounce ideas with.

Miscellaneous Notes
Recent Fitness Reports
As a child, Jericho was quite prone to illness, and had a multitude of common childhood illnesses, from a flu that resulted in pneumonia to stomach bugs to something similar to chicken pox of the early 21st century. As an adult however, he is quite healthy, with nothing out of the ordinary on his records.

Current Recreational Interests

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