Authored by Abigail G
Biographic Information
  • Position: Upstanding Citizen on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Orion
  • Weight: 130
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Age: 29
Actions Available

Character Biography

Physical Appearance
Jezem, at first glance, appears youthful and full of health. He’s shorter than the average orion male of his age, only 5‘5” (1.65m) and boasting a well-muscled, rectangular build. He has soft emerald skin and dark purple hair with shimmery green highlights. His eyes are a vivid seafoam green. Jezem keeps his chest bound by tight bands of cloth, and covers himself from head to to in gold jewelry and adornments. Covering his lower half are silky loinclothes.

Jezem, drawn by myself (Abigail G)

Mansplain, Manipulate, Maleboss (idk, check-in later) Innocent househusband, honest.


Former Spy / Infiltrator / Quartermaster on the Syndicate Ship, the Pavlajia - Six Years
Miscellaneous Criminal Activity - Two Years

CW - Implied Abuse, slavery

Part 1
Jashanah did not know who her parents were, nor whether or not they willingly gave her up. Whoever they were, whatever their reasons, was left to her imagination. Infants surrendered by their parents were raised by the state until they were ten years of age. The orphanage caretakers were exacting, but not unkind. All orphans were well-fed and clothed and given time to exercise and play. They were schooled and trained for their futures as slaves.

Shortly after her tenth birthday, Jashanah was bought by Hodai Voukkur, a wealthy farmer who cultivated addictive plants and fungi. At first, life on Hodai’s estate was similar to life at the orphanage. She was fed, clothed, and granted time to pursue exercise and play. Her master put her under the care of Lesaa, the head slave and his personal favorite. Perhaps because Jashanah was the youngest slave and personally placed with Lessa, the two quickly grew close. Jashanah readily and easily saw Lesaa as a mother figure. Life was good. Jashanah was happy.

Then Jashanah reached the age of puberty and experienced all the changes it came with. Her fellow slaves were supportive of her and happy to answer questions and offer guidance. When Jashanah expressed dissatisfaction with the changes, she was told those feelings were temporary. Jashanah trusted them and tried to stifle the growing sense of wrongness she felt.

Puberty brought on other changes in Jashanah’s life. The master took notice of her and gave her new duties to perform. Now, Jashanah was expected to sing and dance for him. Two duties that Lesaa primarily performed for the master. Jashanah did not care for these new duties, but she performed them well to make Lesaa proud.

Her happiness waned, her thoughts plagued by a feeling of wrongness that never went away. Learning traditionally feminine arts and skills made her unhappy. Jashanah found herself following the men around the estate, observing them as they worked and relaxed. Her fellow slaves teased her about crushes, but Jashanah bristled against that. She did not watch them out of lust, but out of envy. She craved to be counted as their peer. And she hated that she did not look like them.

Finally, after nurturing these feelings for so long, she confided in Lesaa. Jashanah thought that Lesaa would know how to fix her. Would know how to say what she felt but could not articulate. Lesaa was like a mother to her, and Jashanah trusted her with all her heart.

Instead of the kind and wise words Jashanah expected, Lesaa cruelly cut her down. You are a slave, Lesaa said, you have no wants and no desires. You are to be as the master demands and nothing else. Those words cut Jashanah deep. She ran off in tears, but this was not the end. Lesaa turned Jashanah’s life into hell. She knew all of Jashanah’s fears and insecurities and she knew how to exploit them. Lesaa turned the other slaves against Jashanah and spread harmful rumors about her. These rumors caught the attention of Voukkur’s son, who unleased further harm and pain upon her.

Jashanah bottled all her pain, fostered her hate, and knew with absolute certainty that she would get her revenge. Every cruelty inflicted upon her would be returned twofold and then some. She bided her time and her moment came with the arrival of a new slave to the estate. Naanni, a beautiful and charming woman, swept in and stole the position of favorite slave from Lesaa.

Lesaa’s ire turned from Jashanah to Naanni, who confounded the older woman at every turn. Jashanah saw her moment. Before Naanni’s arrival, Jashanah uncovered her master’s ties to the Syndicate and the perilous position he held with them. Jashanah was certain that Naanni was actually a Syndicate spy. With this in mind, Jashanah worked for Naanni’s trust and shared the burden of Lesaa’s rage with her. Soon, Jashanah’s efforts were rewarded and Naanni made Jashanah an offer.

Help me spy on your master, and perhaps there is a place for you within the Syndicate. Naanni offered to be Jashanah’s witness and Jashanah accepted. This began Jashanah’s plot to destroy the people who wronged her. She spied for Naanni, manipulated Lesaa, and grew ever closer to her master and his son until everything was in place. When all the pieces came together, her revenge was swift and vicious. That night ended with her master’s farm set ablaze, his wealth and life stolen. Lesaa vanished in the blaze and unknown if she survived. Voukkun’s son managed to escape and now lives on the run from the Syndicate.

Jashanah used the money she stole from her master to buy a higher rank within the Syndicate. And, now finally free from her abusers, Jashanah was able to cast off her old name, pronouns and her old life. Now, he could start over as Jezem and finally learn who he was.

Part 2
Jezem put his skills and training to use as a spy and infiltrator aboard the newly established Syndicate ship, the Pavlajia. Outside of Syndicate work he acted as the ship’s quartermaster. A thankless job among pirates but Jezem ran a tight ship and let no frivolous spending get past him. For six years he worked alongside the crew of the Pavljia, and buying higher ranks in the Syndicate. That said, towards the end of their six year run the crew began to drift apart. Their goals changed and one by one left the ship that launched their careers for new opportunities.

And for Jezem? His witness, Naanni, introduced the Pavlija crew to a ferengi black market trader by the name of Argam, son of Kerot and heir to the Kerot Luxury Mines. Argam’s family held a long history of working with the Orion Syndicate as black market traders and fencers of stolen goods. And upon first sight he developed a painfully obvious crush on Jezem. And Jezem hated Argam’s guts. It wasn’t a love story for the ages, with Jezem putting up with Argam’s affections for the sake of good deals and maintaining their working relationship.

Things changed however, when Argam masterfully manipulated his father’s mining business from his control then sold it to the Syndicate to buy Jezem out of the organization. One of the only ways to leave the Syndicate in good standing. Jezem was stunned, then amazed. And in that moment, of Argam announcing the purchase, Jezem fell deeply and hopelessly in love with the ferengi. Never had anyone valued him so highly. Jezem had a cost and it was worth hundreds of millions.

He and Argam would hold their connections with the criminal world for two years, until Argam could finally close all his criminal connections and finally leave the world of organized crime for good. He cleaned up his money and began honest work with the Federation and Starfleet. Jezem similarly cut all his criminal contacts and formally married Argam in the eyes of Federation Law. The two moved to Oed V where Argam plans to work as a luxury goods trader and a import good broker for several planets in the sector.


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