Michael "One" Halloway

Authored by Tony Findora
Biographic Information
  • Position: Governor on Oed V
  • Rank: Civilian
  • Species: Human (former borg)
  • Weight: 200 lbs
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Age: 37

Character Biography

Here’s a photo of Michael before the his tragic event:

Previous Assignments:
-USS Challenger (Academy), security officer, Cadet through Ensign
-USS Cairo, Chief of Security, Ensign through Lt. Commander
-Rescued from the Borg Collective by the USS Nautilus
-Reinstated into Starfleet on Starbase 157 as Lt. Commander
-USS Archimedes, Executive Officer, Lt. Commander through Commander
-USS Dresden, Commanding Officer, Captain
-Retired from Starfleet
-Governor of Oed V (Current)

His parents, Allan and Lilith Halloway, were both civilians on Earth. They lived easy lives. Eventually, when Michael graduated high school, he made the decision that he wanted to be a security officer in Starfleet. Unbeknownst to him, this track would lead him to something more.

He had spent his academy days flirting and barely getting by in his studies. He managed to pass his exams surprisingly well. After the Challenger, he was sent to the USS Cairo. Michael took no rest from his flirting and he actually spent many years there as a member of their crew. He managed to climb from the rank of Ensign to Lt. Commander. He also managed to fill the spot of Chief of Security for quite some time. During this time, he managed to bring himself pretty close to another member of the crew, Cassandra Rose McNeil. They had a very steady relationship. Of course it had its ups and downs, but nonetheless, it managed to end up in him proposing to her after discovering her with child.

With a fiance and fast track record to becoming the Cairo’s new XO, the Cairo was sent on (unbeknownst to them) one last mission. It seemed like a regular aide to a planet in great need. However, the worst happened. A transwarp conduit opened up in the system, out of it spewed a borg cube. The Cairo immediately sent word for help, however a good deal of the crew was planetside. Michael was stuck with the majority of his security force on the planet. He managed to get most people to safety, however it was at the cost of his very soul. The borg had assimilated him, altering his body and mind to perform and serve for the collective. He was powerless to stop them.

About 3 years after that incident, the USS Nautilus–a Starfleet stealth ship–managed to capture Michael Halloway as a drone. Eventually, they were given clearance to bring him to Starbase 157, where he would underwent his transformation back into a human being. There were however a few borg components that were too dangerous to extract.

He now has some remnants of the borg eyepiece around his right eye. There is also a spider web-like component underneath his left ear. This particular piece has given him enhanced hearing. It’s not quite as enhanced as the hearing found in Shelaf’s syndrome, however it does come close to comparison.

After being reinstated as Lt. Commander on Starbase 157, he was then given the XO position on the USS Archimedes. During that time, he tried to find out what happened to his fiance and unborn son. No answers came to him.

He was eventually offered command of the USS Dresden, a maverick class vessel. It was surprisingly fitting for his tastes, and he graciously accepted. It was on the Dresden where he met his wife, Ylana Eviros and where there first child was conceived and born.

After spending years on the Dresden, Michael was contacted by Starfleet. They were in need of a new Governor on Oed V. Someone who could bring order to chaos. And since word had traveled to the higher ups that Halloway was considering retirement, they felt this would be a perfect opportunity him.

He now serves as Governor of Oed V, his wife serving as the Chief Science Officer aboard the Centurion. But things aren’t as they seem on Oed.

Story Arcs involving Michael Halloway

-Good vs Evil - Prim Zar, the former Governor of Oed V, has a meeting with him about changing assets. She is later killed leaving the Zar symbiont to a certain Darius Brand. Halloway is meant to keep an eye on things as not much is known about Darius and his potential with Zar.


-Where No Man Has Come From Before

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